Following on from last week’s post – I’m following this up with another question commonly asked by people launching courses and membership programs.

People want to know…

“How can I launch a course that I haven’t even written yet?”

The first step is to create a survey that finds out exactly what people want to know about your subject and start getting in as many responses as you can. Try:jumping woman Silhouette
1. Facebook profile – put a link to the survey on your profile and ask people to share it
2. Facebook Groups – same as with number 1 (get permission of the admin first though)
3. Facebook Page – post the link on your own page and ask people to share it. Ideally create an advert and advertise to your own fans as well. We show our members how to target other audiences as well who might be interested as part of our Facebook advertising modules.
4. LinkedIn – share the link as an update – again ask people to share it
5. LinkedIn messages – message people and ask them to take the survey and to share it
6. LinkedIn groups – post the survey link in groups where your potential clients will hang out
7. Blog post – create a blog post telling people what you’re doing. We use Triberr to get more shares for our blog posts plus we also advertise them via Facebook as well.
8. Email – send it to your own list asking for help and asking them to help by sharing it too
9. Twitter – share it via Twitter a few times per day
10. Twitter ads – create a sponsored post to ensure your followers see it and consider targeting other people’s followers too

Next – take your survey and take a look at the common pains and problems. What do people want to know? What problems can you help them solve? This will become the content for your course. (See here where I teach people how to turn a course into a membership program).

Now prepare a free webinar that shows people how to overcome some of these problems. Include some really great info and don’t hold back on content – the more people know about the fantastic solutions you have, the more sales and referrals you will get. A common conversion rate is between 2% and 10% depending on your price point – and practice makes perfect as well! Remember – those that DON’T buy will still rave about your amazing content and it’s highly likely you’ll get more leads for your main business as well.

Sell them the course at the end of the free webinar as a way of getting a very detailed plan to address their problems and offer them a solution using your expertise. Add in some great bonuses and you’ll find it even easier to sell your course!

We suggest our members deliver 3 or 4 free webinars in a short period of time to bring new members in – recording each one. You’ll use this recording at a later stage.

Once you have some sales in – you can now go and either record the content (I set aside 48 hours for recording my AdWords course for example) or deliver it through a series of live webinars (I delivered my AdWords consulting course as a series of 8×1 hour webinars over an 8 week period). We suggest placing this it into a membership site to make it easy for your members to access.

Now in order to automate the whole process – you can take your recordings from the free webinar, pick the best one and automate your sales webinar. All of my sales webinars are now automated and this ensures an attendance rate of 70% versus the usual 20 to 35% for live webinars. We show our group members how to automate the advertising of the free webinar to bring in new members on auto-pilot. You’ll probably want to set up the course so it is dripped and delivers 1 module at a time to members.

Just imagine having an automated webinar running continuously all day every day in YOUR business, bringing in non stop leads and sales for your business?

If you’d like help planning all of this out in YOUR business – simply fill in the form and you’ll be redirected into our calendar where my team will help YOU personally plan this out step by step.

And as always – if you’d like our ongoing help via one of our ongoing groups that’s great – if not then that’s cool too!