How To Turn Your Knowledge Into This Explosive ‘7 Touch’ Facebook Ad System (+ Create Better Qualified Leads)

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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:37 am

It has been proven repeatedly that our prospects need to be exposed to our brand around 7 times before they trust us enough to work with us.

After generating 3095 strategy sessions and spending £116,000 on Facebook ads to fuel my coaching business, I have noticed something…

When I use the ‘7 touch’ Facebook ad system that I am about to share with you, the leads that I generate:

·  Trust me more. (Making the sales calls more enjoyable.)

·  Are more likely to become a client after our first call.

·  Prove to be better clients when we do work together.

I provide value to my prospects from multiple different angles within a few days of them first encountering me online.

I push valuable articles, emails, videos and webinars in front of them quickly…

..and with Facebook’s retargeting capabilities, it has never been easier to set this up into an explosive ad system that turns a ‘cold’ lead into a ‘hot’ one, fast.

I make it my goal for my prospects to have taken value from me 7 times within 7 days of first encountering my brand.

Let me show you why, and how…

How To Transform Your Knowledge Into Your #1 Salesperson

On the internet, there is a simple way to prove to someone that you can help them, and then turn that person into a prospect for your business.

You just need to teach them something, for free.

If you are a health coach selling an online fitness programme, you can create an eBook teaching people the:

“5 Top Exercises For 6-Pack Abs That Can Be Done In 20 Minutes At Home”.

If you are a digital marketing expert selling marketing to lawyers, you can create a blog post teaching them:

“How Lawyers Can Easily Generate 20 Positive Google Reviews in 30 Days”.

If you are a mindset coach teaching entrepreneurs how to manage their emotions, you could shoot a video titled:

“What To Say To Yourself When Your Emotions Are Negatively Impacting Your Business Decisions”.

When you lead with value like this, you create goodwill in your marketplace and pull your ideal clients towards you.

It’s a great way to prove that you are an expert worth listening to.

So, let me ask you:

What do you know that you could teach to your ideal prospects?…

…What knowledge are you keeping to yourself, that could be transformed into an asset for your business?

Turning Your Knowledge into Lead-Generating Conten

The great thing about turning your knowledge into an asset like this is that it can be re-used repeatedly.

In 2016, I created and ran the same online webinar for months, it created £552,000 in sales for an 8-week coaching programme I was running at the time.

I have fuelled multiple businesses with leads by sharing my knowledge online.

Now It’s your turn.

The idea here is that we want you to be everywhere.

We want your prospects to see you as an omni-present brand that is constantly distributing valuable content.

So that means you may need an email marketing campaign, a blog, a video series, a webinar, an eBook, testimonial pages…

Maybe you need it all, maybe you don’t.

You don’t have to do all of this yourself. A lot of it can be outsourced to another expert, if you choose.

You may also find that your market doesn’t respond well to a certain type of content, and that’s okay.

But remember the goal here is to get your prospect to see you 7 times within 7 days.

Well… that’s my goal anyway, and it allows me to generate highly qualified leads for my coaching business, because they have taken so much value from me in such a short space of time.

It is also working well for my students who are following the ‘7 touch’ Facebook ad system.

I’m sure you have something valuable to teach, and it would work well for you too.

I know that it sounds like a of work, but remember:

Once it’s built, it runs indefinitely.

We are creating assets here that we can constantly re-use to build our brand, our business and our bank accounts.

How To Automate This Content On Facebook With The ‘7 Touch’ Ad System

Stats from June 2017 show that 1.32 billion people log on to Facebook every day, making it a powerful marketing tool for people like us, who want to distribute content daily.

When we place a Facebook retargeting pixel on our website, we can show adverts to anybody that has visited our website.

This is how we can ‘touch’ our prospects 7 times within 7 days with our marketing.

And let me tell you…

When somebody has taken value from you 7 times that fast, they know you can help them solve whatever problem they are facing…

…and that makes it very easy to get them on the phone and turn them into a client.

So, normally people first encounter one of my adverts on Facebook, and it leads them to my website. That may be how you got here, too.

Now that you are here, my re-targeting pixel has got you. Ha!

It means I can follow you around on Facebook, and provide more value to you, and provide more proof that I can help you.

When you have already helped somebody solve a few problems, it makes it so much easier to get them to pay you to solve the real big problem they face in their life.

So, you may first come across my Ebook from one of my ads, and download it.

Then, I have you on my email list and on my Facebook retargeting list.

Next, you may read one of the emails I have automated to send out to you, which leads you to go and read a blog post from me.

From there, you begin to get familiar with me, and you notice a video on Facebook where I am teaching my ‘7 touch’ Facebook ad system. (I have retargeted you)

A couple of days later, you stumble across another blog post of mine on Facebook where I am retargeting you again…

…and later that day you read another email of mine where I ask you to book a call with me to discuss your Facebook ads.

You trusted me enough to request a call simply because I had been providing you with value all week.

Can you see how you could replace your emails, videos and blog posts with your own, to use the ‘7 touch’ Facebook ad system in your business?

Let me close off this article with this:

I see too many coaches and consultants asking for the sale without providing enough value up front.

It reminds me of the creepy guy at the bar who asks for the girl’s number before they have even had a chance to get to know each other.

With Facebook, you can automate your content and provide value to your prospects, without ever having to speak to them personally.

It feels good to help people, and you get rewarded for it with better clients for your business.

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