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Looking for a highly experienced Google Ads Expert?

Wonderful, I cannot wait to assist you!

Who am I? My name is Claire Jarrett, and I’ve been a Google Ads expert since 2007. I was the first person in Europe to create Google Ads training courses, and the first person worldwide to release Google AdWords DVDs that taught business owners how to get results from their ads. Since then, I’ve helped thousands of business owners and CEOs to get their campaigns delivering profitably. I’d love to help you, too!

How can my Google Ads professional expertise assist?

It’s tough for advertisers. Google Ads is changing rapidly. If you’re not a professional Google Ads expert or online marketing specialist, it’s easy to get lost in the whirlwind of changes, new features, and an ever-growing list of account optimisations. And it certainly doesn’t help when Google’s own team want to make suggestions and apply recommendations that are in Google’s best interests, not yours!

Even if you do everything by the book, generic advice will never be specific to your goals. You will get clicks, but if those clicks don’t come from highly-qualified leads who turn into profitable customers, you won’t be earning money with Google Ads.

You’ll be wasting your budget.

As a Google Ads expert, my mission is to help you:

  • Identify wastage in your Google Ads account and remove it quickly
  • Analyse your competitors to figure out how to model what’s working with them already and use it in your own campaigns
  • Fix any issues with conversion tracking to ensure we have data driven reporting
  • Work on messaging in the account to ensure your ads attract the right type of high-spending client
  • Prepare lists of keywords that drive high revenue, and remove keywords which result in wastage
  • Identify, analyse, and precisely target the correct type of leads who convert seamlessly and continue growing their value
  • Eliminate low-quality leads who waste your time on countless calls and haggle over pricing

When done correctly, Google Ads will be the driver for your entire marketing and sales funnel. It should inform your Search Engine Optimization efforts by tying in with the best keyword strategy. It should also work alongside your social media marketing strategy to keep prospects warm and ensure they stay connected with your brand. With over 15 years of experience as a Google Ads expert, I’d love to help transform Google Ads into your personal lead generation facility.

But to do that, I need your help.

A chart showing results achieved by a Google Ads expert

As a Google Ads Expert – Who do I work with as a specialist?

If we are to attract highly-qualified leads and move them through your funnel to multiple purchasing decisions, we can’t rely on technical knowledge alone.

This means I need you – the CEO, business owner, or Marketing Director, as the expert on your audience and industry.

You know how your ideal customers think and feel:

  • How do they evaluate a product or service?
  • Which aspects factor into their decision?
  • Who do they consult?
  • How do they feel about their challenges?
  • What will reaching their goals change?

I’m happy to provide specialist guidance to help skill up more junior team members, especially after you and I establish the foundations. However, in the beginning, we’ll work closely to ensure your Google Ads perform to the best of their abilities.

Search engine results pages are full of Google ads that speak to no one. My consulting ensures that we take your market knowledge and pair it with effective campaign strategies so your offer perfectly resonates with your audience.

Together, we look beyond metrics to identify how your customers behave at every step of their journey.

Then, we influence them with Google Ads.

Google Ads experts – why you need one

1. Get higher ROI & reduce costs

Getting sales through Google Ads isn’t the challenge. The challenge is getting and maximising the value of every sale available to you.

As a Google Ads expert, I’m aware many PPC agencies stop thinking about your budget as soon as you break even.

My method is different: I double down when you start generating revenue. You will pay less for each click, reduce costs, and increase conversion value. 

2. Structure your campaigns to scale with Google AdWords expert advice

The ideal Google AdWords set up proposed by a Google Ads expert

If you launched your Google Ads campaigns yourself, there is a high chance you’ll need to overhaul them once you decide to scale, or you’ll have to trade precise targeting to prevent campaign cannibalisation.

My method prevents growing pains.

I’ll teach you how to structure your Google Ads account so that you have complete control and know the precise levers to pull once it’s time to expand your market share.

3. Stop wasting money on senseless recommendations

Google can’t run your ad account on auto-pilot (no matter how hard it tries to convince you). Neither should you nor a PPC agency automatically apply its recommendations.

Every account is unique and requires an approach that leverages your competitive advantages.

Thanks to over 15 years of experience as a Google Ads expert, I understand how every setting in your account affects its long-term success. I will show you what to do and avoid doing so your account can thrive.

Screenshot showing more Google Ads results

4. Target the right keywords and reach the ideal customers

Are you using negative keywords to filter out the low-quality prospects, or are you letting Google strong-arm you into the wrong keyword match strategy?

With my Google Ads expertise, I’ll help you identify the right keywords through a combination of signals (including buyer’s journey and competitor research). And then, I’ll also show you tips & tricks to managing keywords in a way that delivers your ideal customers (and keeps time-wasters out of the funnel).

5. Stay competitive with the help of a Google Ads expert

Working with an agency is slow, and you often end up in the hands of a junior member of staff. It can take months for your agency to implement the latest strategies and react to moves made by your competitors.

With me as your Google Ads expert, you stay lean and competitive. We will react quickly to changes in the market (and changes that Google itself makes). This ensures less wasted spend, higher ad positioning, and a higher ROI.

With the right foundations – a solid account structure that scales – you can easily leverage new features and campaign types such as Performance Max while optimising for the right signals. Your customers will see you first.

Testimonial for Google Ads expert Claire Jarrett

Google Ads Specialist – What does working with me look like on your Google AdWords account?

My coaching won’t just influence your ad account. Since your pay-per-click advertising is intricately connected to the rest of your marketing strategy, we’ll start from the top to create an effective Google Ads strategy.

Step 1. Consultant Discovery call

Our discovery call is about where you are and where you want to be in the future. 

Once I understand your business goals, I’ll propose Google Ads solutions and explain my approach, so you can decide if we’re the right fit.

Step 2. Initial Google Ads audit and data analysis

With the knowledge of your audience and business in tow, I’ll perform an in-depth audit of your Google Ads account to identify inefficiencies, areas for improvement, and opportunities.

Step 3. A collaborative Pay Per Click approach to initial optimisation

We’ll work together for two-three hours every week in the initial stage, so you’ll see changes and results as soon as possible.

I’ll keep you and your team in the loop regarding changes, results, and opportunities. Here’s an example video from my YouTube Google Ads Expert channel, that talks about my approach to fixing Quality Score in a Google Ads account

Step 4. (Optional) Ongoing Google Ads management

I’ll show you and your team how to think more like a Google Ads expert. If you’d like to manage your account yourselves, I’ll ensure you’ll be equipped with the right skills. You might want to check out my Google Ads book so you can learn more about the processes I will run through with you.

However, many clients decide to hire my team and me for long-term Google Ads management to scale faster. This way you can rest assured that your ads are in safe hands.

If you are busy running your business…hire me as your Google Ads expert today

… I’d love to assist you with your Google Ads!

I’ve spent the past fifteen years delivering high campaign ROI to ambitious business owners, CEOs, and Marketing Directors, so if you’re ready to make Google Ads work for your business and drive top-quality leads, book a consultation now!