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$10,000 of Free AdWords Credits for Non-Profits / Charities

Free Google Grants

Do you run a charity or non-profit or do you know of someone who does?

Are they aware they can claim $10,000 per month of totally FREE Google AdWords credits to help them raise funds?

Here are some ways charities we have worked with have used their Google Grant:

Free Google Grants

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  • Advertising for marathon runners to run on their behalf
  • Recycling laptops
  • Selling online music downloads
  • Selling gifts
  • Many others!

Remember you DO NOT have to pay anyone to set it up as you can do this yourself.  But if you don’t set it up correctly, your application – which takes up to 3 months to be reviewed may fail –  and you will then have to wait another 3 months to get it reviewed again once you’ve made the changes!

So it may be worth considering hiring me as a specialist to get your account up and running, and then optimize it on a weekly basis.

To apply to Google today, click here (USA) or click here (UK)

Alternatively, for more help and advice, get in touch with me today calling +44 1454 838793 or emailing me at claire AT




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