About Claire Jarrett | Internet Marketing Coach, Claire Jarrett AdWords Trainer & Consultant


Claire Jarrett is based in Bristol in the UK where she lives with her husband Kirk, her 3 children, 3 cats and her dog.  She is a renowned AdWords Consultant & Trainer, speaker and entrepreneur.  Claire is the author of “Successful Google AdWords Strategies” published in 2009, “How to Get Selling on AdWords!” published in October 2012 and “Essential SEO for Business Owners“– all available from Amazon on Kindle or at this website.  In addition Claire has had several web marketing-focused articles published in numerous leading business magazines including Start your Own Business and Growing Business.

Claire is the former owner of the Web Marketing Agency Marketing By Web, which she founded in 2008, which is a specialist in SEO, AdWords and Social Media. She sold this in November 2012 to concentrate on consulting and to develop an online range of courses for Small Businesses.

In addition to Marketing By Web, Claire is the former Managing Director of Computer Training Solutions which she founded in 2006.  This company is now a leading provider of Microsoft Office courses throughout the UK with centres in London, Bristol, Birmingham and Reading, boasting an impressive client list including Nokia, Lloyds TSB, Audi, Mothercare, Npower and many more.

Prior to setting up her own businesses Claire taught IT, Law and Business Studies in secondary schools. This led to a keen interest in teaching and training and leads to her unique position of being the only qualified teacher worldwide delivering Internet Marketing training .