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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:36 am

This blog is for YOU if you’re running a coaching program… doing a GREAT job for your clients… but you just wish there were a more reliable way of bringing in those new clients…. (if you’re BRAND new and want to set up your first program – check out the blog I wrote here “How To Launch A Group Program If You’re Brand New To Marketing on Facebook

Today I’m going to talk you through how to use Facebook Ads as part of your marketing strategy to bring in leads reliably.

Step 1:

Create a Facebook Page that is based around YOU as an expert. To bring in prospects who look up to you, who go on to become GREAT clients – you need to build up your own personal brand online.

If you have a Facebook page that is currently named after your company – it can easily be renamed or the names combined alongside your own for a short period of time. For example, my own Facebook page was temporarily originally named Mesmerised a few years back, I then renamed it as Mesmerised with Claire Jarrett for a few months before subsequently renaming it Claire Jarrett when concentrating on personal brand building a couple of years back.

Step 2:

Start creating useful blogs, ebooks or webinars that demonstrate your expertise.

Aim to TRULY help people in your materials and create “aha” moments in their mind. Change the way they think about your topic. Make people think differently and you will create your own pool of prospects for your services who feel YOU truly understand them!

Step 3:

As you create your materials – give them away on Facebook.

It’s okay to start small – a few dollars or pounds per day is absolutely fine for getting started. Here’s what I would suggest you do as a starting strategy:

  • A small “Likes” campaign to build up your fanbase. Create a simple message around your topic and ask people to like your page. Promise them future training in the form of webinars, blogs, videos etc and people will choose to join your page and follow your updates. You’ll need to identify “interests” on Facebook that are followed by your current clients, so that you can bring in more prospects just like them.
  • Create a small “opt-in” – also known as a lead magnet to begin with.  Consider starting by putting an ebook or report behind an opt-in page (possibly created using Leadpages) to collect email addresses and build your email list
  • Always ask your prospect to book in for an appointment at the end of everything you create (never just give your telephone number). You want qualified leads that trust in you and will become great clients – you won’t get this by asking them to give your mobile a call! You can see my example appointment form here
  • Add an email sequence for your new subscribers – always asking them to book in for an appointment while at the same time offering great value in your emails
  • Advertise your new lead magnet to page fans as you want them to not only follow you on Facebook, but to see all your emails too. It’s easy to miss a Facebook update – PLUS there are prospects who respond more readily to emails. A small campaign to page fans would only need a small budget of a couple of dollars per day depending on the size of your audience. Run this for at least a week to get some traction and get familiar with Facebook Ads (also check out the blog I wrote here – the 5 essential Facebook Ads you must set up today for less than $5)
  • Once you’re seeing results from the small campaign, or if you have a larger advertising budget – now it’s time to start increasing your impact and your reach, by putting the budget up gradually and advertising your lead magnet directly to the same interests you identified above. My suggestion is to create multiple “Ad Sets” of say $10 per day (as many as you can afford) to different interests/audiences.

Step 4:

Okay so now it’s time to rinse and repeat…

Part of your marketing calendar needs to be to commit to regular ongoing content, promotion, and personal brand building.

Alongside that, you’ll want to monitor your Facebook Ad campaigns… ensuring they are bringing in leads for you reliably…For specifics around ad types and ad creation – check out my video trainings here

Now it’s your turn!

Need my help creating, implementing and managing your Facebook campaigns to bring in leads for your coaching programs?

I offer a variety of coaching packages, programs and Done For You services, so simply Book in a call today and let’s chat!

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  1. Hello. I recently created an online business and I need some help bringing in new clients, as well as branding and messaging. I am currently researching coaches to find the best fit for me and my business. I am offering a 12-week program consisting of breath, meditation, total body workouts, and community support. Please let me know if this is something you can assist with. Thank you. 🙂

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