If you are selling anything on the internet, bonuses are a great way to offer an incentive so that more prospects take action and purchase.

Often, you will find that a well-positioned bonus can be the make or break factor that determines whether or not somebody pulls the trigger. Many people on the fence and unsure whether or not to buy will make their mind up simply based on the bonus.

Let’s jump into 5 tips to help you create your own bonuses for the products that you are selling.


Make Sure the Bonuses Are Directly Related To the Core Product

An obvious one, but we need to start with it because you will be surprised at how many people overlook this.

The bonuses need to be closely related to the product itself or their impact will be dramatically decreased.

It’s not enough for the bonus to just be a part of the general marketplace either.

For example, let’s look at the internet marketing space.

Whilst search engine optimisation and Google AdWords are somewhat similar topics, (They both involve ranking highly in Google) it would make no sense to offer an SEO product with an AdWords bonus.


Save Time & Split the Product Up

You may actually find that the product you have created itself is big enough to actually be split up into a core product with bonuses.

This could save you a great deal of time and effort and will ensure that the bonuses are closely related to the core product.


Counter Objections with The Bonus

If people are likely to have a common fear or objection that would prevent them from buying the product, it is a great idea to try and counter that objection with a bonus.

If you are selling a product on SEO, people may presume that they need a big budget to get started. You could offer them a bonus set of videos that shows them how to start getting a return quickly with a budget of under $500.


Ask Your Prospects

The best way to find out what your audience want is to just simply ask them!

You can create a survey and ask your list or your Facebook audience to give feedback on the sort of bonus that they would be interested in.


Consider Creating a Face book Group

Facebook groups are a great bonus because they allow you to create a community of people that you can then sell to further down the line.

They can also be very easy to manage if you set certain rules that encourage users to help each other out rather than constantly tagging you to ask for assistance.

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