Google Ads Coaching

Is there anything better than finding prospects who are already looking for products like yours? It’s the dream. You have a product, someone who’s interested in it sees it, and suddenly you don’t have to convince them too much. It takes a few clicks, and you get a sale!

This is why Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) are so powerful.

As a form of inbound advertising, Google Ads don’t disrupt your potential customers’ experiences. Instead, Google Ads allow you to meet your prospects when they’re ready to buy.

You don’t need sales gimmicks – you just need a good ad.

However, Google Ads have their specifics. From conversion optimisation and increasing the number of people who click on your ad when they see it in search results, to landing pages and making sure you’re not overspending.

This is where Google Ads coaching comes in.

Today, I’ll show you everything you need to know about my Google Ads coaching:

  • How can Google Ads coaching help you or your team get more customers (for less)?
  • How does Google Ads coaching work?
  • Should you consider Google Ads coaching?

Let’s take a look!

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Google Ads Coach?

  1. A Coach Helps You Reach the Right Audience

As a coach, I help you reach the right audience, which means perfecting your targeting.

The competition is pretty steep in Google Ads. No wonder – they’re very effective! However, that often means you’re spending too much money on certain keywords, while there are others with a much higher conversion potential.

To put it simply: keyword B could be more effective for your sales and your budget than the keyword A you’re currently using.

I’m the one who takes a look at your targeting and shows you what you could be doing better.

And speaking of keywords…

  1. I Help You Achieve Your Goals with the Right Keywords

There are three types of keywords used for search engine optimisation and Google ads:

  • Top-of-the-funnel keywords
  • Middle-of-the-funnel keywords
  • Bottom-of-the-funnel keywords

Top-of-the-funnel keywords are great for brand awareness campaigns. These are normally short, commercial keywords.

For example, if you own a cleaning business, you’d target a keyword such as: cleaning services. This means you’d get your business in front of as many searchers as possible.

However, not all of these searchers are potential customers. They might see your ad, but not click on it right away. In the long term, Google will increase your cost-per-click because it thinks your ads aren’t relevant to searchers.

(Google wants to please the searchers first, remember.)

So if you want to increase your sales right away, I can help you focus on keywords that really increase your conversions: middle-of-the-funnel, and-bottom-of-the-funnel keywords.

It all depends on your goals. And no matter the goal, I’ll help you achieve it by targeting the right keywords, and understanding who the people looking them up are. You’ll learn to see the difference between window shoppers and highly-interested buyers just by looking at the keywords.

  1. I Help You Maximise Your Return on Advertising Investment

I know that Google Ads can seem like a bit of a hit-or-miss. Some days your ads are working great, while others they’re not performing well and you have no idea why that is.

Google Ads can be confusing.

But in order to run successful ads (and be able to repeat that success in the future), you need to understand how every part of your ad contributes to your success.

I’ll help you and your team with that. You’ll learn what works, and how to implement it every time you run a Google Ads campaign.

In the long term, understanding how (and why) your ads perform will help you increase your ROAS (return on advertising investment):

  • Carefully select bidding strategies that get you the most sales for each pound spent
  • Eliminate aspects that increase your CPC unnecessarily
  • Improve your ad quality and get better placement
  • Increase your ROI with complete predictability

And more!

  1. Coaching Improves Your Ad Quality (and Saves Money)

 Google Ads can be overwhelming. If you’re a business owner, you try very hard to make sure your ad is appealing to customers. But a second, professional pair of eyes can make sure that every element and part of your ad convinces searchers to become your customers.

This means that…

  • Your ad creative (copy, images, and so on) will perform well
  • You will make use of every Google Ads element and integration you need
  • Your calls-to-action (CTAs) will be truly actionable and compel searchers to take action

And more!

Since platforms like Google Ads offer a plethora of options, they’re definitely overwhelming for a small team or an independent business owner. Some of them are quite tricky to implement.

Fortunately, that’s what I can help with. You just have to tell me what your goal is, and I’ll make sure you get there. I’ll offer professional insight on ad creatives, targeting, and new Google Ads features that you may not have even considered.

And the more relevant your Google ads are, the higher will your Quality Score be. This affects your cost-per-click. If your ads are perceived as really relevant, you’ll pay less and get better results.

  1. Coaching Helps You Create a Sustainable Advertising Strategy

When you start working with me, you’ll see that Google advertising doesn’t have to be something you do once in a while to give your sales a boost.

Instead, you can create a sustainable advertising ecosystem that consistently sends you new leads and customers (without breaking the bank).

Since every ad you run will be optimised for searchers, your cost-per-click will be much lower, and you’ll get better results.

I’ll also show you other Google Ads strategies, such as cost-effective remarketing.

Ultimately, you and I will create a formula that will help you grow your business.

 6. Google Ads Coaches Can Train You or Your Team to Create Great Ads

While I offer done-for-you Google Ads services, I can also teach you how to set up your own Google Ads and make sure they perform really, really well.

In that respect, Google Ads coaching is a much better alternative to courses.

Courses are never personalised. It’s hard to implement course material in your own campaigns.

My Google Ads coaching gives you a personalised action plan that works for your business.

Think of it as a map: we start with your goals, and then outline the steps you need to take to achieve them. You don’t have to go down the Google rabbit hole to make sure you’ve set up everything properly.

All you have to do is implement the suggestions, and you’ll learn how to do it during our coaching sessions.

If you want your staff trained, no problem!

I’ll show your staff how to set up great Google Ads campaigns, and make sure they perform well by monitoring and optimising them.

  1. We’ll Make Sure Your Landing Page Converts Well, too!

After a searcher clicks on your ad, they’re directed to your landing page. Its main goal is to convince them that your product is exactly what you advertised, and that they need it.

Unfortunately, people often focus too much on ads, and then simply direct customers to the home page or the category page.

Maybe you have one landing page for all your ads.

I’m here to take a look at not only your ads, but your landing pages, as well, to make sure that every part of your Google Ads campaign does what it should do:


I’ll show you how to optimise your landing pages.

From implementing new elements, to adjusting the copy so that it addresses your specific audience, and more!

Why are Google Ads landing pages important? To put it simply, they have to reinforce searcher intent, and they have to be relevant. This way, they convert better on sight, and that increases your ad Quality Score so that you pay less for better placement.

  1. I’ll Answer All Your Questions

“I heard about dynamic ads, do we need them?”

 “What’s retargeting and how do I get everything set up?”

 “Why are my competitors’ ads ranking higher than mine?”

 “How can I get cheaper conversions from my ads?”

No matter the question, I’ll analyse your situation and provide you with answers and takeaways that you can implement.

I’ve been working with Google Ads since 2008 (I was the first person to launch Google AdWords training in Europe, actually), so I know the ins and outs of the platform.

I was there when they first became popular, I’ve kept an eye on new developments, and implemented effective strategies for thousands of clients.

So if you’re frustrated with agencies who keep you in the dark and tell you that there’s no accounting for performance, I feel you.

But I know your experience can be much better. There are proven ways to sustain and scale your advertising campaigns. You can monitor your performance, no matter what agencies may tell you. And you can make sure every part of you campaign works perfectly.

With that in mind, let me start answering your questions right away!

Frequently Asked Questions about Google Ads Coaching

  1. Do I need Google Ads coaching if my ads are already performing well?

I sincerely recommend it, especially if you (or your team) have stuck to only one thing that’s been working well for you.

There might be much better ways to get more customers for less.

We’ll discover new methods and optimise your campaigns so that you pay less to acquire every customer.

So if your ads are performing well already, that’s fantastic! Congratulations! Let’s see what you’re doing right, what else you could be doing, and create an incredible (and sustainable) advertising strategy for your business.

  1. Are you just going to look at my keywords?

No. I’ll also look at:

  • Your competitors
  • Your ad creative
  • Elements you use in your ad
  • Your ad history and performance
  • Landing pages

And more!

I’ll leave no part of your Google Ads campaigns untouched so that you see the bigger picture of your advertising campaigns and know exactly how every element contributes to your sales.

  1. Do I even need Google Ads? Aren’t Google Ads just for online businesses?

Did you know that 46% of all Google searches are local?

Think about it: you need to buy home renovation supplies. Who do you turn to? Google.

You need cleaning services? Google.

The list goes on.

Online businesses have been the first ones to leverage Google Ads, but today they’re effective for local, and other types of businesses.

Your strategy should be different, of course.

For example, I’ll certainly mention your local keyword strategy in our session. But the crux of it stays the same: Google Ads displays your business to people looking for businesses like yours.

Unlike social media ads, Google Ads allow you to reach people who are ready to buy. You don’t have to convince them that they need your product in the first place.

  1. I’ve tried online courses, but that hasn’t worked for me. Why should I work with you?

To be completely honest with you, I’m not surprised courses haven’t worked for you.

They’re great for advertisers and marketers who need theoretical information. They’re also not personalised. They can’t take your unique situation and audience into account.

But what you need is practical information – tips and strategies you can implement right away to increase your sales.

With courses, you have to figure out a way to adapt the course material to your unique ad campaign.

With my coaching, you’ll get personalised plans and strategies. You just have to press ‘Start’ and you’ll be good to go!

(No extra study sessions needed.)

So if you’re ready to increase your sales, get in touch with me. Let’s chat about your Google Ads!

You can book in here for your first coaching call for £350, which includes a comprehensive video audit.

If you have any queries look at my contact page.