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Google Ads can deliver phenomenal returns, but only if you do it right. Improve your lead quality and make the most of your budget with an experienced Google Ads manager.

If you’re ready to take your Google Ads results to the next level, I’d love to help!

Who Am I? Meet Claire Jarrett, Google Ads Manager

I’m Claire Jarrett, and I’ve been maximising Google Ads ROI since 2007. As the first person in Europe to launch Google Ads training, I’ve used Google Ads methods to grow and sell two of my businesses. Today, I work with ambitious business owners who want to expand their businesses rapidly with the help of my ad management & coaching services. 

I’ve shared my knowledge in multiple bestselling books, helped thousands of businesses through Google Ads management, and experienced every Google Ads change. Today, I’d love to help you get higher returns on your advertising spend!

How my Google Ads Management service will help you grow


Improve your lead quality

You’re paying for the click – let’s make sure it’s worth it. Keep low-quality leads that don’t scale with your business out of your sales funnel with an advertising strategy aligned to your business goals.

Don’t cast a wide net – cast a net that captures your ideal customers. Spend more time upselling and less time qualifying leads who aren’t the right fit.


Increase your conversion rate

Make the most of every lead with precise targeting, compelling landing pages and competitive offers. Even if you have a lengthy sales cycle, we’ll get your prospects off the fence and into your garden with powerful remarketing campaigns.

Google Ads is a numbers game, but it’s also a game of knowing your audience. Let’s pair your deep market understanding with my AdWords expertise and give you the ROI you deserve!


Reduce your customer acquisition costs

Regardless of your industry or AOV, there is always a way to optimise your customer acquisition cost. We’ll dive into your sales funnel and strengthen its key areas with strategic AdWords management.

Capture & convert prospects when they’re ready to hear your offer. We’ll map your audience’s keyword journey and place your ads in front of them in the prime conversion time!


Lower your CPC

Ad agencies don’t go the extra mile to make your cost per click as low as possible.

I do. We’ll increase your ad Quality Score, so you compete effectively against other advertisers and stand out in top positions without paying more.

Reduce your cost per click and reinvest the savings into getting even more clicks! Google Ads is a lead generation powerhouse. Are you ready to make the most of it?

Expert Google AdWords Management Delivers Higher Returns on Your Advertising Spend

You don’t have to settle.

Not for inefficient keywords, not for less-than-optimal channels, and not for returns lower than you should be getting.

I’ve spent the past 15 years refining Google AdWords management strategies. Today, I deliver AdWords management solutions tailored to your company, so every penny in your budget goes further.

As I optimise your campaigns, rest easy knowing we’re using every tactic to reduce your cost per click. Once you decide to scale, we’ll double down to attract even more qualified customers.

Stay Ahead of the Google Ads Competition

…and stay in front of your customers. My Google Ads management service doesn’t just include your ads dashboard. We’ll leverage known and new tooling like AI to develop the best advertising solution for your business, be that Performance Max campaigns or multiple integrated ads that attract profitable leads at every funnel stage.

Don’t just compete. Stand out. Get the expertise your competitors are missing and higher ROI with trailblazing strategies.

Avoid mistakes. Tap into expertise.

Who Will Get the Best Results from My Google Ads Management Service?

I won’t tell you I work with everyone because…

That’s not true.

During the past fifteen years, my ads management service has worked best for business owners or leaders who are:

  • Easy to coach
  • Curious about changes
  • Knowledgeable about their target market
  • Ready to make data-driven decisions
  • Competitive and ambitious

If you have a marketing or advertising team, that’s fine. But when we first work together, we need to create a strategy that turns Google Ads into a highly profitable lead generation facility.

A strategy that bypasses low-quality leads who waste more time than they pay.

A strategy that attracts prospects enthusiastic about your offer.

I can launch a Google Ads campaign without you. But you’ll get phenomenal results if you and I plan Google Ads management together.

I bring the objective data to the table with analytics and best practices. You bring the subjective information from years (perhaps even decades) of working with your audience.

Your junior team members don’t possess your in-depth market knowledge. They don’t know how your audience thinks and feels.

They don’t know where your industry came from (and can’t predict where it’s going).

You do.

Don’t worry – I know you’re busy running your business. Most of my clients don’t spend more than 1-2 hours with me every couple of weeks. And once we set up the foundations, we only meet to review performance and plan exciting new campaigns.

Shorten your sales cycle with Google Ads management! Attract highly-qualified leads, tap into their core purchasing reasons, offer something for every stakeholder involved in the buying process, and convert on autopilot.

No matter if you want to experiment with account-based marketing, remarketing, or simply increase your sales velocity, Google Ads can help.

Get in touch and we’ll prepare a strategy that delights your clients and helps you exceed targets!

P.S. If you need assistance for your team, I’d be happy to provide B2B marketing and PPC consulting services that will teach them how to confidently manage your Google Ads account.

Reach your customers at the exact moment they’re ready to consider your offer! 

Stop wasting your money on ineffective keywords that put you in front of people still on the fence, and start bidding at the right stage of your customers’ keyword journey.

Experience more than just the Google Search placement – tap into Google Shopping, Display Campaigns, Performance Max, and more! We’ll identify the most profitable channels for your company.

Then, let’s maximise your click-through and conversion rates with a combination of campaigns that convert on auto-pilot!

(Yes, they convert even those leads you thought you had lost.)

Running your own eCommerce Google Ads can get overwhelming – trust me, I know. But with experience Google Ads management professionals, you can focus on running your business while we make sure your customers always know about your product quality.

Highlight special offers, run hyper-targeted campaigns across different placements (including Google Shopping), and get more out of Google Ads.

If you’re tired of running generic ads and hoping nothing goes out of stock while your campaign is still active, get in touch with me. I’ve been in the trenches of eCommerce Google Ads, and I can show you how to overcome every challenge to convert more with less!

What Does My Google Ads Management Service Include?

My Google Ads management service is perfect for leaders & business owners who want an efficient lead generation process.

As I manage your Google Ads account, I’ll share my knowledge with your team. You’ll learn how to think the Google Ads way and understand the systems behind the best advertising platform in the 21st century.

My Google Ads management service is fully tailored to your business:

If you or your team have already been hard at work running your campaigns, I’ll come in as a Google Ads consultant to help you optimise your existing setup. We’ll ensure you’re using the correct account structure, barring low-quality leads from entering your funnel from negative keywords, and doing everything you can to maximise your ROAS.

Stop turning your campaigns on and off, and start predictably generating top-quality leads.

Your buyer’s journey is closely related to the keywords in your Google Ads account. If you’re not mapping them, you’re missing out on conversions. We’ll define your Google Ads funnel according to your marketing funnel to ensure you run campaigns that deliver your ideal customers.

Depending on your business’s most effective ad types, I’ll ensure your keyword targeting (or search term targeting in the case of Performance Max campaigns) is setting you up for success.

My favourite trick in the Google Ads playbook? Cutting your CPC down to its minimum by increasing your ads’ Quality Score.

We’ll make your ads hyper-relevant to searchers who fit your ideal customer profile, so your ad position skyrockets (while keeping the costs down).

Technology is a big part of Google Ads, but it’s overwhelming to set up. My Google Ads management team and I will help you create the technical framework Google needs to accurately track and report on your primary and secondary conversions.

Run ambitious campaigns without worrying you’re doing something wrong. Use new ad types your competitors are afraid of and maximise your conversions repeatedly & reliably!

Don’t let your budget run away from you. Google Ads PPC campaigns require constant monitoring and optimisation. Only use smart bidding if you’re 100% sure what you’re doing!

Businesses often spend too much money on Google Ads without seeing their ROI increase proportionately. When scaling your campaigns, we’ll leverage every tool and optimisation technique to ensure you don’t just get more leads – but better leads.

With a professional Google Ads management service at your disposal, your budget will generate returns – minimal experimentation needed. 

We’ll work to reduce your Cost Per Click even further by making your ads more relevant to your audience. 

Take the plunge into the Google Ads world with an expert guide. I’ll strengthen your existing marketing strategy with refined & tested Google Ads PPC methods, including market and audience research, keyword research, competitive analysis, and complete optimisation.

When we work together, you’ll always have metrics to evaluate your campaign performance. I’ll keep you updated on the progress, and we’ll regularly audit your campaigns to ensure your ads cost-effectively reach the right people.

PPC advertising isn’t just keyword targeting. When I launched my training campaign in 2008, I researched my competitors first. One offered training CDs. Another offered free follow-up sessions. I offered both.

My Google AdWords management service goes beyond just keyword targeting. It’s my mission to communicate your value through Google Ads.

Every setting in your Google Manager dashboard affects your campaigns’ success (and cost), from ad scheduling to device targeting.

Make the most of your budget. I won’t only help you choose the right bidding strategy – I’ll help you find the perfect channels to increase your Google Ads profits.

From Responsive Search Ads to Performance Max campaigns (and GA4), I’ve tried it all. Together, we’ll make the most of Google Ads changes and new offers so you get results faster.

If you run your own Google Ads, you might be hesitant to experiment and try new, profitable channels. As certified Google Partners, my team and I always know what’s coming next, and we can help you leverage new channels without worrying if you’re doing it right. Focus on running your business while my Google Ads management service focuses on your leads!

How My Google Ads Management Works

Step 1. One-on-one strategy call

Before I look at your Google Ads account, I want to understand your business:

  • Where are you coming from?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • What makes your audience tick?
  • What gives you a marketing headache?

Google Ads can generate incredible profits, but we need to be strategic. Our one-on-one call will help us define the Google Ads management approach that convinces your ideal customers and maximises your existing customers’ value.

After determining areas for optimisation, we’ll define our strategy.

As a former teacher, my approach is consultative. I’ll develop a process that works for you with regular communication, so you quickly see the value of my Google Ads management service.

Step 2. Detailed Assessment

Next step: understanding your Google Ads account. In addition to setting up profitable campaigns, we’ll create an account structure that complements your sales funnel.

Forget about marketing attribution headaches. Google Ads will be perfectly integrated with the rest of your funnel, so you know where each new lead is coming from.

If you already run Google Ads campaigns, I will enhance your strategy to ensure you’re not leaving money on the table.

Step 3. Google AdWords Management

Once we’ve defined our strategy and your preferred collaboration process, I’ll take over or work with your team to quickly ramp up your Google Ads results.

You’ll get frequent updates and messages with a communication schedule, so you’re aware of performance and changes every step of the way.

Consultative Approach

Your campaigns and Google Ads grow with you. As you change strategies, discover new audience segments, or upskill your team, I’ll be here to support you.

I have extensive experience in B2B marketing that allows me to slot PPC perfectly into the broader world of your marketing.

Google Ads Are the Future of Advertising

8.5 billion searches every day. 99% of the world. More data than anyone else. Google Ads are here to stay.

The only question is: are you ready to turn Google into your personal marketing machine?

Get in touch with me and experience the world of highly-qualified leads, cutting-edge strategies your competitors still can’t implement, and results you’ll feel on your revenue.

Reliably. Repeatedly. Confidently.

Google Ads is a pivotal channel in your marketing book, so my team and I approach your AdWords account with your entire marketing strategy in mind. When you synchronise your Google Ads efforts with the rest of your marketing, you can provide a truly omnichannel experience to your customers.

And not only that – but you will experience improved results across the board all because you launched one expert-led Google Ads campaign!

Expert Google Ads Management Enhances Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Google Ads has the power to put you in front of millions of customers. With the right Google Ads management professional, you’ll increase your audience’s awareness and make them more susceptible to receiving your offer. You’ll gather priceless data on consumer habits so you know precisely when they’re ready to buy.

The data you receive from Google Ads and Google Analytics isn’t just for your campaigns – it will revitalise your entire digital marketing strategy.

Advertise and Strengthen Your Brand Experience with Google Ads Management

Don’t settle for being yet another nameless brand with an offer identical to your competitors. Do more and achieve more with professional Google Ads management that positions you as the #1 company in your industry.

With 10+ years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients across different verticals, my team and I will transform your standard Google Ads campaigns into versatile brand experiences.

When customers hear your name, they’ll think: that’s the company I want to work with.

The success doesn’t end once you convert them, either. Google Ads management helps you maximise your clients’ lifetime value so they stay with your company longer and become your most loyal customers.

Increase Your Click-Through Rate across Channels with PPC Google Ads Management

Google Ads can introduce you to your audience and convert them to customers, but every campaign you launch can drive success on other platforms. 

Once aware of your quality, your leads will be more likely to click on your remarketing ads, Google Search results, and social media content. Your email marketing will see increased open and click-through rates. 

After all, when customers are familiar with you thanks to your Google Ads campaign positioning, they’ll trust you more – no matter the channel.

Let PPC Advertising Fuel Your Google Search Success

Google Ads may not increase your SEO rankings, but they can help significantly. If your landing pages, offers, and ad copy position you as an expert, customers won’t just see your ads – they’ll actively search for your company.

We specialise in branded campaigns that allow you to reach leads already considering your company as their solution. Add content that showcases your expertise, and with data, you’ll come out on top!

Google Ads Management You Can Trust

Outshine your competitors with the right channels and the right people.

Together, we’ll give you the ROAS your company deserves.