If You Want To SELL High Priced Services… You Must Be Willing To BUY High Priced Services

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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:29 am

So today I’d like to address one of the topics close to my heart.

And that is…The number of people that continually seek out free information, free tools, free resources in the hopes of getting “rich”, wanting to achieve freedom in their businesses, their lives and generally becoming a super-successful entrepreneur.

All without spending a penny.

Now if you’re brand new to business – I understand you may spend a fair amount of time learning, researching and generally planning to create something special. So this isn’t aimed at you (UNLESS of course you’re one of those who spends months or years planning and never takes action…)

But if you are already in business, and you have not figured out how to charge higher prices, then you MUST be willing to invest to achieve your goal and achieve high levels of success. If you want to sell at high prices – be prepared to invest at high prices!

High Quality and Value on Matrix Ideal Product Planning

And that’s what I want you to consider.

If you’d like to learn how to sell high priced coaching packages or consulting services…doesn’t it stand to reason that you must also be willing to PAY for high priced coaching to get you there?

How long have you been “sitting on the fence”, selling packages at cheap prices, selling online courses for a couple of hundred pounds, selling yourself at a low hourly rate. How long have you been not fulfilling your potential?

The fastest way to get the success you are looking for is quite simply to find someone who has already been where you are today, who is currently where you want to be, and quite simply follow their formula….

Not surprisingly they will have already faced the challenges you’re going through, and will have the answers that you need!

Over the past 7 years in business I have hired many successful mentors along the way, to help me “nail” whatever challenge I was currently facing. Along the path from $2,000 per month to continually surpassing $100,000 per month I have hired digital marketing coaches, business coaches, sales coaches, mindset coaches, “high ticket” sales mentors, and attended dozens of high priced courses and masterminds. Each one had a specific purpose, a piece of the puzzle that I needed to slot into place.  As I reached each level of success, my mentors got progressively more expensive… but my income rose with it, every single time!

THAT is how to achieve success.

So if you want to learn to sell high priced coaching or consultancy, and you’ve been trying to learn how to do it by picking up bits and pieces of the puzzle from a variety of different places…please stop.

Find someone who is doing it, right now and reach out to them. Find someone today who is right where you want to be – and book in a call with them to see how they can help you get to the next level.

It might be me, it might be someone else, either way I wish you good luck on your journey.

If you’d like to book in a call with me about finding the next piece of the puzzle, simply book in a call here.

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