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Last Updated on: 5th August 2022, 08:50 am

 Google AdWords has come along in leaps and bounds since its launch and Google are always working to improve it. Questions like ‘what is Google Adwords’ and ‘why use Adwords’ receive thousands of searches every day so it’s clear business owners know about AdWords, they are just not sure why they should use it and what the benefits are. Is this you?

Well today I’ve created our answer; Six reasons why you should be using Adwords for your business

New Sites

When it comes to search engines they opt to give more trust and value to older sites, making it tricky for new sites to rank well and almost impossible to rank above competitors who have been in the game for a long time. Unless your business is ranking on the first page of Google it probably isn’t receiving much traffic as few users click onto the second page of results. Whilst it can take years to gain top rankings via SEO, AdWords can offer a solution.

For new business owners or new websites AdWords can offer first place listings while you are waiting for your SEO to catch up, meaning you are still gaining targeted traffic to your site resulting in sales.

Search Engine Domination

It’s a competitive world out there, particularly when it comes to marketing your business online. In some cases tactics do have to be used to get above of your competitors. If you already have first page rankings but you want to stand out even more than the other companies that are on the first page too consider using AdWords and have two first page listings giving you domination of the results and encouraging more clicks through to your site. Another benefit is that you can change your adverts immediately, whereas waiting for your other results to catch up can take weeks or even months! This is particularly useful for those selling seasonal products.

Measurable Results

One of the favoured elements of AdWords is the fact that the results are so measurable. You can see in black and white whether your ads are working or not and how to improve them so your spend goes further by tracking Goals in Analytics and then through to AdWords. With lots of AdWords metrics it is the most measurable form of online marketing, much more so than SEO and social media marketing. Because of this we can ensure we are getting the most out of it and constantly improving our ads making the most out of our spend on our online marketing strategy.

See Instant Results

As mentioned previously, it can take some time for SEO work to start having an effect, we would estimate 6 months at the very least. For most business owners this is time we simply don’t have – as we need to bring in traffic and sales from day one! Using AdWords means you can receive instant results. As soon as your campaign is built and live your ads will start appearing and you should start receiving conversions. AdWords is great for those who want instant results and need to start turning over money from the word go.

More Engaging

Google are constantly improving PPC ads as they want them to work for us so that we continue using them. AdWords are one of Google’s main earners, so it’s no wonder they put so much work into improving this element of their service. Features such as product listing ads and in-video ads make the user more likely to click on the ad and for some industries it’s found that PPC ads provide more conversions than organic listings.

Beat Competitors

Typically modern day businesses are fairly savvy when it comes to the world of online marketing, either hiring someone in house to manage it or outsourcing. By using AdWords you can get ahead of your competitors on search engines ensuring your site gets more clicks from search results than other companies in your industry. Those turning a blind eye to online marketing will get left behind if they haven’t already done so, make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

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  1. Great post Claire – I too am a massive advocate of PPC (whether that be Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Bing or one of the many other providers) or the reasons that you suggest… but… what I am not sure on is that business should be waiting 6 months for SEO to kick in as you suggest.

    Good practice SEO is still getting massive result is a short period of time. Maybe not for uber competitive terms, these still can take a little time, but any well executed SEO campaign can deliver increased rankings and traffic within a week or so.

    The time lag previously was due to links not being indexed as quickly as you built them. Now that it is not only about links, but now about the right links and about awesome content, rankings are shooting up very quickly for clients that we are working with.

    Many SEO’s are still struggling to catch up with the “zoo” of updates that Google have been throwing out, but really they shouldn’t have been using voodoo back-door tricks in the first place.

    The only question is… what animal will be released into the wild next?

    1. Hi Ant, thanks for commenting on Eilidh’s post!
      I’d love to hear some case studies of SEO campaigns delivering good results within a week, if you’ve got any we would absolutely love to feature them on here as a guest post.
      Indeed, I can’t wait to see what animal Google releases next 🙂

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