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Why you MUST get your business on Google+

by  clairejarrett on  September 11, 2012
Google Google Places Example

This guest post by Shaun Graham will show you why you can no longer afford to ignore the recent changes in Google+ and Google Pages. Ok so many of you may read this article and say “we know this already!”, if you do then I […]

What benefits will your small business get out of local SEO?

by  danielblinman on  August 21, 2012
Love Local Listings

Keeping things local – is it of any use? Let’s think about it. We all love local things, whether it’s local to the UK or local to your geographical area. In fact, local emphasis is so big that many big brands are the first to […]

How Google+ Local can boost your business online

by  danielblinman on  June 22, 2012
Zagat Review

Type a phrase in to Google such as ‘bike shop in Bristol’ and you may notice a few changes in the SERP’s. Welcome to the world of Google+ Local, a beautifully simple way of sharing and discovering information about your local area. As part of […]

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