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  • Okay, so in today’s video, I’m going to answer a question I was recently asked by a Google Ads Consulting client, “How can I find out who’s bidding against me “in Google Ads, and more importantly, “find out their bidding strategy “and how much they’re actually overlapping “with what I’m doing on Google Ads?”
  • So here’s what you would need to do in your Google AdWords campaign.
  • Quite simply, from the campaign screen, you need to go and look at the tab which is marked Auction Insights, which is commonly overlooked by people. And you make sure that you set the timeframe accordingly, so you could look to see who was bidding against you yesterday, for the last week, or for the last 30 days, et cetera.
  • You would then, once you’re in Auction Insights, you can then break it down by campaign, so you can see who was bidding against you for each of the campaigns.
  • So you can see that, for example, in this particular campaign, there’s ours, there’s how many of the impressions, that means how much of the available traffic we are getting. So we’ve had 91% of the impression share.
  • Our average position has been 1.4, and on average, we’re at the top of the page 86% of the time. And then you can see the other people that are bidding against you.


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  • And this is super important because you can always, when doing a Google search yourself, see the people that are advertising, because it may be down to the settings that they have chosen, means that you can actually always see their ads.
  • So this is extremely important to be able to tell, and it means you can monitor their strategy. You can also see how much they are overlapping with the keywords you’ve chosen.
  • The people you want to watch out for are those that have a strong overlap rate, and where you’d also want to keep an eye on their top of page rate and absolute top of page rate as well, and how much you’re outranking them, too.
  • Okay, so I hope you find that video useful. If you enjoyed it, please click the Share button, and make sure you subscribe for future videos. If you’ve got any questions, then simply ask me in the comments. Bye for now!


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