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Are you guilty of making these mistakes in your AdWords Campaign?

  1. Leaving the Display Network on – letting your adverts run across thousands of unrelated websites, decreasing Click Through Rate (CTR) and dropping Quality Score (QS)
  2. Not matching your adverts to your keywords – meaning your CTR is hugely lowered,  and Google drops your QS as well. Google wants you to match what people are typing into their Search Engine- it’s as simple as that!
  3. Letting your ads run across multiple countries – divide campaigns up by country. This will allow you to better monitor time zones, and set bid strategies for time of day
  4. Never looking at Quality Score – if you’ve never even looked at QS, you are in for a shock. You’ve probably been paying twice as much per click as you should have been… Simply customise your columns in the Keywords Tab, go to Attributes, and add the Keywords column. Less than 5 means you have serious work to do!
  5. Not recording conversions – if you are “optimising blind” then you’re in trouble. How can you tell what keywords are working? Get tracking by forms, do NOT let people use your email address as you cannot track the keyword they used. You can also now track phone call conversions from mobile phones – so get tracking!
  6. Leaving your AdWords account running without monitoring it – you MUST be checking it weekly, adding in new keywords, adding negative keywords to save cash, split testing ads, and checking for conversions so you can monitor bids. An ADWords account cannot be left unmonitored!

Want to see these points explained fully? I covered all this in a recent 2 hour webinar, simply watch me demonstrate how to overcome these points below!

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