4 Reasons Why Webinars Would Change Your Business

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Why hold a webinar

It’s no secret that Claire has made a killing by selling products and consulting through webinars.

Having worked with Claire for years, I’ve been in a good position to watch her business transform massively after she started holding webinars.

Her ability to connect with her audience, get new prospects to trust her, and her capacity to sell dramatically changed; the moment she held her very first webinar.

Of course, a background in teaching and years spent building and selling an Internet marketing agency helped her get started. But there is no reason why you shouldn’t be holding your first webinar next week.

Let’s explore Claire’s journey into webinars and pinpoint some of the key benefits that webinars would have on your business.


Overcome Objections Before They Arise 

When planning the content for your webinar and structuring it to promote the product or service that you are selling at the end of it, it is far easier to overcome objections

You can probably already think of the reasons why they wouldn’t buy, and with a webinar you can counter them as they arise.

If they are short on time, you can show them how quickly it can be done. If they are short on cash, you can show them how quickly they can get a return.

It is far easier to overcome an objection if you conquered it before they even had to ask.


The Perfect Platform To Teach

Webinars provide you with an amazing place to teach your audience. When you teach something to a prospect, you become an instant authority in their eyes.

Not only will they instantly trust you, but they will crave to learn more from you.

Now that you have their attention, the sale becomes that much easier.


Build Scarcity & Show Them That Their Peers Are Doing The same

When your audience know that a bunch of their peers are on the same webinar, learning the same information and being presented the same product, it gets their attention.

When pitching, if you can capitalize on this fact, you will sell more. If you can show that others are buying, they will follow suit.

Webinars also provide you with an opportunity to add massive scarcity. If you add a deadline for receiving bonuses or a cheaper deal, more people will be compelled to take action.


It Can Be Completely Automated

Who told you that you actually had to run the webinar each time you hold one? With software you can present a webinar once, and then have it automatically played to prospects, over and over again.

You can make money on complete autopilot.

Make sure you pay attention to Claire’s upcoming launch, where she will be training you in the art of webinars.

That’s right. She will be holding a webinar about holding a webinar!

Why hold a webinar

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