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Google Ads are amazing. We love them, and you should too! Let’s take a look at the reasons why:

They get IMMEDIATE results

You can set up a quick Google Ads campaign and be live within minutes. Your phone could be ringing just 15 minutes from now with people wanting to buy what you sell. No other form of advertising works as quickly!

99% of businesses can use them

Most businesses can use Google Ads – from small local businesses to large national retailers.

Whatever the size and type of business you run, Google Ads will work for you.  And the best bit? Small or new businesses can quickly compete with their larger, more established competitors, limited only by the quality of the website they are sending prospects to visit. 

There are exceptions, of course, for specific business types that Google will not permit to advertise. These are listed here.

It’s easy to see what’s working

Fifteen years ago, when radio, TV and magazine advertising prevailed, we had no idea how to track whether our campaigns were working effectively.

As of today using Google Ads, we can track every single phone call, form submission and every single click!

By carefully monitoring which keywords are bringing in leads, it’s possible to optimise our Google Ads campaigns and focus only on the specific keywords that make us money.

Anyone can set them up

Whatever your level of IT expertise, you can set up a Google Ads account and watch as it brings you leads. 

The Google Ads interface is available on your PC, tablet and phone – allowing you to create and edit ads on the go.

With a little “TLC” your results will increase exponentially

It’s a bit like playing Mario Kart. That game we all love to play and get better at.

The longer you spend “playing” the Google Ads game, the more you, and your business will reap the rewards.

Taking a few hours to optimise your account will increase your results hugely.

Find the time to do a few simple tasks, such as:

  1. Identify “longer-tail” keywords that few of your competitors are bidding upon
  2. Compare your landing pages to those of competitors and then tweak yours so that yours are “better” than theirs.
  3. Take the time to set up multiple forms of tracking so you can identify which keywords are creating your phone calls, form submissions, Facebook messages etc.
  4. Split your Ad Groups up further – ensure that there are just a handful of related keywords in each Group
  5. Focus on Quality Score(QS) – QS is the key to getting costs down. Make yours better by writing better ads, creating landing pages your visitors love and making sure you don’t stuff your Ad Groups with dozens of keywords.

What do you think of Google Ads? Have you used them? Are they working for you? Come and tell us about your experiences.

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