Are you ready to attract more qualified leads with Google Ads?

A Google Ads specialist can help you not only increase your conversions but create a profitable lead generation process, too. Increase your sales, reduce your Cost Per Click, and make Google Ads work for you!

How can a Google Ad specialist help you?

A Google Ads specialist can…

  • Run your advertising campaigns
  • Teach your team how to get fantastic results
  • Show you how to achieve specific goals
  • Resolve business challenges with paid search advertising

This gives you…

  • Improved Return on Advertising Spend
  • Predictable ROI increase
  • More qualified leads who are ready to become repeat customers

So if you’re…

Spending money on Google Ads campaigns but your ROI is barely enough to break even,

Wasting time trying to understand how recent Google Ads changes will affect your business,

or if you’re simply ready to make Google Ads your profit-generation machine

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Launch profitable campaigns with a Google Ads specialist

Campaigns I help you with:

Search campaigns

Local campaigns

Remarketing campaigns

Discovery campaigns

  And more!

Google search campaigns

As a Google Ad specialist, I show you how to get better returns from your Google search campaigns. I’ll make sure you’re targeting profitable keywords your audience is searching for, using the right bidding strategy, and crafting amazing Google Ads copy.

Appear in front of your customers when they’re ready to buy with the help of a Google AdWords specialist!

Google display campaigns

Increase your audience’s awareness of your business with a Google display campaign. I’ll create strategic Google Ads campaigns that reach your audience across various placements, from YouTube to Gmail.

Find new leads or follow-up with people who didn’t convert on their first visit to your website!

Remarketing campaigns

If you’ve created a list of potential prospects or you’re generating website traffic with poor conversions, I’ll help you maximise the returns with a remarketing campaign. As a Google Ads specialist, I’ve helped hundreds of clients increase their conversion rate and get more repeat customers.

Discovery campaigns

Showcase a variety of products through immersive discovery campaigns. After understanding your audience’s interests, I’ll help you create enticing ads for the Discover tab, YouTube, Gmail, and other placement channels. We’ll work together to define your goals and see which campaign is the best fit.

Local campaigns

Build awareness in your local community with local Google Ads campaigns. Appear in the top spots when customers are searching for solutions like yours and drive relevant bookings. Local Google Ads are perfect for generating traction if you’re a new small business or if you’ve already established a foothold in your area!

Shopping ads

Get more conversions in the search engine results pages with Shopping ads! When your leads are ready to buy, we’ll make sure they see your ads and get information that convinces them you’re the right choice. If you own multiple properties, we can target prospects in every area you do business in!

App ads

Promote your business through in-app advertising with Google. If you’re launching a new app or a new business, notify your customers while they’re using other apps on their phones. If you’re targeting iOS 14 users, I’ll make sure we adapt your campaigns to the new privacy standards.

A Google Ad specialist optimises your entire advertising strategy

You’ll get everything you need to generate more profits with Google Ads:

  • A predictable lead generation process
  • Strategy
  • Management
  • Research
  • Monitoring and optimisation

Google Ads specialists offer strategic help

Increasing your advertising returns isn’t only a matter of tactics – it’s a matter of strategy. We’ll work together to define your audience and goals, as well as the type of people you don’t want to reach. Then, you’ll get campaigns that drive qualified leads predictably through a combination of profitable channels.

You’ll receive…

  • An advertising strategy that maximises your Google Ads results
  • Campaign set-up and monitoring
  • Optimisation consulting

Predictable lead and revenue generation processes

You can use Google AdWords for one-off campaigns, but what if there was a way to keep your costs under control while getting more and more leads into your funnel? Google Ads doesn’t have to be a guessing game. I’m here to help you create a reliable funnel full of high-quality leads ready to buy your products.

Accurate conversion tracking

When you’re using a variety of channels, you need to make the most of every single one. My focus is on making sure you’re getting accurate results to predict revenue and know which lever to pull when you want even more customers.

Stay ahead of your competition with Google Ads changes

Stop worrying about every change that Google announces. With over fifteen years of experience with Google’s advertising platform, I’ve been through it all – and helped my clients generate fantastic results. Your advertising is in good hands, from shifting to dynamic ads to knowing which automations to turn off.

With the help of my Google Ads specialist services, you’ll make the most of…

  • New Google ad types
  • Feature updates
  • Privacy changes

Competitive analysis

I’ll analyse what makes your competition (un)successful and help you stay ahead of them with the correct targeting, keywords, copy, and Google Ads strategy. I leverage various tools to understand what your competition is doing – and show you how to beat them.

Keyword research

Keywords define your traffic quality, so I’ll ensure you’re targeting the keywords that the right prospects use. From long-tail keywords that address leads ready to buy your products to eliminating keywords that don’t generate results, keywords are the crux of your Google Ads strategy, and we’ll strategically leverage them.

Campaign strategy

Keeping your goals in mind, I’ll prepare a strategy that meets your CPC and target ROAS goals. Google’s automated bidding strategies often waste more money than they generate, so I’ll continuously monitor your campaign and ensure it delivers the right results.

Creative assets

If you’re struggling to come up with 15 variants for your dynamic search ads (but you want to take advantage of the increased click-through rates), get in touch with me. My team and I will prepare suitable copy, landing pages, and ad creatives that convince your leads you’re the right choice.

Monitoring and optimisation

Just because you’re generating some results from your Google Ads doesn’t mean they can’t be better. I specialise in ensuring your Google campaigns give you every conversion that’s on the table.

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A Google AdWords specialist that works with you and your team

I don’t only have Google Ads experience – I also have teaching experience (funfact: I’m a qualified IT and Business Studies teacher and taught for 3 years a high school in the UK). I love working with business owners and their teams who want to generate fantastic (and predictable) results.

One-on-one consulting

I’ll help you make the right decisions for your goals, audience, and budget through a series of one-on-one consults. I work with you as the owner/CEO since you know your business best. Then, I leverage your insights to create a powerful advertising strategy. I am a specialised Google Ads Consultant

Team training

If you want to (re)acquaint your team with Google Ads, I can help. Your team will learn everything they need to know about planning and implementing Google Ads campaigns through a training programme.

My approach is tailored to your needs

I will meet you at your current stage, so we can take a step forward together. Regardless of your Google Ads education level or your current business stage, there is a great solution.

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Are you ready to hire a Google Ads specialist?

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With over fifteen years of experience in Google AdWords, I’ll help you:

  • Increase your profits
  • Reduce costs
  • Predictably increase your ROI and ROAS
  • Start thinking of Google Ads as the best asset in your marketing toolbox

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