About Claire Jarrett | Internet Marketing Consultant, Claire Jarrett AdWords Trainer & Consultant
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Hello, and welcome to my page. So you’d like to learn more about me? Well here goes…

My passion is in Paid Traffic advertising methods. My particular specialism is in identifying and spotting those marketing trends and techniques where their application would be beneficial for my “coachees” and then helping them implement them rapidly. I can spot a gap – and then figure out how to exploit it fast.

Quite simply, I specialise in “Spending It to Make It” – Paid Traffic to grow a business fast. Identifying whichever is the best method that will deliver results fastest, or a combination of methods.

I am the author of 3 books on AdWords and SEO, 2 of which are available at Amazon (1 no longer in print – Google changes so fast!)

You will find me top of Google worldwide for the phrase “AdWords Trainer” – I offer both training and consultancy services.

My Services:

I offer Internet Marketing coaching for those entrepreneurs looking to seriously grow their online business. More details at http://www.clairejarrett.com/hire-me/

My Products:

I have 4 online products aimed at helping Small Business Owners learn Internet Marketing. These are:
– Learn Small Biz SEO
– Red Hot Web Leads
– Get Selling on FB
– Search Consulting Secrets

My Free Webinars:

I run free webinars regularly on AdWords, SEO, Facebook and other topics, typically attended by in excess of 500 to 1000 people. To see future dates and join us check out http://www.clairejarrett.com/webinars/

My Books:

Successful Google AdWords Strategies (2009, no longer in print)
How to get Selling on AdWords, Fast! (2012, get it FREE at www.clairejarrett.com/freeadwordsbook)
The Essential Guide to SEO for Small Business Owners (2013, available at Amazon)