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Who am I? My name is Claire Jarrett, and I’ve been a Google AdWords consultant and Google Ads expert since 2007. I was the first person worldwide to offer Google Ads training recorded to DVD, back in 2008. Since then, I’ve seen thousands of business owners and CEOs go from poor ROAS to predictable (and scalable) results.

I’ve written multiple books on Google Ads, my latest was released in 2022 (latest edition now live in 2023) and hit bestseller status on Amazon.

How can my Google Ads consulting help you?

Just because you’re running Google AdWords campaigns doesn’t mean you’re getting the highly qualified leads your business needs.

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  • Are you getting a lot of traffic but few conversions?
  • Are the leads Google Ads is sending your way unlikely to become repeat customers?
  • Are you confident you can scale your Google Ads as you grow?
  • Do you have the drive for growth but aren’t confident managing the increasing spending?

Your account dashboard will tell you a lot, but it won’t answer the two questions you need to get predictable returns:

  • How do I get rid of time-wasters and customers who don’t generate recurring revenue for my business?
  • How do I create a lead qualification process that I can scale as we grow?

For this, we can’t rely solely on metrics. Our Google Ad experts need to look deeper than basic campaign optimisation.

As a Google Ads consultant, I partner with you – the CEO or Marketing Director – to ensure your Google Ads account matches your ideal prospect.

If you’re struggling with…


Overall Google Ads performance

If you’re driving traffic, but your leads aren’t converting, or you’re not sure how to implement new Google Ads features, get in touch with me.

There’s plenty more you could achieve with the help of a Google Ads consultant. I’ll review your account in-depth to make sure your campaigns are setting you up for success.


Specific Google Ads issues

Not sure how to start remarketing or who you should remarket to? Are the new changes throwing you off your profitable Google Ads course? Is your bidding strategy delivering poor results, or are you suffering from a high Cost Per Click?

We’ll work together to define your goals, and then we’ll maximise your results!


Adapting to Google Ads changes

You’re too busy to keep track of every single Google AdWords change. That’s what I’m here for!

If you need assistance adapting to Google Ads changes, such as the shift to responsive search ads, get in touch with me. I’ll review your account and your goals to make sure you’re leveraging new methods to get more ideal prospects into your funnel.


Brand New Google Ads account

If you’re not sure where to start with your ads, or what campaign type is the best for your budget, get in touch. Depending on your business and audience, we’ll create a profitable campaign that scales as you grow and get better returns.

What do my Google Ads consulting services include?

First Google Ads consultation call

During our first Google AdWords consultation, we’ll define:

  • What type of clients do you want to bring in?
  • What type of clients do you want to avoid?

I’ll evaluate your Google Ads goals and performance based on the objective (your metrics and results) and the subjective data (how you communicate with your audience).

We’ll discuss specific issues you may be struggling with, as well as your strategy and past experiences. I will listen carefully to ensure we get your paid search delivering.

I work remotely with my clients across the globe. Wherever you’re based in the world, we will be able to work together effectively using private Zoom sessions.

An initial Google Ads audit is the first stage I suggest as your Google Ads Consultant

After our call, this sets you up for success in the next stage:

After gaining an understanding of your goals, I’ll review your Google Ads account thoroughly. I will use a detailed and highly unique form of audit methodology, that I have perfected over the past 15 years working in Paid Search. Amongst other items, I will check for:

During the initial Google Ads audit, I’ll determine if your account is bidding on the right keyword type and if your keywords are competing with each other. This is a vital first step.

We’ll leverage keywords to make sure you’re reaching out to qualified leads who are ready to buy your products.

If you’ve been using Google Ads for a while, your ads may be competing against one another, which leads to higher costs and diminishing ROAS. Fortunately, I’ve fixed those mistakes hundreds of times as a Google Ads consultant, and I can help you.

As an experienced Google Ads Consultant, I’ve seen numerous instances where automated site links have been left on (even with three different agencies onboard), sending thousands of wasted clicks to irrelevant pages.

Automations and AI are exciting. But if they’re running amok without anyone to control them, they’re a massive waste of budget.

Fortunately, this is 100% preventable, and it’ll work wonders for your ROAS!

Is conversion tracking enabled in your Google Ads account? And more importantly, is it working correctly – are conversions being doubled or triple-counted?

Improper conversion tracking is one of the most common mistakes in Google Ads campaigns. It can steer you in the wrong direction, so one of my first steps will be to ensure your Google Ads metrics are correct.

Often, in business owners’ rush to start generating leads, Google Ads account structure falls by the side.

As you run more and more campaigns, this can lead to problems such as keyword cannibalisation or poor ROAS with no apparent causes.

We’ll define the proper Google Ads account structure and ad groups for your business goals.

Responsive search ads get much higher click-through rates than any other ad type, but are you using them correctly?

The #1 reason why you’re seeing (and wasting your budget on) low-quality leads who are never going to purchase your product is because of negative keywords – or the lack thereof.

Negative keywords keep low-quality prospects out of your ads’ sight, so I’ll make sure you’re utilising them correctly and making the most out of your advertising budget.

I’ll look for any issues with your Quality Score because it’s the first thing we can do to halve your Cost Per Click. The higher the Quality Score, the lower your CPC.

From excellent ad copy to relevant landing pages, I have hundreds of tactics in my Google Ads consulting arsenal to help you increase your ad Quality Score.

Even if someone left your website, you could still reach them.

I’ll review your customer lists to make sure you’re remarketing to them with your ads or (if you haven’t uploaded them yet) show you how to implement them.

If you have a YouTube account, we’ll link it with your Google Ads and launch YouTube ads. This will ensure you target people who’ve already expressed interest by watching your videos.

As your Google Ads consultant, I’ll make sure you maximise the value of traffic that comes to your website.

Google Ads offers different keyword match types, and we’ll make sure you’re using the right ones depending on the ad campaign.

Instead of attracting unqualified traffic because Google’s AI doesn’t have a good understanding of your business, we’ll make your keyword match strategy work for you in attracting more qualified prospects.

I’ll dive deep into your Google Ads account to determine whether your responsive search ads have been set up correctly to attract leads. It’s essential to ensure your ads are compelling to the visitor and show them that you understand their reasons for buying.

A collaborative Google Ads consulting process

After determining areas for optimisation, we’ll define and schedule a winning Google Ads strategy.

My approach is consultative, and as a former teacher, I will also coach you and your team to improve results exponentially. Expect regular calls, communication, and updates to ensure you see results from your new Google Ads setup rapidly.

Initial Optimisation Stage From Your Google Ads Consultant

During the initial optimisation stage, we’ll spend time together each week working together to:

  • Refine landing page copy
  • Analyse your keywords
  • Identify your competitors

After all, you’re the expert on your business. And I’m here to make sure your audience knows it. By combining our efforts, we’ll generate fantastic results!

Book a 30-minute discovery call now or drop me a message – I’d love to see how I can help…

15+ years of experience as a Google Ads consultant