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Increasing the Lifetime Value of Customers for Tradespeople

by  clairejarrett on  October 9, 2012
Lock and Key

For some trades – such as plumbers, electricians, locksmiths – it can be hard to imagine how you can get repeat business from your customer, after all that type of emergency doesn’t happen to customers every week! But today, I’d like to  consider a rarely […]

How to Build Engaged Facebook Fans Fast Using PPC

by  clairejarrett on  September 6, 2012
facebook sponsored story

Is your Facebook Page just sat there, with a handful of fans – probably friends, family and colleagues? That’s not much help to your business is it? Before we go any further, bear in mind you do need a small bank of fans as you […]

What benefits will your small business get out of local SEO?

by  danielblinman on  August 21, 2012
Love Local Listings

Keeping things local – is it of any use? Let’s think about it. We all love local things, whether it’s local to the UK or local to your geographical area. In fact, local emphasis is so big that many big brands are the first to […]

Is it all about the likes?

Gaining followers and liking things on social media has almost become a sort of cult. Almost every web page has a ‘like’ button attached nowadays and almost every business is following every Tom, Dick, and Harry just to try and gain a few new followers. However, […]

Can having your own blog really help your SEO?

by  danielblinman on  August 1, 2012
Can blogs help SEO

The online marketing times have changed considerably over the last year or two. SEO has rapidly evolved from being a game of beating Google with underhand methods to being a game of working with Google using strictly white hat techniques. Nowadays, the only way to […]

3 Twitter marketing tips that will make you rule the roost

by  danielblinman on  July 9, 2012

Social media is a great way to attract a few extra eyeballs to your business and target an audience that have a genuine interest in your products or services. Twitter is a social media platform that can be a nice, profitable endeavour…if it is used […]


What is Foursquare you ask? Well, if you haven’t heard of Foursquare already then you could be missing out. Foursquare is a free application that has been making quite a storm. It has been developed as a kind of real-life ‘social bookmark’. When you’re out […]

Does Local Search Matter?

by  clairejarrett on  August 5, 2011

Recently, you may have heard people talking more and more about local search. For the uninitiated, local search refers to things such as SEO or PPC adverts tailored to a local audience or posibly making use of features such as Foursquare or Facebook ‘check in’ to promote […]

What is Google +1 and how will it affect my website?

by  clairejarrett on  June 13, 2011
What is Google +1 and how will it affect my website?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about Google +1, the new ‘button’ from Google that allows people to ‘vote’ for your site and could affect your Google positions in some instances. So, firstly: What is Google +1? Google tell us that: Adding +1 buttons […]

How to set up Remarketing in Google AdWords

by  clairejarrett on  March 3, 2011
How to set up Remarketing in Google AdWords

Remarketing allows you to target visitors who have been to your website, and allows you to “follow” them across the web.  This occurs because many websites have Google ads – called Google Adsense installed.  Your adverts can appear in these advert slots, giving quite a […]

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