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Fed up depending on Facebook for all your traffic?

Seeing rising ad costs that have resulted in you spending double or even TRIPLE your ad spend? I hear you – we’ve been hearing these frustrations from many of you!

The good news is that it’s time to look at Google – which has changed and matured substantially over the last 12 months – whilst learning from Facebook. (If you’re looking for a Google Ads Coach – check out the info here)

So, if you’d like to use Google to bring in high-quality coaching and consulting leads, let’s look at the steps you need to implement that will help you do that

Step 1 – Bring in Brand New Cold Traffic & Warm Them Up Fast

Okay, so the first thing we all need is a source of brand new leads. There’s a number of ways that Google AdWords and its various components can provide that. Let’s look at them now:

  • Google Ads Search – we can use the ads to bring in people typing in “How-To” type queries for our expertise  – and then invite them to join our email list by opting in PLUS pixelling them and ensuring they join our remarketing audiences
  • YouTube – we can advertise our YouTube videos to audiences that are “Similar” to our existing email lists as well as using keywords, competitor names, specific videos…..etc etc. Basically there are a TON of ways to use YouTube to bring in cold traffic. These people can be directed either to an opt-in or placed into a remarketing sequence (or both)
  • Gmail ads – again we can advertise to similar lists or specific interests… we can even target people that are reading a competitor’s email! Again, these people can be directed to an opt-in or placed into a remarketing sequence
  • Google Display Network – this network of 2 million websites across the internet reaches 90% of the online population. You can target using a variety of different options such as keywords on the page they are reading, demographics, plus their recent search history. As above, this traffic can be directed to an opt-in and/or remarketing sequence

Step 2 – Follow Them Across The Web

Once you have a visitor either pixelled in your remarketing audiences or as a “viewer” in your YouTube audiences… it’s time to move onto the next step, DOMINATION.

This is where you’ll craft a sequence of marketing materials that follows them across the platforms above. Here are a few examples:

  1. A YouTube case study talking about where you helped a client solve a problem you know your prospect has
  2. Display and Gmail Ads inviting people to read a blog that talks about a new way to solve their problem
  3. A YouTube video inviting people to sign up for a webinar
  4. A YouTube video inviting people to take a quiz
  5. Testimonial videos on YouTube

Step 3 – Be Consistent And Release New Material

Be careful not to “spam” people with the same offer continuously. You’ll want a whole variety of different images and videos to test.

Release new material regularly and test what works. Create more of what works

Step 4 – Remove People From Audiences Once They Have Taken A Step

Create audiences for each of your opt-ins/steps, and ensure you remove people from seeing those ads once they have already taken the step you wanted them to

Step 5 – Build a Huge Account, Test Fast, and Turn off What Doesn’t Work

You’re going to end up with over 100 campaigns testing a variety of different audiences, audience intersects, images, image sizes and opt-ins.

Be prepared to test a LOT, test fast, turn off what doesn’t work and you’ll soon start to see the immense POWER of the Google Network.

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