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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 09:24 am

There has been much confusion around whether or not Facebook is actively deleting the accounts of users that are inactive.

Back in 2013 users began copying a message onto their profile in fear that Facebook was becoming overpopulated. The message stated that unless you had copied and pasted a message to 25 of your friends, your account would be shut down on November 15th. (The message essentially declared that you were active on Facebook)

It was later found that the entire thing was a hoax – a common occurrence across Facebook that often draws users into posting a status to exempt them from whichever strange thing is going on at the time. The hoax circulated again, with more people fearing they would lose their accounts on December 15th.

Facebook has since promised to stamp down on the number of hoax stories that appear on our news feeds, but how much control over it do they really have?

And now, once again the rumours have started. And the question remains – is Facebook actively deleting inactive accounts?

Normally we don’t get involved in speculation. But this time it’s different. At the same time as the rumours spread again, we lost 7 fans to our page at the same time.

What do you think? Another hoax?

If so, how do you explain us losing 7 likes to our fan page at once? Of course we may occasionally lose fans of our page, but losing 7 at once is unlikely and something that has never happened before…

Internet Hoax


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