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Last Updated on: 7th October 2023, 04:42 pm

On many local searches in Google, I’m sure you would have come across the 7-pack. It’s the box containing 7 websites that are taken from Google places. It has the address of the business as well as a letter – from A to G.

Getting your website to appear in the 7-pack is easier than you probably think. We are going to be taking a look at how it’s done today.

Step One- Claim Your Business

The first thing you need to do is claim your business by going here –https://www.google.com/business/. If your local business (e.g., you’re a dentist) is not already listed, you will need to add it.

IMPORTANT– Make sure that you can accept mail from the address that you list it as. Google will mail you a post card that will be used to verify and activate your account.

It doesn’t matter if you use your home address for now, you can change this address later to whatever address you want the business to be listed at.

When you have claimed your business, you will need to wait around 10 or so days for the postcard to arrive before you can verify it.


Step Two- Use The Same Details On Your Site & in Your Google Places Account

When you have verified your business within Google places, you need to make sure the details across your places account and your website match.

This means the address and phone number needs to be identical throughout. And when I say identical I mean that literally. It’s no good having ‘street’ in one place and ‘st’ in another, Google will get confused.

If you have only just verified the account, you will need to wait a few days before you can change the address details.


Step Three- Build Citations 

Once your Google places account is set up properly and the address and phone number matches throughout, it’s time to start building citations.

Whoever ranks higher in the 7 pack has more citations, it’s really as simple as that. A citation is a mention of your website on one of the many directories.

You can get a whole list of places where you can build citations here, or you can use a service like this to do it for you.

Again, when building your citations, it is imperative that the address details and contact number that you use is completely identical to the details in your places account and on your website.

And that’s it! People make it much more complicated that it needs to be, when really ranking in the 7 pack comes down to correct address details and a high number of citations.

Good luck ranking in the 7-pack!

Local Seo

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