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Adwords can be pretty overwhelming, especially for newcomers. There are different metrics to track, improvements to make, and constant learning to be made.

We are going to be looking at 5 different mistakes that marketers make when using Google AdWords and how to overcome them using best practices.


Destination URLs 

This might seem like an obvious one, but you will be surprised how often the wrong destination URL can cause a problem.

Make sure you double-check them before putting anything live, especially if you are adding tracking to your URLs- these often cause problems!



Dynamic Keyword Insertion

If you are using dynamic keyword insertion, you need to be especially careful. A simple mistake can make your ad look completely ridiculous.

Make sure you take a moment to think about what your ad is going to look like with the dynamic keyword insertion in place. Otherwise, your ad is going to look funny, nobody will click it, and this will have a negative effect on quality score causing bid prices to raise.


Repeated Keywords

If you are using search query reports often to come up with new keyword ideas and to add negative keywords (which you should), then you need to watch out.

You may accidentally add duplicate keywords to your account, and whilst this might not sound like it could cause much harm- it can.

The keywords will be competing with each other, which again will lower quality score and raise your bid prices up.

If you are adding new keywords from a search term report, there is actually a column, which should tell you if you have already added certain keywords to the account. Pay attention to this column.


Ad Rotation

It’s really important that you split-test your ads against each other, in order to keep improving upon the ads for better results.

When doing so, make sure you select the following ad rotation setting: “rotate indefinitely: show lower performing ads more evenly with higher performing ads, and do not optimize.

This setting will make sure that your ads show evenly, regardless of how well that they perform.

This is essential to ensure that your split-test is fair, allowing you to analyse the data effectively and properly decide which ad did better.


Forgetting Negative Keywords

The final mistake I want to talk about is neglecting negative keywords. Without properly negative keywords in place, you are throwing money down the drain.

Make sure that you add negatives for keywords that are not converting, for certain themes that don’t make sense, and for irrelevant queries.

That’s all folks. If you don’t want to waste money, make sure you don’t make any of the mistakes outlined in this post!

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