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tracking facebook conversions

Facebook doesn’t need very much introduction. With million upon millions of registered Facebook users and hyper-targeted options, you need to start using it if you have anything at all to bring to market.

Whilst Claire covered Facebook marketing in huge detail in her recent course, we wanted to give those of you that missed it a little overview.

Let’s take a look at Claire’s three favorite paid ads within Facebook.

Targeted Adverts- If you use Facebook, you will notice these ads appear along the right-hand side of your interface.

If you see those ads, then marketers have deliberately selected you out because of your personal data.

It might be because you are single between the ages of 18-25, or it might be because you are considered to be of high net worth.

With tons of targeting options, Facebook allows you to market to the type of customer that is right for your business.

These targeted adverts are a great place to start our three-pronged attack.


Like Adverts- Facebook Fan pages provide you with a great place to connect with your prospects and existing customers.

Anybody that has ‘liked’ your business fan page will see updates from you – which provide you with a great opportunity to increase return business.

You can create adverts that encourage new people to ‘like’ your page, and from there you can get them engaged with your brand.

Consistent thought-out updates on your fan page will ensure that this part of our attack is lucrative.


Remarketing- Anybody that has visited your website is definitely a good marketing target, right?

Well, did you that with Facebook you can create an ad that will only show to people that have visited your site?

You place some code on your site (It’s literally copy and paste) and then you can choose to encourage people to return to your site with Facebook remarketing.

This is a great way of keeping at the forefront of your prospect’s mind.

When you combine targeted ads, remarketing ads and ‘like’ adverts with an intelligent approach to maintaining a Facebook fan page, you will be amazed at the results.

Facebook provides you with a bunch of options for targeting your prospects, and when you use this three-pronged attack you will be the only brand that people remember.

tracking facebook conversions

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