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Various platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube

Are you looking for an outstanding freelance social media marketing consultant or trainer to help you sell online?

Great, I love to help!

Whether you’re looking for help with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google or all of the above, working with a freelance social media specialist is ideal for you.

Freelance Social Media Consultant

Perhaps you’d like to learn how to attract new fans and followers on an ongoing basis?

Or more importantly, perhaps you’d like to create a social media presence that delivers profit and impacting your bottom line?

Maybe you’d like training for your team and how to manage the social media accounts effectively?

Organic Or Paid Social Media?

Whether you’re looking for help managing profiles organically or using a variety of ad platforms to reach a bigger audience and achieve a faster ROI, a social media trainer or consultant is ideally placed to assist.

Wherever You Are, I Can Help

12 benefits of social media

While based in Bristol, UK, I work remotely as a paid social media consultant and adviser with my clients across the globe via weekly Zoom calls.

I do this by working one-on-one with the CEO, or working with their teams.

If I work with your team, we can record sessions and build up a training library for your team so that knowledge doesn’t disappear if a member of staff leaves.

I’ve Been teaching Online Marketing Since 2008

I’ve been selling and teaching online since 2008 (I was the first person in Europe to launch face to face PPC Ad training, back in 2008, subsequently releasing it on DVD – ask me for a free copy as I have still have a stack in the office!)

I’m a firm believer that every business owner needs a deep understanding of how marketing works to help them achieve their sales goals.

Fast forward to 2013, and  I launched my first Facebook course when Facebook pages and Facebook ads were brand-new, and over 250 people signed up. I very rapidly realised that many business owners had a strong interest in learning social media for their brand!

As well as assisting with Social Media Training, Coaching & Consulting , I also teach train and coach in both Google Ads coaching and SEO lead generation.  I also advise extensively on email marketing, and how social media feeds into your email strategy. In addition, my team and I also manage clients’ accounts via my social media marketing consultancy. In particular, I am a digital marketing coach and social media growth expert- with the aim of helping you pick the right platform to get selling fastest, thereby ensuring a fast ROI,

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My Approach

Social media consulting can help reduce stress
Need help reducing stress from social media overwhelm?

My approach is consultative.

I always prefer to partner with the CEO wherever possible to ensure full implementation of your vision for the business across all social media channels.

This means that while I may spend much of the time working with your team, I need to spend time with you to ensure we get this right. Throughout the process, I will work as a social media trainer with you and your team to ensure I pass on the required knowledge so you can manage the accounts yourselves profitably.

In my opinion, marketing cannot be abdicated if you want to ensure it matches your vision. I firmly believe that partnering with you will bring you the best ROI.

Which Forms of Social Media Platforms To Use?

Do you need to be on every single platform, or should we start by focusing on one or two?

This will be a key question.

At the very least, you want to ensure you have pixels down for all relevant marketing platforms on your website, to allow you to target audiences whenever you choose.

What’s Already Working For You Right Now to Attract The Best Leads?

Social media marketing consultant suggests optimum posting frequency

I’ll start by carrying out an audit of your current social media marketing.

  • What’s working?
  • What isn’t working?
  • Is your conversion tracking set up correctly?
  • How many touches are being tracked?
  • Are you following people across multiple platforms (for example remarketing to those who visit on Facebook onto Twitter? And vice versa?)
  • What use are you making of existing customer lists? Have you uploaded them to all the platforms to encourage them to come back and repeat buy (if relevant)?

In this circumstance, it is often best to simply create a new campaign. Consultants can establish a functioning and accurate PPC project with ease. They can do this much better than a small business owner who has little experience with online marketing.

What Are Your Competitors Doing on Social Media?

This is a key part of my approach. Together we will analyse all the currently top performing Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Snapchat Ads (and Google Ads) and more to see what’s doing well.

  • What’s getting the most engagement on your competitors’ social media platforms?
  • Which ads are appearing most often so we can presume it’s making money for that brand?
  • What clever ideas do we see in other markets that we can bring into yours?

Get In Touch Now

If you’re looking for a great freelance social media consultant then please get in touch for a consultation. Why not connect with me on LinkedIn, drop me a message or simply set up a call today? I’d love to see how I can help you develop a high ROI social media strategy.