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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:25 am

Video is an amazing way to connect with your audience on a deeper level and tell your brand’s story. And now that Twitter has launched a new feature that allows you to upload videos, no doubt many businesses will begin taking advantage of it.

It’s simple to use – especially for smart phone users, and you have 30 seconds of filming time. When it’s finished, you can come up with quirky captions, hashtags and then you are ready to upload.

Let’s just jump into 3 ways that you can take advantage of this new feature to grow your brand.


Sell by Informing & Educating

Video content isn’t just fun for the consumer to watch, it is highly informative and educating. When you are educating about the benefits of your brand, this advantage can be used to drive sales.

It doesn’t matter if you tell your brand’s story in a funny, informative or educational way – you are giving your brand the opportunity to get in front of your target market in a better way.


Better Engagement By Responding To Tweets

If somebody tweets your brand, you are able to respond to that tweet with a video. This is going to open up a bunch of interesting scenarios with funny results, as I expect you can probably imagine.

For us, we need to take advantage of this by connecting with people on a deeper level and make things more personal.


Ask For Free Content

The thing with this new feature is that anybody with a smartphone can get involved. You could potentially ask your followers for a video on a particular topic and generate huge buzz around your brand.

Consider running a contest whereby followers are rewarded for uploading a video on a certain topic. Don’t forget to make sure they use a unique hashtag and you will be able to generate more buzz, boost awareness and track them all easily.

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