5 Essential Things To Watch For Ranking Highly In Google

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things to watch our for in google

We are going back to basics today when it comes to SEO, exploring 5 of the most important things to pay attention to when it comes to ranking highly.

Regardless of Google’s past, present and future algorithms, and any penguin, panda or furry update that they bring out; these 5 things will always remain important.

Lets get started.

Page Loading Speed

We will begin with one of the most overlooked yet vastly important things to do with your site; it’s loading speed.

Google have actually publicly announced that they actively use this as a ranking signal. If your site is slow, it will most likely not rank.

Keyword Positioning

How you position your target keywords will determine how much Google knows about your site. If your site doesn’t have it’s keywords in key positions, you will struggle to rank.

On the other hand, with today’s algorithm, keyword stuffing could seriously hurt you.

Smart and natural-looking placement of your target keywords is necessary in your title/description/alt tags, your content and your headers.

Link Relevancy

The links that you build need to be from related sites for the most part. The bottom line is that it’s very easy for Google to identify a site that has had shady link building tactics performed on it. (the site’s links will be from unrelated sites.)

Whilst it is okay to have links from some irrelevant sites, make sure you create a base of relevant links to protect your site.


If visitors are coming to your site and leaving immediately because they don’t like it, Google knows.

Not only that, but they punish/reward you based on the amount of engagement that your site is getting.

Therefore, the layout, responsiveness and content of your site needs to be engaging to it’s users in order for your site to rank well.


A site isn’t going to go far without quality content. It’s essential that you fill your site up with as much relevant quality content as you possibly can.

If you use any type of thin or duplicate content, it will have a reverse effect and you will be punished harshly for it.

things to watch our for in google


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