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Looking for effective Google Ads training?

Your Google Ads dashboard will tell you a lot, but it won’t give you the answers to the two questions that define the future of your business:

Claire Jarrett holding book Rapid Google Ads Success
  • How do I attract the ideal customers? 
    The customers who need my product or services,
    have the budget,
    and stand at the right level.
  • How do I prevent low-quality customers from wasting my budget? 
    The time-wasters,
    the penny-pinchers,
    those who always have an objection to a solution.

My Google Ads training looks beyond the standard techniques and teaches you how to think so that you can unlock the right answers.

I’ve been training business owners in Google Ads since 2007 (and I’m the author of 3 books on Google Ads, including my latest Amazon 2023 bestseller). I know Google ads are a powerful lead generation facility. I’ve witnessed 100% ROI increases firsthand. But, as my knowledge grew, so did my awareness. I realised the key to Google Ads success wasn’t just setting up your campaigns correctly.

The key to success with Google Ads is strategy. And that is precisely what I’m offering you today.

There are plenty of tutorials that will “train” you in Google Ads and only show you how to do keyword research. But that’s not what you are here for today, and neither am I.

My Google Ads training equips you with skills you won’t find in one-size-fits-all tutorials.

It doesn’t take as much time, either. My background is in teaching, so I synthesise information quickly and deliver it to you in the form of insights. You can expect great results with just 1-2 hours weekly.

You and I won’t just look at your impression share and lead quantity. Instead, we’ll focus on lead quality.

How Does My Google Ads Training Help You Attract Better Leads?

Claire Jarrett, top-rated Google Ads trainer

Getting more leads isn’t the real challenge. Getting better leads is.

If you know with absolute certainty that for every 1000 searchers who see your ad, 500 will come to your landing page, and 100 will convert, are you equally certain how many are your high-quality customers?

When I was launching my first businesses, my campaigns had to work, or I would have to pull the shutters down. I didn’t launch my Google Ads training until I’d spent £695,000 of my own money growing my companies.

I sold them when I decided to focus on training. Since then, I’ve helped over 40,000 people generate high-quality Google Ads leads with a repeatable process.   

Trust me when I say: lead quality is everything.

What Is Lead Quality?

  • Product-market fit: 
    Clients who seem so uniquely suited to your business that it feels like your model is custom-made for them
  • Qualification: 
    Clients who need your solutions and are prepared to pay your asking price
  • Scale: 
    Clients whose lifetime value grows with you

And the only way to predictably improve your lead quality is by crafting the right strategy and messaging.

In my approach to Google Ads training, I combine the subjective (above) with the objective (numbers in your account).

I’ve had the time to refine this approach.

With over 10 years of experience as a Google AdWords trainer, I’ve seen Google Ads evolve, change, and transform into the platform it is today. I’ve kept a finger on the pulse-point, thinking not only about what match type changes mean tactically, but what every change means for the future of advertising.

My background in teaching gives me a unique insight into the psychology behind marketing:

  • Why do(n’t) leads convert?
  • What do we need to feel safe enough to convert?
  • What answers do we require at every step of our buyer’s journey?

So if you find yourself looking beyond the tactical and wondering about the answers to these questions, we should work together.

Hand sketching sales or revenue funnel marketing concept with white marker on transparent wipe board.

Who Should Sign Up for My Google Ads Training?

As an AdWords trainer, I’ve worked with different businesses in various industries, but your training success doesn’t depend on whether you’re a national B2B company or a small B2C business in Bristol.

My training is aimed at a specific type of person. If you’re…

  • Competitive & ambitious
  • Busy running your business
  • Capable of reacting without emotion
  • An expert at your target market (or know it well)
  • Ready to hit the ground running and pivot quickly
  • Open to being trained and expanding your knowledge
  • Genuinely interested in the hidden drivers behind purchasing decisions
  • Aware that getting more leads is a numbers game

… then you’ll get a lot of value out of this training.

I work best with experienced entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners.

Let me explain:

As the CEO, you can’t just hand off your Google Ads to someone on your staff. If you have a Marketing Director who understands your target market, that’s fine.

But if you have a team of 10-20 people and want to “get those ads off your plate,” you’re not likely to succeed.

Most of my clients who scale profitable businesses are the CEOs, the owners, the ambitious founders.


Because they understand their target market well. 

For you, the target market isn’t just buyer personas distributed on a piece of paper.

For you, the target market is the people you’ve spoken to when getting your business off the ground. You know what affects their (buyer’s) journey, what makes them convert, and why they might not. You know what their end goal is.

As the owner or CEO, you know how your target market thinks.

A good Google AdWords trainer helps by asking the right questions:

  • Which objections does your market have when [condition X] in [situation Y]?
  • How does your audience behave when [situation X] and [situation Y]?

I leverage your market insights to find better leads for your business. 

I’m an expert at PPC. You’re an expert at your market. Together, we can drive fantastic results for your business!

How Much Time Does the Google Ads Training Take?

Over the years, I’ve refined the training to only focus on the essential aspects. In most cases, as the CEO, you’ll only need to dedicate one hour per week to the training.

Do I Need Any Technical Skills?

You don’t need to be an expert at Google Ads, but you should be excited to learn how to use the changes to get a competitive advantage.

How Advanced Is This Google Ads Training?

When we start to work together, you should already have significant experience with Google Ads; whether by running ads yourself or working with agencies.

My ideal clients have already worked with multiple agencies, so they quickly realise the returns of training with me.

After the Training

My Google Ads training clients graduate the training knowing how to attract top quality leads they wouldn’t have been able to reach before.

Some hire me to manage their campaigns (typically big businesses with large budgets).

If you’re not sure if my training is well-suited to your level of experience, growth, or goals, book a call with me to find out.

How Does My Google Ads Training Work?

Step 1. No-Holds-Barred Interview & Strategy Audit

First, I talk to you to understand who your ideal customers are and how they behave.

Most Google Ads training applies the same information over and over again. Mine doesn’t. I take a personalised approach to your training, so you can deal with challenges effectively and turn Google Ads into your magnet for ideal leads.

Next, I’ll want to take a look at how you use Google Ads at the moment:

  • How is your account set up?
  • Who are your campaigns attracting?
  • Are you missing out on opportunities?

I’ll audit your website and your positioning. My Google Ads training touches on everything that affects your advertising success.

Often, I see clients with fantastic businesses struggle with Google Ads. When you look at their account, it’s all fine – on paper. And then you look at the gap between what their ads promise and what their websites actually provide.

Your messaging affects conversions and your costs. It means the difference between getting a 3% conversion rate and a 30% conversion rate. The painful delta between paying $1 per click and $5.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Step 2. Tailored Google Ads Training

Your Google Ads training is 100% tailored to your needs. No two businesses are alike. I use a personalised approach to help you make the most of your training.

My goal is to help you succeed with your business. Google Ads is simply the channel I can help you with.  

The majority of our communication will happen via one-on-one Zoom sessions. We’ll extract valuable insights, and I’ll show you how to leverage your knowledge to get better prospects through Google Ads.

We’ll record all the sessions. You’ll be able to go over them again and ask any follow-up questions.

Step 3. My Training Methods

I found one method that stood out against all others during my teaching days: asking questions. 

When Socrates wanted to make sure his students internalised the information he taught, he’d ask thoughtful questions.

I’m not Socrates, but I know well-posed questions help you examine what you know and discover new connections between different areas.

I use the same approach when bridging the gap between the subjective (“What is my ideal lead like?”) and the objective (“How can I attract them with Google Ads?”) to shape a powerful approach to lead generation.

Step 4. Implementation

Depending on your training needs, I can help you implement changes to your Google Ads.

I’ve seen agencies hand off the crucial step of building a campaign to junior staff members. While they have theoretical knowledge, they don’t understand how different parts affect the overall business strategy.

We’ll also discuss the impact of Artificial Intelligence on your advertising. 

While Google’s AI is helpful, we won’t give it complete control over your account.

Quite a few of my clients experienced incredible Cost per Click increases when they left their campaigns unmonitored. Others saw their Quality Score drop because of improperly selected keyword match types.

I’ll teach you what to automate and how to manage the rest.

Google Ads Training Personalised to Your Goals

Google Ads is the first point of contact between you and so many of your leads. Unfortunately, not all of them will be high-quality leads that grow to increase their lifetime value tenfold.

But you and I will find them. Then, we’ll open the doors only to them.

I’ll show you how to use Google Ads to intercept the ideal customers when they’re ready to build a relationship with you.

From the subjective to the objective, we’ll shape a powerful Google Ads strategy to deliver more high-quality leads to your business than you would have been able to access before.

Are you ready to go one step further? Click below to book a call, or start by buying my book on Amazon.