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If you’re ready to grow your business but have enough on your plate without adding marketing to it, it’s time to hire a freelance digital marketing consultant!

Read on to learn everything about the advantages of working with a certified freelance marketing contractor, and find out how I can possibly help you!

What Is a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant?

A freelance digital marketer is an expert who creates and implements digital marketing campaigns and services for business owners like you. Unlike a full-time employee, you only contract their services when you need them. For example, if you’re launching a new product or your audience’s needs have changed, a freelance marketing contractor will leverage your unique position to drive more revenue.

What Does a Freelance Marketing Consultant Do?

  • Identify areas for improvement in your existing digital marketing strategy
  • Provide specialised advice for challenges you’re facing
  • Conduct audience research and help you achieve product-market fit
  • Create and manage campaigns across different channels (e.g. paid ads, social media, email)
  • Implement and monitor the results of your campaigns
  • Improve your engagement and communication
  • Execute tactics to help you increase your sales
  • Discover new opportunities

What Makes a Good Freelance Marketing Consultant?

You’ll encounter digital specialists all over the internet, but a good one is hard to find. Good freelance marketing consultants have years of experience in executing successful campaigns for their clients. They have a proven track record of improving business results across various initiatives in different industries.

You’re dealing with a good freelance marketing consultant if they:

  • Show you examples of successful initiatives they’ve created and managed
  • Stay up to date on the latest online marketing trends and data
  • Have 3+ years of experience in the industry
  • Accurately analyse your challenges and provide measurable goals
  • Spot opportunities your business can leverage

Even if you’re unsure about different channels and your marketing goals, contractors like me will be able to sit down with you, explain the opportunities and the challenges, and help you solidify your goals and your strategy.

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Six Advantages of Hiring a Freelance Marketing Consultant

An independent freelance marketing expert will:

  • Increase your sales
  • Save your time
  • Save your money
  • Increase your marketing’s cost-effectiveness
  • Provide resources and expertise
  • Work with you from anywhere

1. Increase Your Sales by Hiring a Freelance Digital Consultant


Your digital marketing specialist has the skills needed to assess your industry, competition, and your business so they can position you in a way that’s appealing to your audience. This directly translates to your sales numbers, especially when you consider…

Proven (and Innovative) Strategies

A laptop showing a marketing consultant's charts and results

As professionals who have experience in your industry and with challenges similar to yours, freelance digital marketing consultants may leverage proven strategies that helped their previous clients grow. And since they stay on top of recent developments in marketing, they can create innovative strategies that resonate with your target audience.

Specific Areas of Expertise

Some digital marketing consultants are so-called T-shaped marketers, covering various areas (from social media to paid advertising). Others specialise in the most profitable channels for your business:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Content marketing

With a paid advertising digital marketing consultant such as myself, your Google Ads campaigns and Facebook Ad campaigns will be cost-effective and drive highly qualified leads to your website.

Repeat Customers

Think of retargeting as a follow-up email to a new lead. Since repeat customers represent more than 60% of revenue, a freelance marketing consultant familiar with paid advertising will set up and monitor your retargeting campaigns. They’ll reach people who have already purchased from you or expressed interest in your products or services by visiting your website (at a much lower cost).

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2. Save Time with Freelance Marketing Consultants

Independent Work

Forget about 30 days to onboard a new marketing hire. A good consultant will only need a few calls to get acquainted with your business and your goals. From there, they’ll only schedule a few follow-up calls to make sure your strategy is generating the results you need. I require no hand-holding, so you can focus on running your business.


Experts such as myself have sharpened their analytical skills over time, so they’re able to zero in on challenges and opportunities, getting you results faster than anyone else. You’d have to research different problems for weeks to try and devise a potential solution. Thanks to my experience, I can get you there in a matter of hours.

Get More Time to Run Your Business

Time is money, and working with a freelance marketing consultant opens up your schedule to other business-critical activities. If your consultant stays focused on promoting and advertising your products, you can focus on other facets of your professional (or personal) life.

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3. Flexible Commitment

Short-Term Collaboration

If your business is new, you don’t want to spend your budget on a full-time marketing hire. Instead, focus on specific projects and hire a marketing specialist who specialises in your target area. You can choose to end the contract and reallocate your budget to other initiatives when the campaign is over, should you so wish. And of course, you can simply get in touch with your freelancer when you’re ready to work with them again!

An oval image showing charts and graphs and a consultant at work creating them

Long-Term Collaboration

If you decide to continue working with a freelance marketing consultant, you can easily negotiate favourable terms. Since their services are on-demand, the rates are better than full-time hiring, and you can still tap into their expertise. This time, we’re acquainted with your business, and we can keep doing more fantastic work for you.

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4. Freelance Marketing Consultants Save You Money

No Additional Expenses

Unlike a full-time hire, you’re not expected to pay your freelance consultant a salary or additional contributions and benefits. No need to worry about paid time off or sick leave, either! All you have to pay is the agreed-upon rate, allowing you to keep your budget under control.

Are There Any Other Costs with Freelance Marketers?

No – you won’t be expected to pay for office supplies or additional tools a freelance marketing consultant may need. We’re business owners ourselves, so all you’ll have to think about is the fantastic results coming down the line.

Services on Demand

Only contract my marketing services when you need them, be that for a project or an ongoing arrangement. You can easily define the scope and the budget, allowing you to control the costs as you scale.


5. Freelance Marketing Consultants Give You More Resources


If you try to create a successful marketing strategy on your own, you’ll come across various barriers. On the other hand, a freelance marketing consultant has the right tools and knowledge of when to use them, thanks to their extensive experience. We intercept any challenges and risks even before they appear.

Analytical Skills

Before creating a new marketing strategy, you need to know where you’re excelling and where you’re flopping. Since freelance marketing consultants have experience with hundreds of clients, they know what to look for. For example, an ad campaign may not be working because of poor account structure or bad copy. Thanks to my experience, I can easily fix it for you.

A flowchart image showing consulting in the centre with the difference services around the outside

The Right Tools

Freelance digital marketing consultants have an arsenal full of tools, team members, and equipment. From designers to come up with your ad creatives to website developers and copywriters (if that’s what you need), freelance marketing consultants have a vast network of contacts they can engage to produce profitable campaigns.

The Right Solutions

Instead of “trying” to fix a marketing problem and applying various tactics without knowing which one can solve your problem, hire a freelance marketing consultant. After they pinpoint the problem, they’ll know which solution to apply.

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6. Freelance Marketing Contractors Work from Anywhere

Remote Work

You’re not constrained to your area when hiring a freelance marketing consultant. Instead, you can tap into the top talent – regardless of their location.

Asynchronous Tools

While a good consultant will want to hop on a call to update you on progress, the majority of your day-to-day communication can be through tools for asynchronous communication. From email and Slack to project planning tools, you’ll stay in the loop without having to reach out actively or people-manage.

Hire a freelance marketing consultant with 15+ years of experience

How Do I Hire a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant?

Step 1. What Do You Need Them to Do?

Before hiring a freelance digital marketing consultant, define the following:

  • Objectives – what do you want to achieve?
  • Challenges – what challenges do you want a freelance digital consultant to resolve for your business?
  • Duration – do you need the consultant for a one-off engagement or long-term collaboration?
  • Budget

Step 2. Find Digital Marketing Consultants

You can find digital marketing consultants through a variety of channels:

  • Referrals
  • Platforms
  • Direct outreach

Step 3. Interview Digital Marketing Consultants

When hiring a digital marketing consultant, you want someone experienced and dedicated to your success. The ideal candidate should:

  • Have extensive experience with businesses your size or your industry
  • Provide testimonials of work with previous clients
  • Discuss your goals with you
  • Suggest potential optimisations

For example, I always conduct a free introductory call to learn more about you and your business.

Step 4. Start Working with Your Consultant

Once you’ve found the right person, it’s time to get to work! The best freelance digital marketing consultants have a collaborative approach, so, in the beginning, expect to communicate frequently and in-depth. Later on, the communication is focused on updates and success evaluation.

Ready to Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Get in touch with me today! I’ve resolved numerous marketing challenges for business owners in the past fifteen years. Some of the services my consultancy provides include:

Ads Digital Marketing Consultant

Get a predictable lead generation process through paid advertising, so you’re only attracting high-quality leads that are ready to purchase your products. I’ll ensure your Google Ads campaigns and Facebook Ads are set up correctly (I’m the author of 5 different books on Internet Marketing, you can check out my latest Google Ads book here) :

  • Reduce your CPC
  • Increase your conversions
  • Your copy is optimised for conversion
  • Retargeting existing customers and website visitors
  • Metrics displaying accurate results, regardless of the channel mix

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Marketing Strategy

Unsure of how to make your Google Ads, social media, and other initiatives work together? I’ll implement and manage campaigns that will allow all your advertising elements to get the best of each other.

Qualified Lead Generation

Any marketing tactic will get you leads. But only a marketing strategy targeting the right people will get you qualified leads. I specialise in the latter so you see better ROI faster.

Approach Tailored to Your Needs

Every business is different. We’ll resolve your challenges together, so you get more opportunities to reach out to your audience – and win them over!

Are you ready to grow your business?

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