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On this page you’ll find a series of short video training tutorials that I’ve recorded as part of my Google Ads Coaching and Google Ads Consultancy.

12. How to identify Invalid Clicks & Spot if you’re a victim of Click Fraud!

11. How to target your Google Ads campaigns correctly by location (and avoid Click Fraud!)

10. How to add a client account to your Google Ads MCC

9. How to add a call extension to your Google Ads account

8. How to optimise your Google Ads bidding for age, gender and income

7. How to copy and paste adverts in Google Ads

6. How To Optimise Your Google Ads Bidding For Mobile Phones and Tablets

5. How, why and when to use Shared Campaign budgets in Google Ads

4. How and why to add negative keywords to your Google Ads account

3. How to prevent competitors from clicking on your Google Ads

2. How to check what your agency or team member are doing in your Google Ads account

1. How to check who is bidding against you in Google Ads