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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:25 am

Every business that creates a page on Facebook is faced with the task of acquiring more likes to their page. Without them, you have no social proof and achieving anything substantial with your page will not be possible.

Let’s get stuck into 5 simple tactics that you can use to acquire more likes today, and almost all of them won’t cost you a penny!


Link To Your Page In Your Signature

Each and every time you send an email to anybody, you have an opportunity for increased exposure to whatever you choose inside your signature.

By simply adding a link to your website alongside your Facebook page, you will get a chance of getting a new like every time you send out an email.


Add a Like Button to Your Website

Anybody that has visited your website is a potential new fan of your Facebook page – especially when your website is compelling, attractive and delivers upon its promise.

You can add a like button anywhere you like on your website to encourage visitors to become a fan – on your sidebar, thank-you page or maybe underneath each of your blog posts?

It just takes a little bit of code, which you can get here.


Encourage Employees To Connect Their Profiles

When you or anybody that works at your company has listed the business as their current employer, it will appear on their profile for everybody that they are connected with to see.

To do so, simply go to your about page and edit the information found in work and education – simply select the Fanpage as the company.

Take Advantage of Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have an advantage over pages when it comes to reach. If you were to create one similar to the niche that your page is operating in and promoted it, you could generate group interaction within your industry.

If you or your employees were to then answer questions and add value to the group, it would do wonders for the reputation of your business.

If people hover over you and your employees and notice that you have all listed your Facebook page as the company that you work for, this would help you acquire even more likes.


Run Like Adverts

This one costs money, but running like adverts is the fastest way of acquiring likes on a consistent basis.

Simply set certain criteria such as a specific interest that your target market needs to have E.G investing, and then you will show adverts to anybody that have those interests.

It’s a great way of reaching new people that would have otherwise never known about you or your brand.

tracking facebook conversions

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