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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:03 am

Google has recently announced that they will be making a change to the ad copy across mobile ads in an attempt to improve performance.

The change is set to start on October 15th, and Google say that the second line of ad copy on mobile ads may or may not show- depending on how well the Google’s algorithms expect it to perform.

In cases where the second line of ad copy is removed, ad extensions will take its place. Google say that ad extensions will take it’s place, to give consumers easier access to different information about businesses.

The extensions will likely show information about specific locations of the business, as well as unique product offerings.

More info from the product manager at Google…

“By eliminating the second line of ad text, we give businesses another point of engagement with customers in their ads – in this case, it’s the additional location extension,” writes Senthil Hariramasamy, product manager at AdWords, in a blog post. “With just a single click on their smartphones, consumers can now directly engage with Flowers Forever in three ways: they can visit the mobile website, place an order, or get directions to visit the store.”

Google suggest that AdWords advertisers will see better performance on their ads because their products and services will be highlighted to consumers.

For people that are using AdWords, make sure you go through and ensure that the most important information in your ads is in the first 35 characters of ad text. (the top line).

That way, you can be sure that your ads wil have all of the information your prospects need when the change goes live.

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