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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:36 am

This blog is for YOU if you aren’t yet bringing in leads and sales on a consistent basis from your blogs, using them to create expert authority, build up an audience and then reuse them on a consistent basis.

So – is this you?

Are you – not committed to creating content yet so not yet blogging regularly OR

Creating blogs on a regular basis but not really doing much with them and wondering why the hell you’re creating them OR

Creating blogs and getting in SOME leads from them but wondering what else you could be doing with this content

If any of these is YOU then I’m talking to YOU today!

Write Regularly

It goes without saying that you’re going to need to commit to blogging pretty regularly – or having someone do so for you (in your voice – please don’t ask writers to create blogs for you without a LOT of input from you or else it will not connect with your audience as it won’t speak your truth!)

How regular is up to you. Daily, once a week, once a fortnight, whatever works for you is great just COMMIT to creating regular content and before long you’ll have an entire library of content you can reuse in your marketing.

Talk To An Earlier Version Of Yourself

Many of us – our avatar is an earlier version of ourselves, a  few years back.

When thinking about what to write about in your blogs – what would YOU have wanted to know back then? What problems have you overcome?

Answer this, speak your truth and your audience will love you!

Reuse The Content

What I mean by this – is that SOME of your blogs can be reused as a different form of content. Consider doing one or more the following:

  • Turn it into a PDF and make it downloadable at the end of the blog post
  • Turn the blog into a downloadable ebook (a tool such as Beacon, which is a WordPress Plugin allows you to do this in a few clicks)
  • Email the blog out
  • Reuse the blog as a LinkedIn pulse
  • Schedule past blogs into email sequences for people who recently joined your list
  • Create more content based on the content that people love – consider doing a livestream, video or webinar based on the most successful topics

Once you’ve created a library of say seven pieces of content, this is IDEAL, because it can now also be used in a marketing sequence. More about that later. However please note this does NOT mean that you can stop at this point – just as you grow and evolve as an entrepreneur – you’ll be helping your audience grow and uplevel with you by sharing your truth and your latest learnings.

Create Expert Authority

The best way to become a thought leader and create expert authority is by sharing your truth – frequently. How can you achieve this UNLESS you commit to regular content?

Make sure your content does NOT hold back, shares your deepest thoughts, shares your best “stuff” (yes – even the stuff people pay you for!) and your community will grow to LOVE you.

Include Calls To Action

At the end of pretty much EVERY piece of content, ask for the sale.

If you want to make more money, reach more people and build up your business FAST, you’re going to need to ask for the sale which means including a Call To Action at the end of everything you do.

If you are speaking your truth in every single piece of content, then your Call To Action will pretty much be an invite to explore that particular content deeper, or offering to solve the problem for them in some way.

Create A Marketing Sequence

Every single piece of content you create can be marketed in some way.

This might be as simple as sticking a link to your blog post on your Facebook page and hitting boost to reach your page fans – or it might be more complex. Let’s look at how to do that now:

  1. Turn a well received blog post into a downloadable ebook in PDF format
  2. Place it behind an opt-in using a tool such as Leadpages and linking it to your mailing software
  3. Make sure you include a Call To Action in the PDF AND the email that goes out delivering the piece of content
  4. Schedule in a few other emails – anywhere from 2 to 20 extra emails, entirely up to you. I like to reuse other blog posts I’ve created, link to automated webinars, other pieces of marketing I’ve created, testimonial videos, and also include links to any places you have “authority” in – for example if you’ve been published in magazines then use that. At the end of each email – as always – include a Call To Action of some form. You can always schedule in a couple of emails for now and add more as you go along
  5.  Advertise your new “lead magnet” on Facebook using Facebook Ads to cold traffic to build up your email list
  6. Also consider putting your new opt-in somewhere on your blog – one of mine is on my homepage and blog pages for example
  7. Make sure you’ve got Retargeting code on every single of your website so you can always show ads to people who visited a certain blog OR if they’ve already seen it and you want to exclude them from seeing your ads to that particular post.

Done correctly – this is the absolute KEY to business success.

Now it’s YOUR turn.

Commit to creating regular content TODAY but also getting it out there! Good luck!

Claire Jarrett

P.s. Want MY help implementing this? Book in a call with me today!

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