Back on November 2012, I wrote an exclusive post for Social Media Today that outlined the importance of Google authorship, and explained why everyone should take advantage of it.

Since then, authorship has come a long way. Anybody that is slightly involved in online marketing and understood the value of it has claimed their authorship. But it has led to a problem…

..So many people have their picture appearing in the SERPs, that it is starting to look a bit overcrowded.


Google Authorship

When Google launched authorship, they intended it to be somewhat exclusive. They wanted it to be a way for Google to distinguish between popular authors. But with every man and his dog’s face appearing, they have had to make a change.

And now, Google has cut the number of authorships that appear in the SERPs by 20%-40%. After study, Google found that if they cut out about 15 percent of the lesser quality authors, it increased the number of decent authors that appeared. (go figure…)

This is the statement released by Google:

“We made some minor updates. We had been showing author information whenever we could based on authorship markup, email verification, and other signals of authorship on the web. In mid-December, we rolled out new algorithms designed to show author photos when they’re more likely to be relevant and interesting. (For example, the algorithms now try to estimate the quality of documents an author typically writes).”

Basically, authorship is focusing on authors that produce quality content- the reason why it was created in the first place.

So what does that mean for us?

Well, go and check to see if your image is still appearing in the SERPs. If it isn’t, I’m afraid there aren’t any actionable tips that I can offer to try and get it in there.
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Since the main focus is on recognising the very best content, make sure you are only claiming authorship on your very best content. You could try removing ownership if you have any blogs out there that weren’t your best, or didn’t get much attention.

Is your authorship still there?

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