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3 Twitter marketing tips that will make you rule the roost


Social media is a great way to attract a few extra eyeballs to your business and target an audience that have a genuine interest in your products or services. Twitter is a social media platform that can be a nice, profitable endeavour…if it is used correctly. Here are a few clever tips to ensure you fly high on twitter.

Don’t follow the world, follow your business

When I first joined Twitter I made a key mistake of following everybody in the hope that I’d gain a load of followers in return. Now, although I did get quite a few followers using this method, they were mainly redundant followers who had no interest in me or my life. This eventually led to an untidy Twitter account full of people who I meant nothing to and they meant nothing to me.

If you want to spread your business wings on Twitter then the best way to do this is to follow people who can benefit your business or you can benefit from. A great strategy is to start by following the people who follow your competitors. Then follow other potential clients, people who have a genuine interest in your business niche, and people who are in your business niche who you could have mutual beneficial relationships with. Do this, and you’ll be on your way to a successful Twitter campaign.

Don’t be afraid to tweet a few tips

Many business owners feel that their advice is worth time and money. Well, that may well be, but you need to focus on the bigger picture. If you followed the above step, then a large group of your followers are going to be people who could genuinely become clients or add value to your business.

The next step is to show these people that you know what you’re talking about. If you tweet away a few insider secrets (doesn’t have to be anything too involved), then not only will you be giving your followers valuable advice that will keep them following you, you’ll also be displaying your knowledge and authority in your business niche. If you look like you know your stuff then the clients will soon be knocking at your door.

Don’t make every tweet a sales pitch

People do not use Twitter to be pitched at all day. In fact, if you do nothing but promote your products or services then don’t be surprised if you soon see your followers’ dive bombing off of your radar.  There is no harm in pitching now and again, but Twitter is a place to start connecting with people…the sales side of it can come at a later time in more than 140 characters. Your followers will be much happier with you talking about your niche, your day, and the occasional new product, offer or service, than be constantly bombarded with sell, sell, sell.

These steps have worked for me and I am sure they can work for you too. There’s a great marketplace on Twitter if you know how to access it. Try these methods out and see if your business starts to spread its wings.

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Google’s contract with Twitter Ends- Realtime search has been abandoned!

Since October 2009, Google and twitter have had a contract which allows Google to use all of the available information and data acquired by twitter. All of this information was used for Google’s real-time search feature, which has now been disabled.

Google had this to say: “Since October of 2009, we have had an agreement with Twitter to include their updates in our search results through a special feed, and that agreement expired on July 2.”

While we will not have access to this special feed from Twitter, information on Twitter that’s publicly available to our crawlers will still be searchable and discoverable on Google.”

With the contract ended, it seems Google have no intention of renewing it in the near future- they are focusing more on Google +. Part of the reason for the creation of Google + was to build a home source of information about what people are interested on the web. This information was originally acquired through twitter.

With twitter’s data being used significantly less; it will have an effect on many businesses currently using twitter as part of their SEO. This may result in a drop in the number of users on twitter- as we see SEO’s and businesses alike focusing elsewhere to climb the Google rankings.

Twitter may see this as a positive result, with less SEO’s using twitter, the avalanche of useless tweets and links will drop significantly. However, whether or not any of this will become true is yet to be decided. We are still left in the dark about how much Google will be using Twitter as a ranking factor in the future.

It seems that Google intends on relaunching the real-time search; with information from Google + and other third party sources. Whether or not data will be used again from twitter is yet to be decided.

We have yet to see if Google is making the right move, real-time search was one of the main weapons Google had. If Google + is not as successful as they hoped, then the data acquired through the new real-time search may be less reliable than planned. This will result in Google’s search engine becoming less relevant.

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