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Why making a loss on Google AdWords can be a GREAT strategy

by  clairejarrett on  May 23, 2012
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I’m often asked what is an average return on Google AdWords and people often presume AdWords will pay for itself immediately.  While of course this depends partially on your market, and the skill of your AdWords agency; it’s worth bearing in mind that it can […]

Top Ten Tips for using Google AdWords

by  clairejarrett on  September 3, 2010

Top Ten Tips for using Google AdWords

The Small Business Guide to Internet Marketing

by  clairejarrett on  June 21, 2010

A website can act as an unpaid sales person, 24 hours per day for you – if you let it. There are millions of people searching online now, some of whom are seeking your products and services. It makes sense to capture these people, and […]

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