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What is Google +1 and how will it affect my website?

by  clairejarrett on  June 13, 2011
What is Google +1 and how will it affect my website?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about Google +1, the new ‘button’ from Google that allows people to ‘vote’ for your site and could affect your Google positions in some instances. So, firstly: What is Google +1? Google tell us that: Adding +1 buttons […]

Using adwords to test keywords

by  clairejarrett on  February 10, 2011

I often recommend that clients use AdWords to test which keywords will work for them, before they start on an SEO campaign, going to the trouble of altering metatags and page copy, only to realise they have chosen the incorrect keywords. A test AdWords campaign […]

Running a test campaign in Google AdWords on a small budget

by  clairejarrett on  May 18, 2010

If your budget is limited – consider running a test campaign in Google AdWords. I suggest starting off with just a few of your high margin products if your website is an ecommerce siteĀ  – otherwise if your website is selling services, select just a […]

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