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Last Updated on: 28th April 2024, 12:05 pm

When done correctly, Google Ads is the most reliable source of hot leads on the planet… so let’s look at the strategies you’ll need to implement to get it working for you!

Step One – It’s All About The Landing Pages

Before you start – consider what new pages you need on your website that can be used as landing pages. For example, if you are a florist that delivers to Reading, Bracknell and London – you’ll want to create landing pages for each of these areas.  If your site is an ecommerce site, you can use dynamically created landing pages from searches, or create category pages for use on Google Ads instead.

Step Two – Set Up Conversion Tracking

What are you going to track in your Account – sales, leads, phone calls?

You’ll want to track as many of these as possible. You’ll need to track these automatically by setting up conversion tracking – either via Google Ads or in Google Analytics.

Step Three – Identify Dozens of Keywords

Build out a long list of keyword phrases that prospects might use to find your business – and where they should be directed in your website. If you’ve been running Google Ads already for a while, you will be able to look at your Search Terms and see what Google has been matching you against.

Otherwise – use free tools such as the Google Keyword Planner or paid tools such as Spyfu that allow you to see what your competitors are bidding upon.

Step Four – Get Suggested Bids For your Keywords

The tools listed above will give you a guideline as to the bid you should be using for each of your keywords.

By the way – if you do NOT get asked to enter a bid when adding your keywords to your account, you’ve accidentally selected one of Google’s automated options when creating your campaign.  You’ll need to edit your Campaign Settings and selected manual bidding.

Step Five – Create Themed Ad Groups

Move your keywords into themes where each set of keywords are closely related to each other.

You should be able to fit every single keyword from your theme into the Advert – if you can’t then you need to split your keywords into smaller groups.

Step Six – Add Negative Keywords To Save Your Cash

Now add keywords that reflect prospects you do NOT want to attract.

Examples are keywords such as “free”, “cheap”, “job”, “apprenticeship”, etc.
I recommend a list of at least 500 negative keywords to prevent your ads from being seen for irrelevant terms.

Step Seven – Set your Locations Carefully

When creating your campaign, add the towns/regions you want your campaign to cover. If offer delivery or visit customer premises, you may want to add a radius around a certain area – for example 20 miles around your town.

Step Eight – Bring Those Visitors Back With Retargeting

Add a basic retargeting campaign to bring back leads that have visited your site previously. You can add text ads, image ads, or a combination to ensure your brand is seen constantly around the web.

This campaign will often become your most profitable, and only needs a small budget to work properly.

Step Nine – Create Ad Copy That Stands Out

When creating your Ad Copy / Advert text – make your advert stand out by using figures, questions, and using title case for the main lines of the advert.

The higher your Click Through Rate (the percentage of people that see the ad that click it) – the higher your quality score will become… see below!

Step Ten – Work On Your Quality Score

Each of your keywords will be assigned a Quality score by Google that reflects how closely it matches the advert you are using, the landing page, and how well written your advert is. This quality score is solely responsible for how much you pay for every single click – and if your score is lower than your competitors your ads will stop showing – even if you are willing to pay more!

So – maximise quality score and also increase conversions on the landing page – ensure the advert text matches the text on the landing page very closely, even with campaigns like Performance Max.


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Step Eleven – Bring In Calls Directly From Your Ads

Use the call extension to bring in more calls for your business – they won’t even visit your website but will instead be connected directly to your telephone! (By the way, don’t bother with the Message extension – attracts lots of curious clicks and very few actual leads)

Step Twelve – Add Other Extensions Too To Maximise Click Through Rate(CTR)

There are plenty of other extensions like the Google Ads lead form extension that will help to maximise CTR – my favourite two are the Sitelinks and Call Outs.

The aim is to use these to showcase your USP and benefits. Most of your competitors will be using sitelinks to direct people to other sections of their site – contact page, about us page etc.

Similarly, most are using Call Outs to talk about free shipping, next day delivery etc.
Who doesn’t offer that these days? Instead talk about what really makes you different and don’t follow their example!

Instead, use your extensions to make yourself stand out. Where are you different from your competitors?

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