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Attract Top-Quality Clients with an Expert B2B Marketing Consultant

There have never been more buyers. But lead quality has never been poorer. As an experienced B2B marketing consultant, I help leaders develop solutions for predictable high-ticket lead generation. 

Who Am I?

My name is Claire Jarrett, and I have been a B2B marketing consultant since 2008.

Having grown and sold multiple businesses of my own, I understand the challenges you face in an ever-changing environment.

Throughout the past 15 years, I’ve specialised in helping CEOs and business owners increase their lead quality and quantity as a consultant and a fractional Chief Marketing Officer. 

Business Marketing Solutions for Leaders

As the CEO or Marketing Director, you have the best knowledge of your target market.

When we team up, we turn your insights into powerful strategies that:

  • Build bridges to your ideal customers
  • Keep low-quality prospects out of your funnel

My training is best suited for leaders. 

We’re the right fit if you’re ambitious, results-driven, and ready to turn changes into competitive advantages.

Why Isn’t My Training for Junior Roles?

I bring a fresh approach and decades of experience to the table. But I don’t have your context. I don’t know why you chose to take up a particular strategy now and which methods didn’t work for you a few years ago.

This is all crucial knowledge that junior staff members don’t have and can’t share with me.

They focus on the present. You understand the past, and you’re busy building the future.

Only you and I can shape a comprehensive strategy to:

  • Craft the right message for the right buyers
  • Select the best possible distribution mix
  • Create a tracking & optimisation framework

A few hours per week is enough to start seeing results. You don’t have to commit to extensive consulting sessions. Most of my C-suite clients see results with as little as one or two hours each week.

Receive Specialist Help in Key B2B Marketing Areas

Google Ads

I’ve helped thousands of business owners and CEOs generate more high-quality leads through the only platform that commands the attention of millions of buyers daily.

Explore Google Ads solutions

Social Media

Reach thousands of potential leads effectively using the best of both worlds: organic and paid social media. Turn unprofitable Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube profiles into a social media presence that attracts highly-qualified B2B buyers.

Explore social media solutions

Go-To-Market Strategy

Do you know how to effectively reach only your ideal customers and avoid wasting money on the rest? My extensive experience helped me identify the most profitable channels for companies in different sectors, and, through my B2B marketing consultancy, I bring the benefits to you.

Customer Journey

Gain a deep understanding of every step in the path that leads clients to choose you. Reach them at the exact moment when they become ready to buy, and retain them with refined strategies.

Competitive Strategy

Learn from your competitors and win. I’ll help you shape a unique brand strategy to become your customers’ #1 choice. We’ll go beyond marketing to refine your offer and effectively communicate it to ideal buyers.

Tracking & Monitoring

If you constantly innovate in your marketing, make sure you’re getting data to steer smarter decisions. Cut through the trees to see the forest and integrate your tech stack for effectively marketing & sales collaboration.

What to Expect From My Business Marketing Consultancy

When you work with me, you’ll quickly find out that there are no insurmountable obstacles.

I will help you…

Develop Powerful Strategies

Most strategies fail because, just like leaky marketing funnels, they don’t account for every possible scenario. I’ve seen companies with fantastic offers that didn’t maximise their potential because of poorly selected channels.

I’ve also seen marketing teams increase their advertising budgets only to attract fewer leads because of a poor understanding of the buyer’s journey.

Depending on your needs, I can help you with your overall marketing strategy or specific improvement areas:

  • Lead generation strategy
  • Pay-Per-Click strategy
  • Social media strategy

Your new strategy will cover all avenues to maximise your returns from every marketing activity.

Turn Your Data into Insights

If you’re anything like the typical leader I work with, you’re hungry for all the data that shows you how to refine your strategy.

Unfortunately, more data doesn’t mean better data. 

Marketing teams have collapsed under the weight of so much information that it has become hard to extract insights. Directors start relying on “instinct,” paid advertising specialists kill campaigns before they’ve had a chance to shine because of emotion. Instead of data, you have subjectivity in all the wrong places.

We’ll combine your subjective knowledge of your target market with objective data to create robust solutions.

The real power of data lies in integration. I’ll show you how to track leads across your funnel, integrating outbound with sales tools so you can finally know with absolute certainty where your most profitable leads come from.

Break Down Silos

Are you truly maximising the potential of collaboration between marketing and sales in your company, or are you still arguing over MQLs?

I’ve worked with countless teams who came in struggling and came out with a plan that maximises buyers’ lifetime value throughout their entire life cycle.

You don’t have to struggle with silos or cross-departmental collaboration. There is a better way.

Our strategy will keep everyone on the same page.

Effectively Generate High-Ticket Leads

You don’t need a crystal ball to know which lead will turn into a profitable long-term client. All it takes is a good understanding of your market and your buyer’s behaviour.

Before we start generating leads, we need to:

  • Deeply understand your ideal buyer’s journey
  • Leverage your strengths
  • Differentiate your company against the competition

Forget about the spray & pray marketing approach. 

Drive results than don’t fizzle out.

Increase the Lifetime Value of Your Clients

A loyal customer is worth 10x more than a new customer. But your buyers’ lifetime value doesn’t start growing when your sales team closes a deal. It’s defined by their experience the first time they hear about your organisation.

You’ll see the impact of an effective brand strategy first-hand.

With over fifteen years of experience, I’ve seen the needs of business buyers change. I’ve seen the advertising ecosystem evolve.

Together, we’ll ensure your business is staying ahead.

I’ll show you how to build a predictable process to up-sell, cross-sell, and maximise the value of your ideal customers.

Fortify Your Position in the Market

Modern buyers move faster and expect more. If you’re not keeping up, you’re losing.

As a business marketing consultant, I specialise in preventing leaky funnels before you first spot the leakage. Together, we’ll identify and mitigate risks in your existing B2B marketing strategy so that you can come out on the other side stronger than your competitors.

Get solutions that make you competitive today and develop skills to stay competitive tomorrow.   

Find New Opportunities

When you’re deeply embedded in your business, you risk developing a case of tunnel vision. Instead of broadening your horizons to uncover new opportunities, you can’t see past the existing challenges.

A seasoned B2B marketing consultant provides a fresh perspective that unlocks new opportunities.

My academic background is in teaching. I don’t provide cookie-cutter responses your team will apply now and remain confused about making profound changes tomorrow. Instead, I’ll show you how to think about your market.

You’ll learn how to approach every new challenge proactively and increase your revenue.  

Whether your goal is to explore new markets or maximise the value of your existing customers, we’ll develop strategies that achieve your goals faster – and better.

Use Change to Advance Your Business

If changes don’t give your company a sense of excitement, something is wrong.

I’ll show you how to approach changes with excitement that generates more revenue (instead of fear of losing it).

So, while your competitors struggle to grasp the shifts, you’ll be faster and develop innovative go-to-market strategies.

How My B2B Marketing Consulting Works

One-on-One Strategy Call

Every company’s position in the market is unique. Before we start working, we’ll discuss your current situation: where is your company right now, and where does it want to be in 1, 2, and 5 years?

At this stage, I must understand the context behind your decisions and your Ideal Customer Profile.

Detailed Assessment

After better understanding your position, I’ll assess your existing strategy. Depending on your specific needs, I can focus on areas such as your outbound outreach or paid advertising.

If you’re launching a new initiative, I can work with you and your team to ensure your new project reaches the ideal customers.

At this stage, the key is to make sure that your tactics drive strategic growth. Often, companies have ambitious strategies but fail to follow through with the right channels.

Thanks to my extensive experience, I can suggest best practices for maximising the value out of every channel in your marketing mix.

Personalised Approach

Our one-on-one communication will take place in Zoom sessions. You’ll get recordings to review later yourself or share with your team to drive strategic alignment.

Should you decide to upskill your team, I can prepare a personalised team coaching plan to zero in on the key improvement areas.

Collaboration & Feedback

Based on your needs and historical context, I’ll prepare solutions that effectively win over more ideal customers for your business.

My approach is consultative, so I welcome your feedback and look forward to collaborating with you and your team.

We’ll iterate as we gain a deeper understanding of your audience.


Once we align on the solution, it’s time to implement it. Despite the common misconception that it’s enough to create a plan, correct implementation is crucial:

  • Do you have a monitoring & reporting framework?
  • How are you analysing incoming data and fitting it into your existing models?
  • Is your team 100% aligned?

Most Google Ads Consultants, PPC consultant, Freelance marketing consultant and B2B Marketing Consultant shrug and leave after creating a strategy. My team and I specialise in implementing it.

If you have questions, we’re still here. And when the leads start pouring in, I’ll show you where to direct them for the highest impact.

Transform Your Entire Funnel with an Expert B2B Marketing Consultant

Reach your ideal buyers without the headaches. I’ve helped thousands of businesses transform how they generate and retain customers.

Are you ready to become a name your customers will remember?