There are a huge number of great free and paid Twitter tools  out there – so I thought I would share with you my top 5 favourite ones I have been using in 2012.

Number 1: Crowdbooster

Crowdbooster allows you to identify your new influential followers to ensure you welcome them and follow them back if you choose.   It does this by linking with Klout, and identifying those with Klout scores of 60 or above.  It also identifies increases and decreases in follower numbers, as well as identifying your most influential followers and top retweeters

Number 2: Social Oomph

Love them or hate them, Social Oomph is my preferred way of sending a gentle Auto DM. I simply send a greeting with an invite to our Facebook page – some people dislike Auto Dms as they are over-used by Spam users, inviting people to buy products etc. However I tend to find that just a hello works okay.  It must look real as I get loads of personal responses to the DM – this is the key in my opinion! Social Oomph also has lots of other features, such as the ability to spin and schedule messages (ideal for when away on vacation) and the ability to set up Twitter keyword searches by email to alter you of new leads or mentions of your brand.

I also use Social Oomph for auto following people who follow me.

Number 3: Hootsuite

Fantastic for organising followers and multiple Twitter accounts, Hootsuite is the one I pay for our team at Marketing By Web to have agency access to, as it allows you to share assignments and lists between team members.  You can also see which team member has already replied to a Tweet.  I also use it to create streams based on search keywords such as “Recommend SEO” to identify those seeking an SEO Company and contact new leads.  In addition I create streams based on lists I have created for Clients, Leads, and influential Followers.  Hootsuite has also just added in the feature to auto-schedule your tweets – in my opinion this completely now removes the need for Buffer and is why it doesn’t appear in my list.

hootsuite twitter tool

Number 4: Manage Flitter

I use Manage Flitter for Unfollowing large groups of people.  I unfollow all those who aren’t following me back (with the exception of clients and a few others), and in addition I unfollow those with inactive Twitter accounts – of which there are a surprising number! This keeps my follower – followed ratio at a nice healthy number.

Number 5: Tweet Old Post

Not strictly a Twitter tool but actually a WordPress Plugin – I use this to Tweet my old blog posts from both my blogs, with relevant hashtags (I have chosen SEO and PPC for mine – you can also take them from your categories). This gives me a steady stream of new followers and also ensures my Twitter stream is never totally empty.  Bear in mind that I have noticed if I leave this unattended without other  forms of Tweeting and interaction for too long I tend to get lots of unfollowers – probably because I am not interacting, so bear this in mind! In addition I also use the URL shortener which automatically posts the blog to Stumble Upon.  This little tip instantly doubled my traffic!

tweet old post twitter tool

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