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Ecommerce Site Owners, say goodbye to your free Traffic!

If you’ve been benefiting from lots of free traffic and a ton of free sales from Google Shopping / Froogle / Base for the last 10 years, you’re about to be very disappointed.

Google announced back in May that it is removing all the free traffic Merchants used to enjoy and is instead moving towards a full paid Model.  This is about to be fully in place anytime soon.

This means that all uploads to Google Base will need to be linked to an AdWords account and all visits made to the products will be chargeable. This will be done on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis, the same as traditional Google AdWords.

For the consumer, this means less choice and paying higher prices, as only those who are paying to be listed are actually going to be included.

Sadly for the Small Business Owner – this means your free sales are about to disappear!

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What do you think of these latest changes by Google? Have you or will you be affected?


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