I’m Under Intense Pressure – And Here’s Why

Sometimes, there is no feeling for entrepreneurs like having your back against the wall.

In my early years of business, this meant I would need to come up with offers continually. I learned early on the power of building an email list and would relentlessly follow up with prospects and clients. I connected with prospects on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and would constantly follow up and see how I could help . Note this only works if you come from the position of wanting to give and help first – rather than sell first. Desperation can definitely be sensed by your prospects – setting my mindset to ensure I was NOT coming from a place of lack was essential (this is one of the most important things I learned – you must learn to disassociate from getting the sale).

During these times I’d come up with new ideas for products and services that I knew they would love – because if I didn’t then the alternative was to STARVE. (okay maybe not literally – but you get my point). I aimed to serve my audience and deliver exactly what they would need to get their businesses moving forward too.

Move forward several years and this is no longer my reality, so I am forced to recreate this feeling.

I put myself under intense pressure – and here’s how I do it.

I set up standing orders and direct debits to regularly remove pretty much all of my cash on a weekly basis and transfer it into a variety of different savings accounts. The harder to access these the better!

I choose to pay myself FIRST.

Removing so much cash means If I want to get bills paid – I need to earn cash FAST.

This puts me under pressure to EARN or have things bouncing in my accounts!

Whenever I get complacent in my business – I set up a new one to force me to up my game even further.

Right now, I have a weekly standing order set up of £5,000 per week plus a variety of other smaller ones to other accounts too.

Yes you read that right – I know that’s more profit than many business owners make in a month. But by removing it from my bank account – I make sure I stay HUNGRY. I force myself to take action every single day.

So my question to you – is how you can YOU put yourself under pressure today and truly push yourself past what you thought was achievable?

Now it’s your turn!

Need my help to get this working in YOUR business?

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  • Nov 6,2016 at 6:50 pm

    Pressure makes one more effective in his work.I think pushing forward is the only way to take oneself to the destination of success in midst of pressure.
    Thanks for this inspirational post.

    • Nov 16,2016 at 1:19 pm

      Absolutely – you got it! Thanks for your comment

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