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I’ve been coaching Google Ads for the past 14 years. Some of the coaches active today were originally trained by me (as were many Google Ads agency owners), and I was the first person worldwide to offer specific Google AdWords training courses back in 2007/8.

With that said, my digital marketing coaching and mentoring are not for everybody – there’s a specific type of person that gets the most out of working with me. In this post, I’ll be describing that person so that you are able to find out if my style is a fit for you and your business.

Any Google coach who is comfortable saying that “they work with every type of person or business type” simply hasn’t worked with enough people to realise how damaging that statement is.

And this applies universally to all of marketing, too. This is not just a Google Ads thing.

Leads are not created equally and the biggest impact my coaching consistently creates is also impossible to measure by looking at the data inside of your Google ads account. It is subjective, and can only be measured in terms of lead quality. 

Google ads cannot easily measure lead quality and the numbers inside of your account will never give you the answers to the two questions that are truly important for your business:

  • How do I repel customers that are wasting mine/my team’s time, and don’t spend very much?
  • How do I consistently attract high-quality customers that go on to spend large sums of money with my business?

The answers to those questions are written between the lines. I am demonstrating how this is done with the words you are currently reading.

You do not improve lead quality by solely focusing on numbers inside your account. You improve lead quality through better messaging and the top-level strategy that sits behind your keywords and campaigns.

This can only be measured in the business’s bank account after the campaigns have been launched, in the quality of the people that you go on to work with, and the lifetime value of your customers.

This is what makes my coaching unique.

I combine the objective (data inside your Google ads account) with the subjective (the way you communicate with your leads).

This is the stuff that is challenging to learn, let alone teach. But it’s incredibly important, and it’s this kind of marketing psychology that will dramatically move the needle – shaping your business’s growth. 

My background is in teaching, making me uniquely qualified to help you internalise new information quickly – I generally expect to get results when working with people with just 1-2 hours per week.

I started my career as a high school teacher 18 years ago, and I’ve developed my Google Ads training after spending £695,000 of my money building my own businesses since 2007.  Managing ad budgets for other people is very different to putting your own money on the line. 

My ad campaigns had to work or I was out of business – I built a computer training company in 2007 and a marketing agency in 2009, selling both of these businesses before I moved to coaching full-time in 2012.

From there, I have taught 38,500 amount of people via my online programs. I have continuously refined my training for 14 years.

I am not regurgitating information. It pains me to see the state of the marketing industry and the influx of “coaches” with less than 2 years of experience. 

For me, this has been a continuous loop of learning, testing and teaching over the last 14 years, and I’ve constantly stayed up to date with everything that has changed with Google.

So, let’s get into the types of people and businesses that will benefit the most from my Google ads training.

Who Is My Google Ads Coaching For?

I have broad experience with all kinds of businesses from different industries. But my mentoring is not necessarily aimed at particular business types. It’s aimed at a particular type of person.

I am far more concerned with working with the right type of person, rather than the type of business. Our working relationship determines our success together – that relationship is people related. It’s not necessarily a business thing.

The right people are:

  • Easy to coach.
  • Know their target market well.
  • Implement changes quickly.
  • React without emotion.
  • Understand that this is a numbers game.
  • Very competitive.
  • Busy running their business.

So that’s the 10,000 ft view of my “right people”, and now I’ll elaborate.

First of all, there is a huge problem with CEOs who are looking to completely abdicate the responsibility for all of their marketing – and pass it all to a junior member of staff. 

Handing this off to an experienced marketing director or somebody who deeply understands your target market is fine.

But if you are a CEO with less than 10 staff and want to give all of this to somebody who has been working with you for less than 12 months, then you are probably heading down the wrong path.

There are some scenarios where this may be acceptable – but from my experience this will work in less than 1% of cases – it will only work when that member of staff is as motivated to build your business as you are, and knows the customers equally as well.

It’s incredibly rare for a junior member of staff to understand the way that your customers think – unless they have been talking to your customers for an extended period of time.

A good Google ads coach should be capable of helping you define your target market, to ask you the right questions – pulling insights out of you and using them to attract your perfect customers.

But they can’t do it all for you, because nobody knows your customers like you do. This is why I always stress the importance of the CEO working closely with their coach so that they retain oversight of it all the way through.

Now, I’m not saying that this is going to take weeks of a CEO’s time. Over the years I have refined a lot of the training, and typically only ask for an hour per week of the CEO’s time.

Generally, my coaching is aimed at more experienced entrepreneurs who have tested Google Ads so know how powerful it can be. My absolute ideal clients have used an agency already or been through multiple agencies – they are normally aware of the benefits and cost savings after a week of working with me.

People I work with tend to be fairly technically minded. Enough to get by. They are not phased by opening up Google Ads, but they understand that there is so much more to learn. Google Ads is constantly changing and they are excited to learn about those changes.

After a couple of coaching sessions, some of my clients go on to hire me to manage the ads for them – although this normally only applies to particularly busy CEOs with larger budgets. 

If you are unsure of whether or not we are fit to work together, you can always book a call with me to find out. 

Let’s move on now to some of the more technical aspects of my coaching – how it all works.

How Does My Google Ads Coaching Work?

If you already have a Google Ads account, the first thing I do is an audit – and I normally know what I am going to find, because the typical mistakes are pretty common.

Most of the time people set up their Google Ads account without understanding the strategy from start to finish. Keyword selection is one of the common issues that I find.

Even big successful agencies have a tendency to choose keywords that are not a fit for the business. The keywords are too basic, or too broad. They are too high up or low down in terms of intent. Businesses lose a lot of money with Google Ads when the intent behind the keywords does not match the ideal customer.

The major problem with most agencies (especially Google Premier Partners) is that the actual campaign builds are handed off to lower members of the team who have all passed their exams, but don’t understand the bigger picture.

They are too focused on the data, rather than attracting the right kind of client that will help the business hit their goals.

Another thing I find when talking to people is that they are ready to move forward, and they will say “okay great, I’m just going to go away to have the website designed, I’ll be back soon.” – this is a critical flaw in thinking.

The website has a massive impact on the success of the Google ads account. Any coach or agency who is working on your account without advising you on the state of your website is doing you a disservice.

I make this clear upfront so that people understand that our work together is not confined to the Google Ads account itself. My coaching affects everything connected to your account.

By aligning your website’s messaging with the keywords inside your account, it will increase the quality score inside of your Google ads account – this can make the difference between paying $1 and $10 for a single click.

We will also be looking at the huge impact of Artificial Intelligence on your Google ads when working together. Google’s AI is great, but so much of ads management today is about ensuring that Google is not draining your budget when using the AI.

There are still cases today where I have taken over accounts that have been through 3 or 4 agencies and nobody noticed that the automated sitelinks have been turned on.

These automated sitelinks are never best practice – AI is a long way away from crafting messaging better than a human can.

Some people have search partners turned on, or the display network turned on. I’ve had times where people think they have a retargeting campaign enabled, but it’s not actually confined to retargeting audiences. It’s actually opted into similar audiences meaning the campaign has zero chance of success. 

I understand I have gone down a bit of a technical rabbit hole here and so I’ll wrap up this post now.

My coaching is always tailored to your needs. I believe that any good coach will tailor the plan to fit the needs of the person, and this is especially important in marketing, where every customer thinks differently from the next.

My approach to teaching is through questions – it’s the only way to really get to the bottom of things. That way, the student arrives at the answer themselves – ensuring that they internalise what is being taught. 

If you are interested in learning more about my Google ads coaching and Google Ads consulting, then get in touch now!

By the way, I’ll add this here – YES I can work with you wherever you are in the world. I have clients across the globe.