This is one of the most common questions I am asked by members of my Membership Site creation groups.
People want to know…

“I have an 8 week course, I’d like to turn it into a membership site and then automate it – how can I do that?” 19976485_s

The easiest way is to prepare your 8 week course which teaches people an element of your expertise, and simply add in a membership element to help people implement what they have learned.

So for example – with an 8 week business coaching course teaching people how to maximise profit in their business – you would record the content as a series of videos. Alternatively if you prefer to deliver it live you can deliver it via live webinar with your first few members, making sure you record each session so you can upload it to your site and deliver it automatically later.

Each week they can also ask you questions in your private Facebook or LinkedIn group to help them implement it plus you can add in a group coaching call where you answer their questions personally. This support will CONTINUE and is what they pay the membership element for.

This is reflected in your pricing – it’s quite common to charge a higher price upfront for the course e.g $497 and then have a lower monthly price for the membership – such as $67 per month.

The benefit of this to your members is they never buy a course where they are left “on their own” as they can always get further help to implement it. The course never “finishes” as such. This takes the pressure off them and makes them MORE likely to buy your course. Secondly – doesn’t it make sense that once people have successfully implemented the course they will need further help taking it to the next level? I believe you are doing people a disservice by NOT offering them the option for ongoing support from you!

Next – when it comes to AUTOMATING your course – here’s what we teach people to do…

We show our members how to run free webinars that deliver massive value to the viewers, where they sell their course at the end. These webinars build an online reputation, generate referrals, build your email list and are the key to building an online business fast. We ask them to make sure they record each one. They’ll then pick the best recording and this will then be automated, running 24/7 in exactly the same way as my webinars run around the world. This then brings in new members on autopilot to your membership program.

Just imagine having webinars running continuously all day every day in YOUR business, bringing in non stop leads and sales for your business?

If you’d like help planning all of this out in YOUR business – simply fill in the form and you’ll be redirected into our calendar where we will help YOU personally plan this out step by step.

And as always – if you’d like our ongoing help that’s great – if not then that’s cool too!

Have a great day