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How To Use Your Blogs To Bring In Leads, Sales & Create Expert Authority

This blog is for YOU if you aren’t yet bringing in leads and sales on a consistent basis from your blogs, using them to create expert authority, build up an audience and then reuse them on a consistent basis.

So – is this you?

Are you – not committed to creating content yet so not yet blogging regularly OR

Creating blogs on a regular basis but not really doing much with them and wondering why the hell you’re creating them OR

Creating blogs and getting in SOME leads from them but wondering what else you could be doing with this content

If any of these is YOU then I’m talking to YOU today!

Write Regularly

It goes without saying that you’re going to need to commit to blogging pretty regularly – or having someone do so for you (in your voice – please don’t ask writers to create blogs for you without a LOT of input from you or else it will not connect with your audience as it won’t speak your truth!)

How regular is up to you. Daily, once a week, once a fortnight, whatever works for you is great just COMMIT to creating regular content and before long you’ll have an entire library of content you can reuse in your marketing.

Talk To An Earlier Version Of Yourself

Many of us – our avatar is an earlier version of ourselves, a  few years back.

When thinking about what to write about in your blogs – what would YOU have wanted to know back then? What problems have you overcome?

Answer this, speak your truth and your audience will love you!

Reuse The Content

What I mean by this – is that SOME of your blogs can be reused as a different form of content. Consider doing one or more the following:

  • Turn it into a PDF and make it downloadable at the end of the blog post
  • Turn the blog into a downloadable ebook (a tool such as Beacon, which is a WordPress Plugin allows you to do this in a few clicks)
  • Email the blog out
  • Reuse the blog as a LinkedIn pulse
  • Schedule past blogs into email sequences for people who recently joined your list
  • Create more content based on the content that people love – consider doing a livestream, video or webinar based on the most successful topics

Once you’ve created a library of say seven pieces of content, this is IDEAL, because it can now also be used in a marketing sequence. More about that later. However please note this does NOT mean that you can stop at this point – just as you grow and evolve as an entrepreneur – you’ll be helping your audience grow and uplevel with you by sharing your truth and your latest learnings.

Create Expert Authority

The best way to become a thought leader and create expert authority is by sharing your truth – frequently. How can you achieve this UNLESS you commit to regular content?

Make sure your content does NOT hold back, shares your deepest thoughts, shares your best “stuff” (yes – even the stuff people pay you for!) and your community will grow to LOVE you.

Include Calls To Action

At the end of pretty much EVERY piece of content, ask for the sale.

If you want to make more money, reach more people and build up your business FAST, you’re going to need to ask for the sale which means including a Call To Action at the end of everything you do.

If you are speaking your truth in every single piece of content, then your Call To Action will pretty much be an invite to explore that particular content deeper, or offering to solve the problem for them in some way.

Create A Marketing Sequence

Every single piece of content you create can be marketed in some way.

This might be as simple as sticking a link to your blog post on your Facebook page and hitting boost to reach your page fans – or it might be more complex. Let’s look at how to do that now:

  1. Turn a well received blog post into a downloadable ebook in PDF format
  2. Place it behind an opt-in using a tool such as Leadpages and linking it to your mailing software
  3. Make sure you include a Call To Action in the PDF AND the email that goes out delivering the piece of content
  4. Schedule in a few other emails – anywhere from 2 to 20 extra emails, entirely up to you. I like to reuse other blog posts I’ve created, link to automated webinars, other pieces of marketing I’ve created, testimonial videos, and also include links to any places you have “authority” in – for example if you’ve been published in magazines then use that. At the end of each email – as always – include a Call To Action of some form. You can always schedule in a couple of emails for now and add more as you go along
  5.  Advertise your new “lead magnet” on Facebook using Facebook Ads to cold traffic to build up your email list
  6. Also consider putting your new opt-in somewhere on your blog – one of mine is on my homepage and blog pages for example
  7. Make sure you’ve got Retargeting code on every single of your website so you can always show ads to people who visited a certain blog OR if they’ve already seen it and you want to exclude them from seeing your ads to that particular post.

Done correctly – this is the absolute KEY to business success.

Now it’s YOUR turn.

Commit to creating regular content TODAY but also getting it out there! Good luck!

Claire Jarrett

P.s. Did you see the offer I put out on Thursday? I’m launching a “Done For You” content marketing service.

We’ll take a look at your past content, restructure in something that can be used online, and create regular brand new content for you on a regular basis.

My content team will interview you to ensure they are creating something amazing that will resonate with your audience, speaking your truth.

My tech team will then create email sequences for you based on this content, and prepare the optin pages so it’s ready for your new subscribers to join your list. We’ll also integrate your optins into your website and Facebook page.

I’ll then personally create and manage your Facebook Ad campaign aimed at bringing in new leads FAST – and also taking your warm traffic and creating leads from them too.

Your monthly investment will be from $3000 right up to $15,000 per month depending on how much content you want to be putting out there and how fast you want to grow!

I have just TWO spaces available to start before Christmas – if you want one send me a message via my profile or via  my Page and let’s have a chat!

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Your Automated Marketing Funnel Is Doomed To Fail – Here’s Why

Sounds great – doesn’t it?

The promise of a single piece of marketing, advertised non stop via Facebook Ads, delivering leads reliably day after day.

Except it isn’t like that.

And here’s why.

A SINGLE piece of marketing – run day after day, being advertised on Facebook will bring you leads for sure. Especially if set up and managed correctly.

It could even bring in leads for a couple of months maybe even 6 months – if you have someone managing the ads who knows what they are doing and tests new audiences, images and ad text regularly.

But what happens after a while?

Ad relevance score creeps in.

A factor Facebook have introduced – similar to Google’s Quality Score in AdWords – to prevent poor quality ads that do not match what the user is looking for.

Facebook wants to STOP users from getting bored with their newsfeed.

This means YOU.

I’ve heard of stories and been informed by my ad rep that Facebook WILL shut down accounts that run persistently with low relevance scores – because they clearly aren’t interested in providing a good user experience.

If you are advertising the same piece of marketing, time after time – to your market then expect your relevance score to be low. 3 or below. Check yours now and you’ll see it in the Ads tab.

It will drop the longer you advertise it. Now of course you can combat this by testing new ad copy, new images, maybe even a new landing page. You might even start looking at other countries, desperately trying to recreate the initial results your campaigns had. If your offer is profitable enough you might even find yourself begrudgingly accepting a lower ROI, being forced to raise prices and sell harder to get people into your programs and services.

Before you know it business isn’t as fun anymore, because your ads are reaching so few people that you’re scraping the barrel and cannot figure out what went wrong – the ads to the same piece of marketing USED to work – so what has happened now? Maybe you’ll even start blaming your competitors, thinking that they are doing something, maybe they’ve changed their advertising strategy recently. YES – that must be it! You think. It’s all their fault…

What has happened is this simple new factor in Facebook’s algorithm, meaning we simply CANNOT advertise just one piece of marketing indefinitely anymore.

It has been confirmed to me that those ads  with low relevance scores will be “throttled” and have lower reach, getting to less people than those ads with higher relevance scores.

And yes, this means that your competitors WILL now win, if they have higher relevance scores.

So instead – we need to pursue a content strategy that delights our audience – and keeps Facebook happy.

The good news is it creates leads which are even BETTER qualified, and trust you even more.

This content strategy involves committing to REGULAR content. FRESH content.  That your audience will love.

If you put this new content in front of your audience – you’re going to get high relevance scores – 8 or above easily.

This keeps Facebook happy, it keeps your prospects happy, and of course – it will keep YOU happy because the leads keep on coming (at a cheaper price too!)

So today – a warning to all of those who think they can rely on just one piece of marketing to bring in the leads….

It ain’t happening – and Facebook has its eye on you.

Claire Jarrett

P.s I’m launching a brand new “Done For You” content creation service where my team and I will deal with ALL of this for you and I am opening up just THREE spots before Christmas to ensure the total quality of our work.

We’ll create all your content for you – including writing your blogs, your emails, your LinkedIn pulse updates, creating your “lead magnets” (ebooks, checklists, reports etc) and then advertise it for you. If you already have past content we will ensure we reuse all of this too.

The content we create has the ultimate aim of bringing you in LEADS and SALES but also creating an engaged audience for you.

And yes we’ll keep an eye on those pesky relevance scores for you…. 🙂

The monthly investment varies depending on how often you want new content and commences at $3000 per month right up to my platinum VIP service which is $15000 per month.  It includes regular one on one phone meetings with me to discuss strategy plus regular time with my team so they can interview you (to ensure they create content that sounds like you!).

If you’d like to reserve one of these spots or chat with me about how it could work for you –  then send me a Facebook message on my personal profile or via my Facebook Page.

NOTE: This is for those offering services, online courses or programs only – this isn’t suitable for MLMs, network marketing or any type of ecommerce store.

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From pregnant at 16, living in a 9th floor council flat – to making £50k per month my current normal

I’ve been reading through some of my past posts and realised that while I’m getting closer to the TRUTH – to the essence of who I am – I’ve still got  a LONG way to go yet.

So this morning, when journaling I realised I needed to go deeper, and share with you one of my earliest and most formative stories. The story of who I am.

The story of how I went from age 16, living in a high rise council flat – to having £50k per month as my current normal, with my focus on moving that to £100k per month as my new normal in the next 6 months.

I went to a good school from the age of 1l – a private girl’s school. Because at the age of 10 my teachers had spoken to my parents. I needed to be” pushed”- they said. I was clever, and extremely bored. So far ahead that they were using me as a teacher’s help because they couldn’t figure out what to teach me anymore.

I sat a number of exams and was accepted for a full scholarship – which paid half the fees (the maximum help available). My parents struggled to pay  the other half of the fees but did their absolute best for me.

Our lack of cash reflected on me, in my world full of wealthy girls – I felt the lack of money keenly. As teenagers do – I worried about fitting in, having the right clothes – even begging my Dad to turn up in the nicer of our two cars. Materialistic I know.  I didn’t feel as it fit in, and to this day one of my main drivers is not feeling “enough” and feeling as if I need to be more, and have more. Constantly wanting to “fit in”.

In my teenage years, I began to rebel. I had too many ideas, was too creative, I didn’t fit in. I was bright but not studious although I was naturally pretty academic. My teachers were infuriated at my ability to mess around in class constantly then study for 24 hours straight and ace my exams. What type of example did I set to the other girls, they asked? I was threatened with losing my scholarship.

At the age of 15 I decided to take my lack of cash into my own hands, walking into a shop with a “help wanted” sign – before walking back out with a Saturday job. Ask for what you want – then persuade hard.  One of my mottos from a very early age.

So began my first foray into the outside world. Just after my 16th birthday, one of the staff who worked in the shop with me introduced me to one of his friends who had taking a liking to me.  I babysat the staff member’s son – always keen to earn extra cash. That night his friend and I started chatting – and we rapidly became an item. It took a couple of months for my parents to figure out what was happening. They met him and took a liking to him  – although unhappy about the age gap and the feeling they were “losing” their daughter (he was 23).

He worked in a pub part-time and had a whole social group of people who sat around all day playing pool in the pub. Introducing me to this lifestyle – I rapidly rebelled at school and chose instead to drop out and become part of this exciting lifestyle. School, or playing pool? Needless to say, I wanted my freedom and chose pool!

Dropping out before I was legally allowed to – I moved in with my boyfriend, destroying my parent’s hopes and dreams for my future success and beginning my “adult” life at the tender age of 16.

Falling pregnant a couple of months later, I went through a series of part-time jobs to feed myself and my boyfriend (who – by the way I haven’t mentioned yet was an alcoholic) before being sacked for stealing £10 from the till to buy some food on the way home.

16, pregnant, and I hadn’t eaten in 3 days.

Luckily – the police officer that arrested me spotted that I was actually in dire need and referred me to social services where they agreed to put me on £30 per week income support. With an alcoholic, you HAVE to be committed to buy the booze or face the wrath of them not being able to indulge their addiction. So my £30 per week income support saw me – at the age of 16 – setting aside £20 for his daily alcohol and £10 per week for food. I could feed us both 3 meals a day on £10 per day. I look back at my 16 year old self and want to hug her – I want to tell her it’s all going to be okay. There’s going to be a time when money comes SO easily to you. It won’t always be this way.

My son was born when I was 17 and I’m not going to pretend it was easy. It was an incredibly hard time – but with the support of my parents we got through the next couple of years.

I went to night school and sat a couple of A levels, enough to give me a few UCAS points that then got me into university. My son went into the university childcare from the age of 2 until 4, and I walked out with a 2:2 degree despite partying hard at university and fitting my studies around taking care of my son.

Rapidly moving through the next 19 years – working for the NHS in statistics, then going back to uni and sitting an additional degree to become a secondary school teacher before teaching in 3 different schools in 3 years – the whole time I KNEW I was made for something more. I rebelled in pretty much every job I ever had, and at various points wondered if I was even employable.  I wanted to do things MY way. I had ideas and wanted to implement them NOW. It infuriated me when I could see so clearly a better way of doing things – but no one wanted to listen! Eventually I couldn’t take any more, I needed to be free.  I made the leap!

So here we are today.

10 years ago this month marks my 10th anniversary of self employment.  10 years of FREEDOM to do what I want, earn whatever I want, however I want. Maybe I’ll do another post sometime filling you in on the journey of that period.

Now – I have a business that allows me to be FREE.

That allows me to express myself.

That allows me to bring in leads on autopilot as and when I choose – my true gift.

That allows me to work with amazing clients who want to express themselves and reach new audiences FAST.

And I also have the freedom to CREATE as and whenever I choose.

The freedom to REBEL and create something new.

The freedom to listen to my audience and create whatever I know they need. Instantly.

So today, a reminder to all of us.

Keep pushing. You’re made for something more. That feeling inside you – that’s your new rebellious self waiting to be  unleashed. How are you going to let it out?


P.s. Want my help planning out how to unleash your new self? Are you ready for massive online success?

Then I’d LOVE to help!

I have two spots remaining this side of Christmas where we will sit down for an entire day and create your entire automated marketing funnel together.

We’ll create together:

  • Step by step plan for reaching your target audience FAST
  • Your automated marketing sequence
  • Your Facebook Ads to reach new leads but also a retargeting campaign to ensure leads rapidly learn to know you, like you and trust you
  • The follow email sequences you’re going to need that will get leads booked in fast
  • All tech integrations you’re going to need

We can do this day either face to face in Bristol – or via Skype. Your choice.

This is a private one on one session and the investment is £4k plus VAT (approx $5000).

NOTE: This offer is NOT for new businesses. You must already have happy customers, be great at what you do, and be wanting to grow rapidly.

Whether you sell products OR services, this offer is for you.

Message me now or via my Page to book your date.

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Yes- NOW! Why “The Holiday Season” Is ABSOLUTELY The Right Time To Launch Your Marketing Funnel

Maybe you’re thinking it’s time to start winding down for 2016.

Cutting the marketing spend.

Maybe you’ve heard that NOW is a bad time to advertise and in be in competition with the main retailers offering Black Friday discounts, Christmas gifts etc etc…

Maybe – you have chosen to pause your plans for business growth.

After all it’s 5 weeks until Christmas.

Maybe you’ve been thinking that people don’t buy anything but GIFTS over the holiday season.

Maybe you’ve been presuming there was zero point in looking to grow your business – and you’ve parked the idea until the New Year.

The truth is… that now is the absolute BEST time to get a new marketing funnel live.

The period just before and after Christmas – and then the New Year period is when people are not only accustomed to SPENDING but they are accustomed to making CHANGES.

Your prospects will have more free TIME  which means they will read your materials – whether it’s ebooks, reports, watching your videos or watching your automated webinars.

They are more likely to COMMIT to change.

In January they are then following through on those commitments so continue to book with people who can help them deliver.

Throughout this entire period – they are more likely to book in calls with people that can deliver that change.

They are more likely to BUY from people that can deliver that change.

Is this YOU?

Can you deliver that change for your clients?

Then you absolutely MUST have an automated marketing funnel live to ensure you are ready to scoop up these prospects and help them deliver changes in their lives.

If you do not – you are doing THEM and YOURSELF a disservice – they want change right NOW and they want someone who can deliver it!

So if you truly want to grow your business and reach clients that want CHANGE… then NOW is the time.

Stop procrastinating and get that automated marketing funnel out there!

Claire Jarrett

P.s. Want to get it live but don’t know how?

I recently launched a Done For You marketing service and I have just TWO spots left.

My latest webinar has brought in £476,322 in sales and has been running solidly since February on repeat. It brings in an average of 35 qualified appointments every single week.

How would YOU like an automated marketing funnel set up that delivers leads on repeat every single week?

That is up and ready to go – by this key holiday period?

UNTIL TUESDAY ONLY, I am offering a complete, start-to-finish, DONE-FOR-YOU automated marketing funnel. Due to the time commitment this is going to need from me, I have just FIVE spots available, (three have already sold) and this offer expires TUESDAY 18TH Nov at midnight UK time – I will NOT be extending the time again.

Here’s what you get:

  • I will PERSONALLY interview you to ensure I understand precisely how to sell YOU. You will tell me what you do, who for, what results you get for clients and anything else I need to ensure we create a webinar that will CONVERT cold traffic into leads. We will do this on Skype or Zoom.
  • I will PERSONALLY create a webinar script for you from start to finish with prompts on what to say, what tone to use and how to connect with your audience. I’ll be using the same webinar structure that my clients and I have used to create MILLIONS from our webinars.
  • I will PERSONALLY create your webinar slides for maximum resonance with your audience – and my graphic design team will create a branded template just for you.
  • I will PERSONALLY create 3 carefully crafted webinar landing pages to bring in cold traffic on autopilot
  • I will PERSONALLY create your email follow up sequence across 7 days – we get an additional 25% to 50% of our leads booking in this way
  • I will PERSONALLY create your Facebook Ad campaign to drive cold traffic into the webinar PLUS create a retargeting campaign to ensure we warm up traffic FAST so they are ready to buy
  • THE OFFER can be ANYTHING you want– (creating phone leads, selling recurring services, direct sale of a program – whatever you choose).
  • AND, if you’re worried about the TECH SIDE, my team will PERSONALLY handle ANY integrations with LeadPages, Click Funnels, StealthSeminar, PayPal, Stripe, or ANY other software you want to use. (My suggestion is to take this webinar and automate it, so it makes sales for you again and again without you even being there…we’ll set that up for you if you like).
  • I will also give you THREE additional ONE-ON-ONE coaching sessions with me to help you get the MOST out of your brand-new automated marketing funnel…you can ask me ANYTHING you want.

I was originally intending to close out this offer on 18th at midnight but I got so many responses –  I’ve not yet had a chance to get back to everyone and have had to book some calls in for next week, so I’m extending it to Tuesday 22nd at midnight UK time.


This is a premium offer that’s going to take a substantial amount of my time to deliver. If you want PREMIUM work from Europe’s leading Automated Marketing Expert – then expect to pay a premium price. The investment will be a  5 figure sum.

This offer is absolutely NOT for new businesses – it is for those who are great at what they do and deliver amazing results for their clients, they just need an efficient way of reaching more people to help.

If you’d like to talk about booking one of these spots – then send me a Facebook message or via my Facebook Page with your telephone number and a few potential times you can talk on Monday or Tuesday.

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Commit To The Follow Up Or Watch Your Marketing Dollars Go Down The Drain

Today I’d like to talk about something that is very close to my heart that has zero to do with actual marketing but EVERYTHING about getting you more ROI from your marketing spend.

If done relentlessly, it will hugely grow your income.

Follow up.

Let’s look at an example. In the past 4 weeks alone I have sent enquiries to the following:

  1. Various personal trainers (£300 per month for a minimum of 6 months = £1800 deal)
  2. Photographers (£2k  to £4k package)
  3. Private Tuition for my son (£5k per year)
  4. Business mastermind ($50k to $100k per year)

On each occasion I duly filled in their form and gave both my telephone number and email address.


Instead – I waited between 24 and 72 hours depending on the provider, and then received an email response (from the majority – from one I didn’t even get this).

NOT ONE of them followed up with me by telephone – despite me giving the telephone number.

By the time I had received the response – I was no longer in the same “place” as when I had sent the original enquiry, or I was busy at the time so took a day or two to respond (in some cases I didn’t).

Now as many of you know I am ALL for having appropriate application channels  for coaches and consultants, and asking people to book in an appointment.

If I had been asked to do this – I would have gladly done so.

My point is this – how much of their marketing spend are they wasting by NOT following up on enquiries?


When I started my Internet Marketing Agency back in 2008 – I was relentless with follow up and taught my team the same.

Every single enquiry was contacted multiple times by telephone and email. If a prospect was not yet ready to buy, I made time every week to follow up with them.

This led me to a near 100% conversion rate on EVERY single enquiry.

If they didn’t want to buy the first thing – I sold them something different.

I was RELENTLESS with my follow up.

And I am AMAZED more business owners are not the same.

How much money are they wasting?

How much are they leaving on the table?

Due to a simple failure to follow up with every single lead relentlessly?

Oh – so maybe your excuse is they’ve not provided a phone number?

Look them up and FIND ONE.

You’ve already spoken to them by phone and don’t want to call too often?

I get it – use a different method of follow up instead (or ideally AS WELL AS) ….


Find them on Social Media and connect with them there.

I followed my prospects on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook (both their business page and their profile) and I made sure I stayed TOP of mind at all times.

I liked their posts, retweeted their posts, and stayed in contact continuously for MONTHS and sometimes YEARS until they were ready to buy.

To follow up with your prospects costs you NOTHING.

It also shows your prospect you REALLY want their business!

Let me talk you through how I make this work in practice.

I have a commitment to follow up with at least six past clients and prospects every single day. I may find out how they are, how their business is going, and I may occasionally give them details of a current program or offer I am running if I think it will resonate for them.


Following up by telephone and connecting on social media also has added benefits! It can prevent no shows and cancellations.

How many of you have ever cancelled an appointment or commitment by email? Because it was easy to do so?

How many of you would have cancelled if you had built a RELATIONSHIP with that person instead?

All you need to do is CONNECT.

So now it’s your turn.

What can you change and implement right NOW about your follow up procedures today?


P.s. I have opened up TWO more spaces for my Facebook Mentoring program.

See the details and book your space here

Facebook Mastery is my latest brand new Facebook training program. We will cover everything you need to know about getting Facebook Ads running in your business over a 6 week period that starts the day you buy. You’ll talk to me one on one each week for six weeks  on a private call and we will nail exactly how to get Facebook Ads working in your business. Note – you MUST have an offer that already sells, this program is not suitable for newbies. If in any doubt, message me first.

P.p.s (Questions before you buy? Send me a private message on Facebook or via my Facebook page)

Don’t delay! Grab one of these two spots right now.  See the full details here

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I’m Under Intense Pressure – And Here’s Why

Sometimes, there is no feeling for entrepreneurs like having your back against the wall.

In my early years of business, this meant I would need to come up with offers continually. I learned early on the power of building an email list and would relentlessly follow up with prospects and clients. I connected with prospects on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and would constantly follow up and see how I could help . Note this only works if you come from the position of wanting to give and help first – rather than sell first. Desperation can definitely be sensed by your prospects – setting my mindset to ensure I was NOT coming from a place of lack was essential (this is one of the most important things I learned – you must learn to disassociate from getting the sale).

During these times I’d come up with new ideas for products and services that I knew they would love – because if I didn’t then the alternative was to STARVE. (okay maybe not literally – but you get my point). I aimed to serve my audience and deliver exactly what they would need to get their businesses moving forward too.

Move forward several years and this is no longer my reality, so I am forced to recreate this feeling.

I put myself under intense pressure – and here’s how I do it.

I set up standing orders and direct debits to regularly remove pretty much all of my cash on a weekly basis and transfer it into a variety of different savings accounts. The harder to access these the better!

I choose to pay myself FIRST.

Removing so much cash means If I want to get bills paid – I need to earn cash FAST.

This puts me under pressure to EARN or have things bouncing in my accounts!

Whenever I get complacent in my business – I set up a new one to force me to up my game even further.

Right now, I have a weekly standing order set up of £5,000 per week plus a variety of other smaller ones to other accounts too.

Yes you read that right – I know that’s more profit than many business owners make in a month. But by removing it from my bank account – I make sure I stay HUNGRY. I force myself to take action every single day.

So my question to you – is how you can YOU put yourself under pressure today and truly push yourself past what you thought was achievable?

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The 7 Specific Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working Right Now

I just recorded this brand new video for you  “The 7 specific reasons your Facebook ads aren’t working right now”

– If you’ve used Facebook Ads and couldn’t figure out why they weren’t working, this video is for you!
– If you’re using Facebook Ads right now but are struggling to make them profitable – this video is for you!



P.s.Want to find out how my team and I can help YOU get Facebook Ads working in your coaching or consulting business? Book in a call now



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The 5 Essential Facebook Ads You MUST Set Up Today For Less Than $5

Want to see the PRECISE ads I’m running right now at a daily spend of just $5 per day, that are bringing me in qualified leads on autopilot?
In this video – I show you:
– Why you need retargeting
– How retargeting can create highy engaged leads and clients who are FUN to work with
– The precise 5 ads you should be running right now at a TOTAL daily spend of just $5 per day to bring in leads
– Inside my ad account and the exact ads I’m running right now to bring in leads

Watch the video below now – and let me know what you think in the comments below!


P.s. ** Get Facebook Delivering Sales Fast!** – 6 places remaining!

I want to teach you the PRECISE strategy you’ll need to conquer Facebook Ads and create sales for your business on autopilot…

I want to show you the business shifts you’ll need to make.

The mindset shifts you’ll need to make.

I want to work right alongside you to ensure you get the work done to create a hugely profitable business in record time.

I want to help you get Facebook Ads working in YOUR business. I want to get you generating hot leads, creating sales directly from your Facebook page but most importantly adding cash FAST to your business.

I’m going to be sharing my strategies, my tips, my techniques, my VISION on how to get Facebook Ads working in your business… I’m going to share inside my very own Facebook Ads account.. exactly how I craft each ad.. exactly how I use it to generate hundreds of leads each month.. but more importantly the STRATEGY I use that delivers me average sales of £60k to £100k each and every single month, without fail.

Yes Facebook Ads can be working for you in just a few short weeks… IF you follow the correct strategy.

Here’s who it’s for:
– Coaches & Consultants
– Ecommerce businesses
– Service businesses
– Internet Marketers
– Advertising specialists who want to learn how to deliver an amazing ROI for their clients

So here’s what I’m doing – and you’re not going to believe you can get this level of personal help from me before at this price point:

“6 Weeks To Facebook Mastery”

My coaching normally begins at $6000. I don’t have ANYTHING cheaper you can buy right now.

This brand new 6 week Facebook Marketing Intensive is going to be just $1497.

This is 75% off what it normally costs to work with me.

– 10 business owners who want to master Facebook fast and use it to deliver a TON of leads and sales
– WEEKLY private call where you and I will screenshare and get your ads up and running in record time
– 6 Module Facebook Ads training (totally brand new and up to date as I will be recording this live each week as we go along) and complete advert regime for you to implement with my personal assistance
– We’ll go inside MY Facebook Ads account so I can show you exactly what’s working now, delivering leads on autopilot
– Full training in lead generation using Facebook – including Retargeting, Lead Ads, building an email list using Facebook but also the STRATEGY you need to get it working for you fast
– Specific exercises for you to follow that will get Facebook working for you so you can finally get Facebook working fast for your business

***6 Weeks To Complete Facebook Mastery…***

We start next Wednesday, are you in?

There are only 10 places – and with a list of over 45,000 subscribers, this is going to sell out fast.

It is roughly 75% of what it normally costs to work with me.

This will sell out..

If you’ve been looking for a way to get Facebook working in your business, THIS IS IT.

Claim your place now and we’ll be in touch ASAP to book in your kick-off private call!

Want to get Facebook working in YOUR business?

Click this link now to book your place before the places are all gone!

Or pay in 2 instalments of $799 each (30 days apart)

As always – have a great day

Claire Jarrett

P.s. Any questions, message me through the page now
P.p.s Grab your spot by Thursday 27th October 8pm GMT, 3pm EST and I’ll throw in over $7000 of my past online trainings – including my full “How To Launch A Membership Site Program”, my full AdWords Program, and my SEO Program as bonuses completely FREE!
P.p.s. We start next week – grab your spot now and we’ll be in touch to book your kickoff session ASAP

Single payment of $1497 or 2 instalments of $799

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Lead Generation

Create a Stream of New, High-Paying Coaching Clients Every Single Day

The techniques I’m going to share with you today are the exact same techniques I share with my superstar clients who want to add an extra 5 figures per month to their coaching or consulting business fast.

The 11 steps that follow combine to create a system that my students use to create that 5 figure month, each and every single month (I’ve simplified the system for ease of reading – you can hear about it in a lot more detail here)

As you’d expect – I also consistently use it myself in my own coaching business!

1. The first step is to create something of value that will be of benefit to your target market – something that will cause them to become a lead.

It should be on a truly desirable topic and make people think “WOW – I really want that!” More on this below.

The aim is to create a variety of “lead magnets” that collect email addresses – these will quickly demonstrate your expertise to the marketplace.

You’re reading an example of a lead magnet right now, here is a list of things that you can create:

  • Checklists
  • Special reports such as this one
  • Ebooks
  • Templates
  • Videos
  • Webinars / Automated Webinars

You’ll want each lead magnet to represent you well and demonstrate your expertise but don’t seek perfection (this is about taking ACTION and getting it out there).

Your lead magnet should ideally speak to either PAIN or PLEASURE – what is that your clients typically want from you? What emotions are they trying to get away from?

Other ways to find out what people want to know about your topic include asking yourself – what questions do people typically ask you when they find out what you do for a living? Maybe when you’re sat in a networking meeting or at a dinner party – what do people say about your area of expertise? What beliefs do you find yourself correcting constantly?

Take at least 30 minutes to brainstorm this list and then create a list of these pain points, pleasure points, questions and beliefs. Each of these points could become a topic you teach people about in your lead magnet.

2. Now it’s time to get your lead magnet created. I suggest spending a maximum of 2 to 4 hours creating your lead magnet with the exception of automated webinars which may well take double that.

Ensure you add what is known as a “Call To Action” at the end of the lead magnet. This will be to book in an appointment with you (more on that shortly!)

Once it’s written, consider hiring someone to proof read and format it correctly. You don’t want to damage your brand by giving away something of poor quality. You’ll want to upload it either to your website or a document hosting platform so leads can access it.

For beginners – start with an easier option such as a checklist or template and build up your lead magnet library slowly.

3. Next step – plan out what you’re going to offer to your new leads once you’ve generated them.

Get clear on your premium offering, and plan out the ideal client you’d like to be working with. What do clients want to achieve when working with you?

Where can you help them achieve a life changing end result? Get clear on this and have it to hand ready for when you start to generate appointments.

(My webinar teaches people how to take what they know and turn it into an online program that will sell for $6k and above – click here if you’d like to see it. )

4. A very important next step that will ensure you get prospects to respect your time is to become appointment only.

Remove all methods of just calling up to “pick your brains” from your website. Don’t give out your mobile number, and consider hiring a call answering service to field your calls and direct them to book an appointment.

This will ensure that all leads are correctly positioned and understand that your time is valuable.

5. The next step is we need a method of accepting appointments so that every single lead understands that your time is valuable – and also set the expectation that they will be making a decision at the end of the appointment.

We recommend our clients use a scheduling tool where people can book themselves straight in and pick a date and time. That way, the leads you receive will be more committed and valuable than if you just use a basic application form where they don’t have to select a date or time.

The platform I typically recommend to my clients is Acuity Scheduling. It’s easy to use from both mobile and desktop, plus you can track leads from Facebook Ads.

I advise you to add questions to an application form in order to qualify people – this will ensure you get the best qualified applicants. The more questions you add into the form – the better qualified the lead will be.

I also add in a note saying if people skip questions their appointment will be cancelled. You don’t have to go that far at first – but you soon will!

Who wants to talk to prospects who can’t even be bothered to fill in a form? If they don’t fill it in properly they clearly aren’t very qualified or motivated to work with you – trust me, I’ve helped my clients generate thousands of them!

6. You’ll need a way that people can request your lead magnet – for this you’re going to need what is known as an “Opt-In Page”.

Please, please, do make sure you use a professional tool such as Leadpages to get people to “opt-in” for your Lead Magnet to give a professional look to your opt-in page. Otherwise people will arrive at your page and decide against downloading it!

You can quickly and easily create a page in less than 30 minutes. You’ll need to tie the page to your email system and then create a first email that will send them the link to the document you created.

Ensure you add a Call To Action at the end of the email you send out (that asks people to book in for an appointment).

7. Use a freelancer or website such as Fiverr to get a professional ebook cover done rather than attempt to create it yourself, unless you are GREAT at creating graphics.

8. Take action and start promoting your lead magnet wherever you can such as any existing email list you already have, LinkedIn, your Facebook page, add it to your email signature, send it out via Twitter – get it out there to as many people in your network as possible.

Make sure you include a link at the end of your blogs as well. You will be able to bring in a few appointments quickly here if you take massive action on a daily basis.

This will then pay for your next steps – launching a paid advertising strategy. We’ll be coming to that shortly, but let’s deal with the new leads first…

9. Great! You’ve got some calls booked with qualified leads, who have gone ahead and booked in an appointment and answered your questions.

During the appointment itself – find out why they’ve not hit their goals to date, what is getting in their way, and where they need specific help.

Demonstrate that you can help them by actually helping them, and then if it sounds right for you both – invite them to join you as a client.

There is no need for a hard sell and absolutely no need to brow beat prospects into joining you if this process is managed correctly and from the best of intentions. Leads that come via this process already know you can help them as they’ve been exposed to your expertise via your lead magnets, and have also been positioned correctly to respect your time.

10. The next step will ensure a continuous stream of leads from this point onwards – by creating a paid advertising “funnel” to generate a large volume of leads.

(I have used pretty much every paid advertising channel out there, and the best one is Facebook Ads. It’s the cheapest, quickest, and most scalable channel.)

It simply isn’t possible to add 5 figures per month consistently WITHOUT using paid advertising to maintain a good number of leads coming in.

Some of my lead magnets have generated up to 3833 signups in a single month – as you can see from the image below.



Remember, you don’t HAVE to start off with a huge budget so please don’t let this put you off (this number of leads generated just over £120k in my business during the 30 day period shown here – note that my clients can and do hit 5 figures with a fraction of this number of leads).

I recommend that my clients simply start small with a budget of $20 to $50 per day and gradually increase as your appointments come through and are converted into clients.

Growing the funnel is where I spend most time with my clients when scaling up their businesses and it’s the place I suggest coaches and consultants will want to put their biggest focus after creating their premium offering.

Choosing the correct interest groups and wording for your Facebook Ads will allow you to bring in dozens of signups each week, and ensure that the lead magnets are converting correctly.

11. Your final step is a strong focus on a follow up email strategy. This step must not be overlooked as it’s where at least 50% of the additional appointments will come from once you start building a large list.

Send out regular broadcast or “one-off” emails to generate sales leads – for example when you’re launching a new program or taking applications for the next time you run a program.

Simply create an email asking how people enjoyed your lead magnet, then ask them if they need help. I’m amazed how many people use their email list just for newsletters – your email list exists to bring you in LEADS so please use it!

Building in a series of regular broadcasts once per month is ideal – but alongside that make sure you take the best performing ones and schedule them in to an auto responder system to your lead magnets to go out automatically.

That way, you’ll also get a stream of applications coming in each day and you will have a reliable lead funnel generating you applications consistently.

So there we have it. Here are the 11 steps again quickly:

  • Create something of value for your target market.
  • Plan out what you are going to offer to the leads that you generate.
  • Respect your time and get others to do the same.
  • Create a method for accepting appointments.
  • Use a professional tool such as leadpages to get people to opt-in.
  • Use a website or freelancer to create attractive graphics.
  • Include a link to your appointment booking tool.
  • Start promoting your lead magnet.
  • Demonstrate you can help by actually helping them on the call with the prospect.
  • Create a paid advertising funnel to ensure a consistent stream of leads.
  • Focus on the email follow up strategy.

Now it’s your turn.

Imagine you’ve got this up and running in your business, bringing in an extra 5 figures each and every single month to your business. How would your life be different? How would you feel differently about your business?

Would you like my personal help to implement these tactics in YOUR business?

If you’re a coach or consultant who wants to add a minimum of 5 figures per month to their income, then simply book in a time to talk here

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How To Attract Premium Clients Using Facebook

Today I’m going to cover how to attract PREMIUM Clients using Facebook Ads.

What do I mean by premium clients in this instance? Those who are willing to pay what you are worth – who won’t mess you around, who are great fun to work with, get the work done and are generally great fun to work with!

Who Do You Want To Work With – And What Will You Do For Them?

To start with – we need to get super clear on who we want to work with, and what we can do for them.

In order to figure this out – ask yourself a few simple questions:

  1. Who have my best results been for?
  2. Who have I loved working with so much I would do it again for free?
  3. What have my best clients had in common?
  4. What results have I helped them to achieve?

When marketing on Facebook – it’s far more appealing for prospects if we talk about a certain result we can help people achieve rather than just generally talking about our services.

A “premium client” is one who desires the end result you deliver – not simply to book a couple of sessions by the hour in the hope you might be able to help them with an issue.

The next step is to be able to find out where they “hang out” on Facebook.  A first step I recommend is simply to go to Google and search for something like “top female business coaches” if your target market is female entrepreneurs, or “top life coaches” if you’re a life coach and your target market wants to make huge changes in their life.
Other suggestions might be to take a look at books or movies watched by your target audience – for example “top life coaching books” will bring up a number of websites in Google which contain lists of books you could target.
Typically, those are willing to make changes in their lives and in their business will already be following Facebook fanpages that represent this. This is what we’re going to use to target your ideal client.
Once you have your list, go to Facebook, use the search box at the top and check to see if there are Facebook fanpages for the coaches, books and movies you just found. If so, there is a very good chance you’ll be able to target fans of those pages on Facebook meaning you can easily reach your perfect client.

A great tip for further targets for your adverts is to look up past clients on Facebook and have a look which Facebook Pages they are fans of (you can do this by clicking More on their profile and then selecting Likes) . Your aim is to find at least 5 to 10 Facebook pages to target with your ads.

Now Bring In The Leads

Now that you’ve identified your ideal client, what you are going to do for them, and identified some great targets for your ads – it’s time to create something to advertise to them using Facebook Ads. In the marketing industry this is typically known as a lead magnet.

Examples of lead magnets are:

  1. Reports
  2. Checklists
  3. Videos
  4. Automated Webinars (my personal favourite – here is my example that I advertise using Facebook Ads)

You’ll want to put your lead magnet together to the best of your ability to ensure the prospect knows you can help them get to the end result they desire. You can do this by ensuring you include some really great teaching points, including case studies or testimonials to ensure your prospect knows you can deliver.

REMEMBER – the point of the lead magnet is NOT to sell your services directly –  it is quite simply to “Sell the Appointment”. At the end of the lead magnet you will quite simply invite them into a telephone appointment  where you can explore working together further.

Invite Them To Work With You

On your appointment – you’ll have already demonstrated your expertise via your lead magnet – so this should be a gentle exploration of what has worked in the past, what hasn’t worked, where they are stuck, where they want to be, and how you can help to get them there.

At the end of the call you can simply make a decision together whether to work together or not.

Need Help Implementing This In YOUR Business?

Now it’s your turn – would you like a free planning session where we will help you plan out how to get this working in YOUR business?

Together we will plan out:

  • How what you do for your clients can be turned into something that can be sold online
  • Where to find your prospects
  • How to price it
  • How to launch it and bring in your first few clients

To book in for a free appointment – simply click here

We cannot wait to see how we can help!

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Lead Generation Questions webinar

How To Launch A Group Program if You’re Brand New to Marketing On Facebook

Today’s blog is based on one of the most commonly asked questions I’m asked by members of my Appointment Generation Bootcamp for Coaches & Consultants…

How can I Launch A Group Program if I’m totally brand new to marketing my business on Facebook?” – in fact, many of my clients have never marketed their businesses at all, let alone using a form of Paid Ads such as Facebook Ads.

Let’s jump in and look at how you can easily move from delivering your services by the hour, typically face to face with clients, to instead finding your clients online PLUS being able to increase your prices!

Step 1 – Identify Your Niche & Find Where They Hang Out on Facebook

Your first step in launching your program is to get totally clear on what you offer, and who for.

Remember – people will make serious investments if you help them make big transformations or get big results – so you must get clear on what you are offering.

If you aren’t yet clear on this – ask yourself some or all of these questions  – what results have I helped clients achieve in the past? Where can I add the biggest value? How can I transform someone’s life? How can I help them get a really big result in a few weeks?  How can I change the way someone thinks, feels or acts permanently?

If you’re new to coaching – ask yourself – where can I add the biggest value fastest to my clients? (by the way – there is no rule that says if you’re new, you MUST start out charging thousands. You may prefer to learn the techniques below to instead master bringing in clients online, then once you’ve got some good testimonials – follow the rest of the process)

Now it’s time to ask yourself, who is your ideal client? Who will want this transformation or end result? You need to get inside their heads – what keeps them awake at night, what are they afraid of, what are their hopes and dreams? WHY do they want this end result?

Finally, you need to figure out where these people hang out on Facebook. It might be worth finding past clients on Facebook, and looking at what pages they follow, what books they read, what movies they watch.  All of these will become interests you can then use to target your Facebook Ads. You will also want to look up competitors and conferences in your area of expertise.

Step 2 –  Create A “Lead Magnet” To Connect Your Audience To You

In order to connect with your target audience – you’ll need to create some form of lead magnet that demonstrates your expertise and shows your prospect that you hold the answers.

The perfect lead magnet is a webinar, ideally automated so you don’t have to constantly run live webinars (here’s my example that brings me in between 80 and 150 signups every single day).

Automated webinars connect best with your audience and help position you as an authority – because people set aside the time to watch and listen to you.

However, you can get started with an ebook, guide, template or anything that demonstrates your expertise (you can see one of mine here – How To Fail At 99% of Your Marketing & Still Make 6 Figures Per Year)

At the end of the lead magnet, offer a link to book in a call with you to discuss getting help with their particular situation.

Step 3 – Now It’s Time To Sell Your Program

Plan out your program briefly – what stages will people need to go through to hit the end result? What “homework” tasks will you need to set them to ensure they stay on target? There’s no need to do ANY other planning at this stage other than a few bullet points. After all, we don’t know yet what specific help our clients will need!

Make sure you’re confident about the investment you’re going to be asking people to make. Are you going to start with $1k, $5k, $10k?Pick a price you’re happy with and then practice saying it out loud to yourself until you can say it without hesitation.

Make sure you have your program plan in front of you during the phone call.

On the phone call, explore ways you can help, help them see why they haven’t got the desired result so far, and then invite them to solve their problem by joining your program.

If you want, you can offer payment options to make it easier for people to say yes to joining your program.

Note – at this stage – your program will be a one on one program.  More on that in the next step….

Step 4 – Deliver Your Program As One to One To Begin With

Your first client in your online program will be an individual coaching client. Here’s how to structure it:

  1. Never record the entire program upfront!  Instead, once you have your first client, book them in for the first call to get started a few days away. Use those few days to plan out the first week’s training on PowerPoint or something similar, and then record yourself delivering the training, your voice accompanying the slides on a tool such as Camtasia
  2. Upload the video to Wistia or another video hosting tool
  3. Create accompanying worksheets as needed and upload to Dropbox
  4. Deliver the training by email with a link to the video and the worksheets
  5. Each week, book in a call with your client and help them stay on track and get the end result
  6. Record the rest of the training as you’re going along, refining as needed based on the questions your client is asking, delivering the training each week by email and continuing to talk to your client each week
  7. Hey Presto! At the end of the program, you have a completed program

It’s a good idea to run the program a handful of times to ensure you have perfected it, with private one on one clients to begin with. Once you’re happy with your program, it’s time for the next stage (if you choose! Some people decide to stay using this format as they prefer one on one for various reasons) …

Step 5 – Now It’s Time To Expand Those Ads & Launch A Group Program

By now you’ve perfected your ads, your lead magnet is bringing in new leads, and you have created your program PLUS you know it works.

Your next step is simply to increase your ad spend, create new lead magnets, and EXPAND rapidly, and launch a group program!

The sky is the limit – how many do you want in your group – 4? 8? 15?

Do you need help implementing this?

I’ve got this process NAILED, and I follow every step of this process every single day for my clients, and in my own business.

If you’d like to talk this process through, identify what’s holding you back, plan out what you need to put it in place and create a step by step plan for launching this right NOW – I’d love to help.

Simply click here to book in a call



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Beliefs Lead Generation

How To Turn Any Prospect Into The Perfect Client By Changing The Way They Think

Sounds like a pretty tall order – to turn a prospect into the perfect client by changing the way they think?

Well that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do today.


Aim Mass Market – And At Those You Think You Will Never Buy (Yet)

When advertising on Facebook and Twitter, many of you are currently picking large audiences and “hope” that part of our message sticks.

So you might pick fans or followers of Amy Porterfield, Mari Smith or Brian Tracy for example, and then wonder why they don’t resonate with your message.

You’re approaching it from the WRONG ANGLE.

You’re presuming that they are all right now in the right place, ready to buy, and looking for a solution.

This is NOT what is happening.

99% of the people you are targeting with your ads are not seeking a solution, because they don’t even know a solution exists (and some of them don’t even realise they have a problem!)

Rather than seeking someone who is already the perfect prospect, it’s the job of your marketing to take someone who isn’t the perfect prospect yet… and turn them into one.

Okay – But How Do I Do That, Claire?

Simply by changing their beliefs.

  • What do YOU know about your subject that most people don’t?
  • What are the common misconceptions that people have about your topic?
  • If you sit next to someone at a networking meeting, what beliefs do they “state” at you when they find out what you do?

So for example – common beliefs about my area of expertise are:

  • My audience isn’t on Facebook
  • Facebook doesn’t work for Business to Business
  • I need an email list before I can start selling online
  • I can’t learn marketing because I’m no good with technology
  • People won’t part with several thousand dollars over the phone and certainly not after attending a single webinar
  • My service must be delivered one on one or it doesn’t work

When I change these beliefs, I have successfully turned a sceptical person into a perfect prospect, and this means my market is WIDE OPEN.

I now have the ability to target hundreds of thousands, knowing that I can create the perfect prospect through my marketing.

Simply Change Their Beliefs Through Your Marketing

All your marketing should be aimed at changing beliefs, showing people what is possible, and creating perfect prospects who eventually reach the point at which their beliefs are now fully shifted, and they then pick up the phone and call you.

Ways you can change beliefs include creating pieces of marketing that tackle common misconceptions, changing their beliefs through demonstrations and case studies. Possibilities include

What are YOU going to change about how you approach marketing?

Let’s Talk

If you need help perfecting this process, let’s talk.

Let’s plan out:

  1. How to launch a marketing funnel that CREATES the perfect prospect
  2. The steps you’re going to need to take to get a funnel up and running in your business
  3. How many leads you’re going to need to hit your targets and where you’re going to find them
  4. What could possibly hold you back

Click here to book in a planning session now

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Facebook Strategy Sessions

How To Use Facebook To Bring In Coaching or Consulting Clients On Autopilot

Today I’m going to take you step by step how to use Facebook to bring in coaching or consulting clients.

  • To begin with you’re going to need to get super specific about your perfect client, otherwise known as your “avatar”. What age range do they fall into, what gender are they, what are their hopes and dreams?
  • To be able to find them on Facebook you’ll need to find out where they hang out. If you’re not sure, try going to Google and searching for something like “top female business coaches” if your target market is female entrepreneurs, or “top life coaches” if you’re a life coach and your target market wants to make huge changes in their life.
    Other suggestions might be to take a look at books or movies watched by your target audience – for example “top life coaching books” will bring up a number of websites in Google which contain lists of books you could target.
    Typically, those are willing to make changes in their lives and in their business will already be following Facebook fanpages that represent this. This is what we’re going to use to target your ideal client.
    Once you have your list, go to Facebook and see if there are Facebook fanpages for the coaches, books and movies you just found. If so, there is a very good chance you’ll be able to target fans of those pages on Facebook meaning you can easily reach your perfect client.
    You can also try looking up past clients on Facebook and seeing what Facebook Pages they are fans of (you can do this by clicking More on their profile and then selecting Likes) . Your aim is to find at least 5 to 10 Facebook pages to target with your ads.
  • Now you’ve identified your avatar, and several great targets for your Facebook Ads, it’s time to attract in some leads.
    You’ll need to put together what is known as a “lead magnet” – which can be either an ebook, report, or my personal favourite an automated webinar. An automated webinar is recorded from the comfort of your own home and then shows 24/7 around the world – so for example my webinar here shows every hour on the hour between 9am and 9pm in the UK and the US automatically, just from a single recording I made a few weeks back.
    To bring in leads, you’ll need to create a lead magnet and then show it by setting up a series of Facebook Ads to fans of the pages you identified in the step above.
    Make sure you word the advert so it talks specifically to the hopes and fears of the avatar you created in step one.
  • At the end of your lead magnet, make sure you’ve included a link to book in for a call with you. Including a basic application form with a few qualification questions will ensure that only the most qualified will apply.
  • On your call, simply offer to help, identify what they need to do to change their current situation, and then run through how you can help.
  • Hey Presto! Now it’s time to optimise the new adverts you’ve created to ensure they bring in leads on autopilot.

Now it’s your turn! How are you going to implement this strategy in YOUR business?

Need Help?

If you’d like help planning this strategy out to get it up and running fast, simply book in a call here and let’s talk!

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High Prices High Ticket Questions

Paid By The Hour? Better Read This…

If you’re currently being paid by the hour for what you do, this will be extremely useful to you.

We can discern that most business owners who are paid by the hour will eventually hit some sort of cap.

It might be they feel they are constricted by competitors  – if competitors are charging low hourly rates it’s hard to see how you can put yours up without losing business. In addition hourly rates are getting squeezed in the current climate – in particular when your services are seen as a commodity.

Secondly it may be a time restriction – as charging by the hour means you can’t physically work too many hours – typically somewhere from 20 to 40 hours per week of client time is normal depending on the particular sector.

Finally, the cap may well be location specific – for example I have a client Di who was commuting 3 hours per day into London on top of her working day as she can only currently deliver her training face to face. This time was of course unpaid, and you can imagine that this travel was adding hugely to the stress of her day.

So what can we do about this?

The answer comes in the form of taking what you typically do for clients, structuring it into teachings that can be delivered online from the comfort of your own home, and then using simple online methods to attract in clients for the teachings. Let me set this out in a step by step fashion for you (if you get stuck on any of these steps don’t worry, you can get more help shortly):

1. Identify what outcome your clients typically desire from you. It’s okay to have several – for example some of my outcomes are teaching people to take their offline business and put it online, showing people how to use Facebook Ads to attract in clients, teaching people how to bring in qualified leads that are ready to buy in a simple “salescall” helping people make the leap from hourly selling to selling online programs etc etc.  Now consider, what are the outcomes that YOU typically deliver?

2. Brainstorm the steps that are needed to ensure your client gets their end result, and plan it out into a structure, which I will refer to as an online program. Typically most of my clients choose to plan out an 8 week structure, but 6 weeks and 12 weeks typically work well too.

3. Create a couple of pieces of education based marketing to bring in prospects – such as webinars, blogs, short videos, checklists etc. I choose to record my webinars and turn them into an automated webinar so that they can be viewed 24/7 around the world, and this is the method I teach my clients too as it removes the worries about technology and is stress-free!

4. You’ll now need to advertise your marketing pieces, typically via Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads or LinkedIn Ads, depending on where your target market hangs out. Facebook Ads is currently the easiest and cheapest to use – although the skills transfer directly from one platform to another.

5. At the end of the marketing piece, you’ll want to ask prospects to book in for a call to discuss how you can help. There’s no need for a hard sell, as your marketing has already shown them you can assist – it’s therefore just a case of seeing if you’re right to work together.

6. You’ll now start bringing people into your online program, which is of course based on the steps you identified earlier. To deliver the program, you’ll simply record a video – I suggest a tool such as Camtasia to record yourself talking over a PowerPoint presentation, and ensure your client is successful by setting some type of homework that ensures that if completed, they will get to their desired outcome.

7. To give your clients support, you’ll then offer coaching calls each week alongside the videos to ensure they are staying on track. These can be either individual calls or group calls, depending how fast your marketing brings in new clients and whether your line of work lends itself to groupwork.

So in essence, this has shown you how to take what you do currently, by the hour – and then turn it into something that can be sold online.

Following this method, you can immediately move from charging by the hour to instead charging for the outcome.

When pricing your program, most of my clients start somewhere from $2k to $4k before moving to $6k and even $10k – although I’ve had clients go in straight at $8k and sell 5 in a few weeks.

To explain in a little more detail how this works in practice, here’s a casestudy from one of our clients:

My client Leo was selling his services at €70 per hour before he started working with me. He restructured what he offered into an 8 week group program that he sold for €2,000 for 8 weeks, before Christmas. He was converting nearly every single person he spoke to on the phone into this program, so after selling 6 of these, I encouraged him to put his prices up further. He then sold a further 3 at €3,000 – this time converting every single person he spoke to, so this month has moved to charging €4,000.

So, how can YOU apply this?

How will you take what you do and turn it into something that can be sold online?

If you’d like help taking what you do currently on an hourly basis, and restructuring into something that can be sold online – then we are here to help.

And yes, if you want my personal help getting this working in your business – we can talk about that too.

Either way you’ll know whether this will work for your business.

So let’s get on the phone and specifically plan out:

• Can what you do be sold online?

• If so, what’s the best price to charge for it?

• How many leads will you need to hit your income goals?

• Where are the best places to start marketing?

• What might stop you from getting this done?

Please click here and book your session in here now, we have a few sessions available this week

Have a great day, I cannot wait to see how we can assist!

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Email Lists

Do I Need An Email List Before I Start To Promote My Business Online?

Today I’d like to address a commonly asked question “Do I need an email list before I start selling online?”

I can understand why you ask me it. Lots of the coaches and consultants I work with haven’t been collecting emails regularly, or maybe they’ve been storing them in a spreadsheet (sometimes even on piece of paper!), and sometimes they haven’t been bothering at all.

The answer is NO, you don’t need an email list BEFORE you start.

Building an email list is simply a valuable “side-effect” of your marketing – and as such, it doesn’t matter if you don’t already have one before you start. Here are my suggestions for getting started:

  1. Create a piece of evergreen marketing – such as an automated webinar, checklist, video or other piece of great content. Make sure it delivers great value to your clients. This piece of marketing will have two purposes – to start to build an email list but also to generate leads for your programs NOW.
  2. At the end of the piece of marketing – ask them to book in for a strategy session/discovery call with you where you’ll help them implement it. On the call you can run through ways you can help and if appropriate – bring them into your program
  3. Now give away your content – a few places to start with might be your LinkedIn profile, personal Facebook profile, Facebook Page, Twitter etc. This should get you a few downloads and start to build up your email list slowly.
  4. You’ll eventually want to put in place a growth strategy to increase those downloads rapidly, boost your email list and generate leads for your programs. This will involve some form of paid advertising such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and LinkedIn Ads that can be scaled – the more you spend, the more leads you’ll receive and the faster you’ll fill your programs.
  5. Repeat! Some prospects prefer to watch videos, some prefer webinars, some prefer to read – so make sure you have a variety of different learning methods covered.

Would you like a detailed step-by-step plan detailing how to implement these steps in YOUR business? Maybe you’d like to know how many leads you’ll need to hit your income goals, where your best prospects will hang out, how to target them effectively etc etc?

Simply book onto the FREE 45 minute training session here

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