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Is it all about the likes?

Gaining followers and liking things on social media has almost become a sort of cult. Almost every web page has a ‘like’ button attached nowadays and almost every business is following every Tom, Dick, and Harry just to try and gain a few new followers. However, […]

The importance of your AdWords Conversion tracking codes

by  clairejarrett on  January 21, 2011

When optimising an AdWords account, it’s extremely important to make sure you are tracking conversions.  These might be such items as: Sales, for an ecommerce website Brochure requests Call back requests Contact us requests The reason you need to track conversions, is to see which […]

Running a test campaign in Google AdWords on a small budget

by  clairejarrett on  May 18, 2010

If your budget is limited – consider running a test campaign in Google AdWords. I suggest starting off with just a few of your high margin products if your website is an ecommerce site  – otherwise if your website is selling services, select just a […]

Track Conversions via AdWords

by  clairejarrett on  April 12, 2010

If you’re running an AdWords campaign, you MUST be tracking conversions. And that doesn’t mean you only need to pay attention to this if you sell products online. Here are some ideas of web actions you could and SHOULD be tracking:

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