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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:03 am

I’m going to take the roof off a certain aspect of our business today. I’m hoping it will provide you with some insights as to how you can make better use of technology.

If you take these concepts and apply them to your business, I guarantee it will free you up to work on bigger things.

In short, we have taken the part of our business that took up the most of our time, and we have made it work on autopilot…

…We are getting our leads on autopilot.

…We are then nurturing those leads with amazing content, on autopilot.

…And then, we are selling to those leads on autopilot.

All of this happens within 2 hours of a cold lead first encountering us.

You may or may not have already heard of our product: Red Hot Web Leads. It’s a coaching programme that teaches people everything they need to know about Google AdWords to turn a profit.

We used to sell the product through live webinars. We would get a few hundred people on to a webinar on a weekly basis. We would give them incredible value for over an hour, and then pitch the product at the end of it.

It worked really well. But having to host a live webinar every week was a big time constraint. So we decided to automate it.

We took the best version of the live webinar, put it into automated webinar software called Stealth Seminar, and now we don’t have to worry about hosting the webinar every week. They are watching a repeat that appears as if it is live.

Now, every single hour of the day, we have people watching that same webinar and converting without our input. The leads come in from facebook ads like clockwork.

But we decided to take this a step further. Different leads would react differently to our marketing process. They could be put into these three categories:

Missed webinar: If they missed the webinar, we wanted to make sure we sent them the replay, and some information about the product that they missed.

Saw webinar but missed pitch: If they were on the webinar but left too soon and didn’t see anything about the product, we needed to tell them about it.

Saw webinar and saw pitch: If they saw the webinar and the pitch, we wanted to hard sell them onto buying the product.

Now we had our 3 categories, we wanted to send them an email sequence based on which category they fell under.

To do this, we used infusionsoft. Leads were tagged inside Stealth Seminar based on which category they fell under. We could then set up a campaign that would automatically send the correct email sequence to the correct category of lead.

So in a nutshell: We now have facebook ads sucking in leads 24/7. Those leads watch an automated webinar. And based on how much or how little of the webinar they watched, they are sent a tailored email follow-up sequence that pushes them towards the sale.

It’s making us a couple of thousand a week on autopilot, completely scalable. When we find more traffic sources, we can just fire them toward this funnel and build it up.

I’m hoping that this short explanation of the most important aspect of our business provided you with some insight into how you could do something similar.

Just remember how far technology and the Internet has come.

You don’t necessarily have to do the work yourself. Just set up a system to do it for you.

Marketing automation

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