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Increase Your Revenue with a Top-Rated Digital Marketing Coach

Busy running your business? Multiply your marketing revenue with expert digital marketing advice.

Who Am I?

My name is Claire Jarrett. I’ve helped thousands of CEOs and Marketing Directors maximise their revenue with profitable strategies in the past 15 years.

As an online marketing coach, I’ve shown my clients how to predictably 5, 10, and 50x their ROI – every single time.

The Best Digital Marketing Coach for CEOs and Marketing Directors

Email, social media, Google Ads, podcasts… It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of channels you can use to reach your prospects.

But without a digital marketing strategy, you’ll just waste your budget.

As the first person in Europe to launch Google AdWords training, I’ve seen and dispelled many myths about the key question that’s going through your head every day:

How can I predictably generate qualified leads and unlock their potential for my company?

Marketers have tried every single channel, often failing. Social media posts resulted in more followers but not more revenue. Google Ads crashed and burned under the weight of wrong keywords and AI suggestions. Email marketing was a hit and miss that guaranteed one thing only: unpredictable leads.

I’ve dedicated myself to finding methods that work. Today, I’m here to help you.

My online marketing coaching shows you how to create a strategy that turns disjointed marketing efforts into a scalable lead generation facility.

10x-ing your ROI doesn’t have to be a lucky break. It can become the standard.

Who Is My Digital Marketing Coaching For?

Your digital marketing strategy makes (or breaks) your business. And while most online marketing coaches will tell you they work with everyone, I don’t.

If you want to get a truly powerful marketing strategy, you need to be involved as the CEO or Marketing Director.

Your junior staff has the necessary qualifications, but they don’t have your knowledge of the target market. They can be coached, but they can’t make profound changes that scale your revenue.

When you and I work together, we combine the best of both worlds:

Your subjective knowledge of what makes your target market tick and my digital marketing expertise.

All to create a strategy that predictably delivers results across your entire marketing funnel.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve refined my training. I synthesise essential information quickly and lead you to the right conclusions.

You can generate fantastic results with 1 to 2 hours of digital marketing coaching per week.  

Is My Coaching Right for You?

If you’re…

  • Focused on value
  • Busy running your business
  • Ambitious and results-driven
  • An expert in your target market
  • Passionate about improving your skills
  • Capable of reacting based on data, not emotion

… you’ll get massive value out of my coaching!

You don’t have to be an expert at every single channel. I bring the marketing expertise – you bring the audience expertise. In the intersection, we’ll discover the perfect marketing mix.

Not sure if my digital marketing coaching is right for you? Book a call to find out!

How My Digital Marketing Coaching Generates More Top-Quality Leads

Marketing teams are ambitious like no one else. But the #1 mistake I see them make is trying to be everywhere.

They’re engaging on LinkedIn, tweeting, producing YouTube videos, and then peppering in a bit of email marketing.

They’re productive, but their strategy is disjointed. Team members pitch new ideas, and Directors end up agreeing to them because – it can’t hurt, right?

Being present matters. But being present without a plan hurts your business.

While you’re running around trying to get as much traffic as possible, you’re not answering the two key questions that define your marketing success:

  • How do I reach my ideal leads?
    Those whose lifetime value only grows.
  • How do I avoid poorly-qualified leads?
    Those who leave and cause more trouble than they’re worth.

More leads don’t mean better leads.

Every digital marketing business coach can probably a way to get you more leads.

My coaching is unique – I teach you how to get more high-quality leads with a watertight digital strategy.

Data + Perspective = Digital Marketing Success

Together, we combine the hard facts and data with your subject expertise.

We analyse your buyer’s journey before we launch a strategy. And then, we understand which channels generate high-quality leads effectively.

Say goodbye to feeling like your marketing budget is slipping through your fingers.

Maximise every penny you put into your efforts.

Areas of Expertise

I can help you with…

Your Overall Digital Marketing Strategy

Before you start working, make sure you know what you’re working towards.

As a freelance marketing consultant, I’ll show you how to create a strategy that is:

  • Grounded in results
  • Clearly measurable with KPIs
  • Tailored to your unique audience and their buyer’s journey

We’ll start with the foundations, crafting the perfect message for each stage of your buyer’s journey. You’ll find the best place to intercept your prospects and turn them into highly-valuable clients.

Thanks to my digital marketing expertise in different markets, I’ll teach you how to think about your market. You’ll make wiser decisions not based on trends but on an applicable understanding of your audience.

My coaching is grounded in your singular market position. Before creating your strategy, we’ll understand your market’s past and pinpoint the area where your company can stand out against the competition.

Then, we’ll identify the channels that generate the best leads and create a plan to maximise their value.

Google Ads

Through my Google Ads consulting, I’ve helped over 30,000 business owners generate phenomenal PPC returns.  

I wasn’t always the expert I am today.

When I first launched my businesses, back in 2007 and 2008, my paid advertising strategies had to work – or I’d be out of work.

Since then, I’ve invested over £600,000 of my own money into campaigns that generated 5 – 50x ROI.

I’ve witnessed changes to Google Ads first-hand, and I’ll show you how to turn them into competitive advantages your business can reap.

So if you have trouble starting with Google Ads (or you can’t seem to make them work for you), I’d love to help! Book a free consultation.


Search Engine Optimisation can provide long-term organic traffic, but can you control your lead quality and make sure every piece of content is converting?

As a digital marketing coach, I’ll show you how to intercept your prospects when they want to buy and outrank your competitors with a robust strategy. We’ll optimise your existing assets with on and off-page optimisation and create a profitable content strategy. 

Instead of seeing sporadic returns from your SEO efforts, you’ll maximise your effectiveness and generate top-quality leads.  

Email Marketing

Email marketing can generate $42 for every $1 you spend. But only if you do it professionally.

I specialise in enhancing your digital marketing strategy with conversion-focused email marketing. Turn your haphazard newsletters into sales sequences that effectively turn your SEO and PPC leads into paying customers. Target your ideal leads’ pain points with compelling emails and skyrocket your open rates.

Once your ideal leads are in your funnel, it’s time to increase their lifetime value. I’ll show you how to communicate effectively and harness every email’s impact to improve your bottom line faster than ever.

Email marketing can become your partner in converting, up-selling, and cross-selling. Are you ready to do it right?

Social Media

Meet highly-qualified leads where they are with social media. I’ll help you create an outreach plan that makes sense for your goals, be that’s organic social media, paid, or both.

Make the most of platforms used by modern leads:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat

If you’re ready to generate even higher returns, contact me for help with paid advertising on the highest-converting social networks:

  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Facebook Ads

As a social media marketing consultant, I’ll show you how to leverage each channel to drive highly-qualified leads. We may also use advanced techniques such as multi-platform retargeting.

Stop struggling and start reaching your leads!

Web Tracking

Generating leads is simple. Tracking conversions? For the average marketing team, not so much.

Once leads are in the funnel, you need to track their journey and behaviour: 

  • What are your conversion touchpoints?
  • Which channels drive the best leads?
  • How do different strategies affect account value?
  • How do you increase customers’ lifetime value?

As an online marketing coach, I help you create a framework to track, monitor, and prove ROI.

Say goodbye to guesswork! When you launch the next campaign, you’ll know how much revenue it will generate.

(Correct conversion tracking will work wonders for your Marketing – Sales collaboration, too!)

How My Digital Marketing Coaching Works

Step 1. Interview & Strategy Assessment

Before we get to work, I need to understand your foundations:

  • What are your goals and challenges?
  • What’s your unique market position?
  • How do your customers progress through their buyer’s journey?
  • What worked for you in the past (and what didn’t)?
  • Are you able to track data accurately?

Most online marketing coaches approach coaching with a one-size-fits-all method. I don’t. Your challenges are unique because your customers and your market position are different. 

My goal is to show you how to think about your digital marketing so you can face new challenges confidently.

Step 2. Tailored Digital Marketing Coaching

I’ll prepare a coaching program that targets your priorities while ensuring you’re putting the right foundations in place.

You and I will work together one-on-one through Zoom sessions. Each session can be recorded so you can go over them again later or share your insights with the rest of your team.

My primary training method is questioning. We’ll identify new connections between the knowledge and the data you have to fortify your company’s marketing.

No one understands the audience better than the CEO or Marketing Director.

You know how they think. I know how to leverage it.

Together, we’ll find the best approach to generate more high-quality leads while safeguarding your budget from the window shoppers who will never grow your revenue.  

Step 3. Implementation

Unfortunately, many CEOs and Marketing Directors hand off the implementation of their strategies to junior team members.

In some cases, this is perfectly fine.

But when it comes to strategies that will profoundly impact your market share, your team needs your expertise. You need to be there to control the bigger picture. 

If you need help, my team can assist in the practical aspects of launching and monitoring your marketing strategy.

Pricing for Digital Marketing Coaching

Prices start from circa $1500 (£1250) per month for 2 calls per month. If this fits your budget, then please book a 30 minute discovery call now or get in touch to see how I can help!

Increase Your Digital Marketing Returns

15+ years of experience. 30k+ satisfied clients. It’s time to get leads that will grow your business!