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It’s such a cliche – “working time for money”.

Getting paid by the hour, having restrictions on your time, and definitely not meeting your income goals.

Not a fun place to be, that’s for sure!

You need to do something about it – today I’ve outlined a simple model that is your way OUT – should you choose to take it.

It means using a simple Model to reach more clients, saving YOU more time each week. You simply take your knowledge and put in into a simple Program to deliver your knowledge on autopilot, generating a monthly revenue for your business. It certainly SOUNDS great – but how easy is it actually create in practice?

Today I’ve compiled an easy to follow list to help you launch your very own Online Program FAST

  • Step 1 – Examine your skills – what gets your clients the BIGGEST results – fastest? If you’re not sure, simply survey your past clients. What worked? What was the most valuable result they experienced?
  • Step 2 – What is standing out as the area with most demand, and where you can generate results for clients fastest?
  • Step 3 – Identify how you can help solve that problem using a series of steps. Simply take them from start to finish to overcome the problem quickly and your clients will love you forever. Remember – clients are only interested in getting from A to B NOT in how many different modules or the different homework tasks you’re going to include in your program!
  • Step 4 – Make sure all your marketing is talking about the END RESULT that you can help people to achieve. People will pay handsomely for the end result and what’s more they are far more likely to achieve it IF you charge them a higher price, as they’re more invested in the end result
  • Step 5 – Set up an appointment scheduler then send it out – simply offer to help people and ask them to book in a call. Some leads will come from your existing network but getting a strategy in place to cultivate new leads is essential.
  • Step 6 – Get on the phone and help people! Some of them will want your ongoing help, some won’t. The key is just get on that phone and help. Consistent action is ESSENTIAL.
  • Step 7 – Now put together the training for your new buyers (it doesn’t matter if you just have one buyer or if you have lots to start with – the key is to get momentum and just START). You don’t need a fancy membership site you can just upload the training to Wistia and add it to a private Facebook group or email it to them each week.
  • Step 8 – Create marketing materials to bring in new prospects who need your help through live webinars, automated webinars, videos, checklists etc. In your materials show them how you can help them get to the end result by delivering amazing value – and simply offer to help further on a phone call.

And Hey Presto – an online program bringing in buyers and new prospects on a continual basis!

Look, you know that you want clients coming to you, rather than you going to them.

You also know you want to work with committed clients – who ACHIEVE the end result. A higher priced program delivers that as it forces them into taking action.

You also know you want to be working less hours and spending more time on things you love. A online program delivers this.

So what’s stopping YOU from launching within the next couple of weeks?

If you need help putting this together or need help overcoming the FEARS you have around getting it “out there”… I’ve now personally helped clients in many different niches to create their very own Online Program.

Here’s some that I’ve helped in the past few weeks:

  • Nick sold 5 consulting clients in at £5k before we even started the program from what I showed him in a single coaching session.
  • Kam sold 10 places for his trading program at £4k within just 8 weeks while also filled his pipeline of applications for the next course (he also brought in a private £12k coaching client as well).
  • Dan sold 2 clients in for his private consulting services despite never having sold over the telephone, let alone having sold anything at £4k
  • Claire sold 5 private clients in to her coaching service despite never having set up a single Facebook Ad before and starting from scratch with NO list.
  • Leo sold 6 clients in at €2k despite having previously sold his coaching services at €70 per hour
  • Jeremy filled his first coaching program – and even reported back to me that he had sold $
    21k in a single day
  • Geoff has just started on our January program and has made his first sale of 3k already for his confidence coaching program and we are only in week 1 of the training (that’s on top of the 1400 sale he made last week after he implemented JUST ONE of my sales tips).

So YES, you CAN do this too! Imagine how it would feel to get your program LAUNCHED, to learn how to sell over the telephone, to learn how to use Facebook to bring in warm leads that are easy to sell to?

I’m certain I can help you too.

The first step is to simply book on for my 30 minute webinar training here showing you HOW to get an online program up and running in your business.

In the meantime, good luck launching your Program in 2016 and let me know how you get on!

Best wishes

Claire Jarrett

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  1. Hey Claire,

    I love that you’re helping people in this way because I know that getting started on a course or program can be difficult for the first time. I’ve only got one under my belt but will be creating another one this year. I like the dripping it down to them through emails, great idea.

    Thanks for these tips and I wish everyone the best of luck this year.


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