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Want Help Taking Internet Marketing to the Next Level?

Paid Advertising – such as Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (yes Twitter have a kick-ass advertising platform too!) all have one thing in common. Your target market is present on them, right now, and is ready to spend cash. Your job is simply to find them, and figure out how best to apply them rapidly to deliver leads. My aim is to work with you to get Online Marketing working for you to help you live the life you deserve, and to help you get there as fast as possible.  If your goal is to get your business selling online fast, I’d love to help.

Who is Claire Jarrett and how can she help me?

I’m the founder and CEO of, and my specialism as an Internet Marketing Consultant & Trainer is in helping people “Spend It to Make It”.

I am the top ranked “AdWords Trainer” in Google worldwide and  I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in a variety of different industries via my Information Products & Courses - I also work as a coach with a small group of forward thinking entrepreneurs with whom I have the opportunity to make a real difference.

Here’s just some of the areas we can work on together:

Identifying ways to increase sales rapidly to existing products / services by:

– Optimising an AdWords Account
– Landing page creation, refinement and optimisation
– Creating Facebook to specific target groups
– Retargeting visitors on Facebook, Twitter and across the web
– Rapid Search Engine Optimisation methods
– Developing a webinar strategy to reach hundreds of prospects simultaneously
– Assist you with developing new product offers, testing demand then ramping up sales
– Recurring revenue models – take away the fear of “feast and famine” each month, together we’ll look at ways you can comfortably pay your bills then move you towards a luxury lifestyle
– Upsells – creating “platinum” level products for those clients who are ready and willing to spend more with you right now

If you’re interested in applying for my VIP coaching program and having me personally assist you – simply  read this then fill in the form here. Please note I do NOT offer “Done For You” services – my transformative coaching model involves me working alongside and teaching YOU (or your staff) to increase your sales exponentially online.