Don’t just get more leads. Get better leads with an experienced freelance PPC consultant!

Who Am I?

My name is Claire Jarrett, expert PPC Consultant and I’ve been teaching business owners and CEOs how to get top-quality leads through their PPC campaigns since 2007.

Today, I’m here to help you maximise your Return on Ad Spend and turn PPC into your personal qualified-lead-generation machine!

Claire Jarrett PPC Consultant

How Can My Freelance PPC Consultancy Services Help You?

Most businesses use pay-per-click to generate leads, bookings, and appointments. The problem is that very few of those leads turn out to be the ideal prospects who become repeat clients.

Some of them may waste the time of your team, and may not fit your ideal client profile. It makes sense to focus your budget correctly.

My PPC Consultants service is 100% focused on helping your company reach its ideal prospects. I help you maximise your budget right from the campaign setup and ensure you target the prospects whose lifetime value will grow.

Are Your Pay Per Click Leads Turning into Repeat Customers?

Your main metric shouldn’t be campaign traffic. It needs to be conversion quality.

Don’t settle for low-quality leads just because you’ve paid for the traffic.

As a PPC expert, I use proven ways to tailor your ads to the right prospects.

Stop thinking about traffic. Focus on conversion quality.

Can You Get Help From a PPC Consultant To Implement & Scale Your Existing Strategy?

What would happen if you maxed out your PPC budget today?

Would you get better leads or inundate your team with calls from low-quality prospects? More leads is definitely NOT always the answer.

Working hand in hand with you and your team as your PPC consultant, we’ll prepare a powerful strategy you can rely on to grow faster – and smarter.

Who Is My Pay Per Click Consultancy For?

As a PPC expert freelancer, I don’t just come in and tell you what to do.

In the past 15 years, I’ve learned that you’ll get the best results if you – as the CEO, Marketing Director, or the owner – and I work together.

Your junior staff has qualifications, but they don’t have your in-depth knowledge of the market. They haven’t spoken to hundreds of customers as you have.

And they simply don’t have a high-level perspective on your company goals.

You have the subjective knowledge: how do your ideal prospects behave?

  • What makes them convert?
  • What prevents them from converting?
  • Which steps are crucial for their purchasing decision?

And as your PPC Consultant, I bring the objective knowledge:

  • Data
  • PPC expertise and Conversion rate Optimisation
  • Frameworks to maximise your ROI

Together, we make PPC work for your business.

Freelance PPC Consultant for Decision-Makers Ready to Make Smarter Decisions

You won’t have to spend months working with me. My clients see phenomenal results even meeting with me for as little as 1-2 hours weekly.

However, it’s crucial that you participate. I’m a firm believer in marketing participation and delegation, never abdication. It’s incredibly important that we work together to assess the quality of your leads to check they are the right type for your business.

If you’re…

  • Excited about changes
  • Focused on data (but understand the finer aspects of your customer journey)
  • Competitive & focused on results

… we’ll be a great fit!

Not sure if my freelance PPC consulting services are right for you? Book a call to find out!

Specialist PPC Consulting Areas & Account Management

As an experienced PPC expert, I can help you to…

Develop The Best PPC Pay Per Click Strategy To Attract Customers

A Google Ad campaign relies on a lot of factors to be successful. The first is to develop a robust strategy tailored to your business.

For example, many of my clients who run eCommerce businesses see excellent results with new ad formats such as responsive search ads and Google Shopping.

If you’re launching a PPC campaign for the first time, you want expert advice to ensure you have the right foundations. Growing and scaling will be infinitely more manageable if you set everything up correctly in the first step!

Pay per click advertising illustration showing a PPC consultant looking at a laptop

Modify, Run and Optimise Your PPC Campaigns

Are you using every possible opportunity?

Does your lead quality leave a lot to be desired?

You’ve likely made some mistakes if you don’t have extensive PPC experience. So one of the first things I’ll do as a freelance PPC Consultant will be to audit your account. 

In some of my previous audits, I’ve uncovered poor keyword targeting that brought in low-quality leads. I’ve seen ad agencies who left automated Google Ads settings on, resulting in budget drains without results.

Even if you have dedicated PPC staff, my team and I will work alongside them to make sure they’re leveraging changes that make your business more competitive.

Effective Keyword Selection & Competitive Analysis

Google is regularly changing, and I will use my expert knowledge of its recent changes combined with your knowledge of your market to create data-driven campaigns. Using my experience of working across various industries in the last 15 years, I can also work with you to combine your Google campaigns with social media marketing, search engine optimization, blogging and YouTube campaigns.

Keyword selection is at the heart of more prominent PPC platforms like Google Ads. We’ll also discuss Search Engine Optimization, as the keywords you choose in Google Ads will impact your choice of keywords for your SEO campaigns.

Identify Which Keywords Will Generate Highly Qualified Leads in your PPC Campaigns

However, you and I will go beyond simple keyword research and focus on your target market’s keyword journey:

  • At which stage are your prospects most susceptible to your offer?
  • Where can we intercept and influence their purchasing decision?
  • And once they convert, how do we grow their lifetime value?

You don’t just need keywords. You need to understand and leverage your prospects’ keyword journey.

We’ll also research your competition to define:

  • How you can stand out against the competition
  • What your competitors are doing right (and what you could be doing better)
  • What your competitors are failing at (and what you can do)

It’s time to stop working harder to outshine your competitors. Once we know what makes your audience tick, how to intercept them with PPC, and what you can do to be unique – we’ll work smarter and get fantastic results!

PPC Consulting Is a Learning Opportunity for You and Your Team

I’ve been training PPC experts and business owners since 2007. I’ve grown and sold multiple businesses by leveraging PPC. And I can tell you one thing:

PPC is constantly changing. And if you’re not keeping up, you’re losing out.

Outstanding freelance PPC consultants will help your team to attract the highest possible qualified leads. My extensive experience and unique approach give your team the competitive edge you need to spot opportunities your competition is missing. 

Sometimes, an account may be suffering from low Quality Score (QS) which increases the Cost Per Click. It’s also very common to have ads stop showing due to low QS, as Google will favour competitors with higher quality scores. I’ve attached a video below that shows one of my approaches to fixing this issue.

How Do I Work as a Freelance PPC Consultant?

Step 1. What Are Your Goals?

Before we get to work, we’ll discuss your business goals and challenges. I’ll thoroughly audit your PPC accounts to determine:

  • Your historical account performance
  • Your lead and conversion quality
  • Your ROAS

Unusually, my audit will be a full video analysis of your Google Ads account. I have yet to find other PPC Consultants that are as transparent as I am when auditing an account.

In the audit, I’ll identify issues with tracking, areas for rapid improvement, and areas of wastage. I win at least 75% of the accounts I audit, because I’ll pinpoint exactly why your account isn’t performing correctly. If you want the best PPC Consultant you can possibly find, then the audit will demonstrate exactly why you should hire me.

Based on our discovery call and audit, we’ll formulate a measurable action plan to move forward rapidly together.

Step 2. Customised PPC Consulting

As a freelance PPC consultant, I adapt to how you and your teamwork. My expert consulting and management is 100% personalised to your needs.

I won’t just show you what changes you need to make.

Instead, I’ll show you how to think to maximise your PPC results from your existing budget. 

Often, teams and directors or owners pull the plug on Pay Per Click campaigns before they’ve had a chance to generate insights. When they reach out to me, they say: “But Claire, Google AdWords has been a total guessing game for me!”

I’ll show you there’s nothing mysterious about PPC. If you bring the knowledge of your target market and ideal client, I’ll combine it with powerful PPC strategies and tactics such as copywriting, so you reach every top-quality lead available to you and hit your advertising goals.

We’ll arrange Zoom meetings at your convenience. I’d suggest weekly consulting calls during the kick-off stage, and possibly dropping in frequency as the account begins delivering reliable leads and sales. If our team are managing the account for you, it may also make sense for you to speak with them on a regular basis.

Wherever You Are in the World, My PPC Consulting Services Are Suitable For You

Whether you’re in my hometown, Bristol, or all the way across the pond in the US or Canada (where around half of my clients reside), I’d be happy to help you make the most of your PPC spend!

For example, will you want to bid upon competitors’ names? Some of my clients say yes, and some say no. I talk about that based on my experience in the YouTube video below.

PPC Consultant image showing the words "Pay Per Click"

Step 3. Implementation

I’ll be there to see through the changes to the end and help with any questions. My team and I will support you with coaching, consulting or full Done For You account management (whichever you prefer).

My goal is to teach you and your team how to think about PPC advertising so you have the knowledge and understanding to understand Google, Facebook, and other ads confidently. We’ll also look at your Search Engine Optimization to check if it makes sense to feedback on what we’re learning about the keywords.

You may find that your PPC account is difficult to find the time to manage in-house. After all, it takes daily monitoring and optimisation. In that case, my team and I would love to help you manage your campaigns, as we do for many of our clients. The option is yours, and we can discuss that during our time together to build out a winning marketing strategy.

Are You Ready to Maximise Your ROAS with Expert Freelance PPC Consultancy?

Step into the world of PPC excellence!

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